(Closed) How I Met Your Mother Lovers….What did you think of the finale???? *SPOILERS*

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Honey bee
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Just awful. So disappointed. 🙁 why spend an entire season on a marriage that fails in the first 30 min of the finale? And he met the mother, she died a few minutes later, and then he is excited to get back with Robin? Come on now. Horrible. Traci was basically a surrogate so that Ted could be we robin at a time that was conveniently for them both (he already had kids).

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Sugar Beekeeper
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KatiePi:  I have watched at least 30 episodes in the last ten days (key ones from all nine seasons) to prepare for the finale, and, although I’ve only been invested in these characters’ lives for a week and a half, I really got into the story. My Darling Husband was teasing me about how obsessed I became! 🙂

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Bumble bee
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I’m in Australia so haven’t been able to download it yet – how did Barney and Robin divorce and who is Barney’s kid? Thanks!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I just feel like Tracy got jipped. Like she was just a place holder until it was the right time for Robin and Ted. This whole show was supposed to lead up to the “mom” and then she dies and Ted ends up with Robin? It all just seemed strange. I kind of expected Ted to have some big grand proposal and wedding as well so that kind of disappointed me as well.

I had finally gotten over Ted and Robin never being together after the last season and now I don’t really like that they ended up together. That being said, I never thought Robin and Barney were quite right for each other so I didn’t hate the divorce too much.

I actually really loved Barney’s daughter for some reason. I also really like how they depicted growing apart a bit from friends as I can relate to that.

I just have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Definitely not what I expected.

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Busy bee
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I’ve been watching the show since it came out.. so I was, what…. 14 years old? So I was pretty into the show… and I just don’t know how I feel now that it’s over! I hate finales in general because I have to find something else to watch now (le sigh) and because I NEVER like how they end! I don’t think Robin and Ted belong together, but I kind of saw it coming. I also predicted the mother dying a few seasons ago because the TV industry loves to rip our hearts out and smash them into tiny bits.

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Honey bee
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Not since Medium have I encountered such a disappointing series finale. Believe me, I know it’s silly to get irrationally angry about the ending of a television show, but I have spent the past hour ranting and raving about how truly awful that was. I feel so let down by this. I have been faithful to this show since it started and with an ending like that I feel like I need an apology from everyone involved with it. I have spent nine years with this show, following Ted on his quest to find the mother of his children and when we finally meet her, it’s such a whirlwind and a blur and before you can even begin to feel happy for Ted, we are simply told the mother has died. After nine years, the series is essentialy just summed up with, “Dad, Mom’s been dead for six years and you totally have the hots for Aunt Robin” and then we’re just expected to accept that Ted and Robin end up together? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?

Essentially, the entire show was Ted telling his children how he met their mother just so he could ask out Robin after the mother died? Then what was the point of Barney and Robin even getting together? What a tedious two seasons those were. Honestly what was the point of this show? Just to prove that Ted and Robin were meant to be together all along? What a total waste. They honestly blew it, as far as I’m concerned. The ending was more than unnecessary. I understand if Robin/Ted was “endgame,” but then the way this entire show was presented, how everything was supposed to link back to the mother, just completely flopped. Even the kids, at the end of Ted’s nine year spiel, claim it was all just a ploy to get with Robin. As the viewer, I just feel totally cheated. I tuned in for a satisfying conclusion and instead was presented with the Ted/Robin relationship all over again. I am probably in the minority when I state that I have ALWAYS hated Ted and Robin together. They just don’t mesh together–and meeting the mother and getting a season-long explaination about why the mother was perfect for Ted just for him to scoot on back to Robin was like a slap in the face. 

So, from now on, when I watch the series, if I can ever stomach them again, I will simply cut it off fifteen minutes before the ending of the series finale. I will firmly live in a world of denial. I don’t watch season three of Veronica Mars, I skip the series finale of Medium, and now I will stop watching the last episode of HIMYM. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Maybe they should have called the show “How I Met Your Stepmother”

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Sugar bee
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It was awful.

Ted finally getting the women of his dreams and then killing her?  Lame.

The mother essentially just being a conduit for Ted and Robin to get back together?  Lame.

An entire season centered around Barney and Robin’s wedding only to have them to divorce and him father a child with a nameless/faceless woman?  Lame.

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Helper bee
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I saw it coming so I wasn’t so angry about how it ended but I am angry that the entire season was wasted on a wedding that just ended in divorce ten min later

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Busy bee

I suppose I’m alone in that I really liked it. Lol. 

I expected the mother to die though after the time travelers episode last season. It has such an emotional closing monologue. After a few more hints they dropped this season I was SUPER bummed she was getting offed but sorta came to terms with it, I would have been surprised if she hasn’t died. 

I didn’t see the whole robin and barney divorce thing, but I ended up appreciating it. Mainly because to me HIMYM has always been a reflection of real life, in that it sucks and doesn’t always go how we want or plan to, and that there is always heartache in our life stories, but its up to us to change how we see the narrative. Plus like robin said this season, since they’re both lone wolf types, it’s hard to hold commitment together. 

I think it’s kind of hard for anyone who has been a dedicated follower of the show to deny that the creators putting robin and ted together at the end was NEVER an option. It was always in the back of my mind, just because the stories were always about ted and robin at their core. I explained away and tried to think they’d never do that, but I kinda always thought ‘what if they did’. I didn’t guess they’d end up together in the finale, but I wasn’t surprised that they did either. 

Overall I was really happy with the last season though. It was a lot better than I expected. When I heard that they were going to do the whole season in the timeframe of robin and Barney’s wedding I was pissy about it, but the flash forwards all season really made it special. And in a TV era where most of my favorite shows don’t get a series finale episode, let alone a whole season to wrap up, I feel like it was very well done.

So I’ll be the lone wolf in support of the finale. XD

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Honey bee
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MrsMeowton: +1

I watch a lot of television.  I’m talking an unhealthy amount.  And this was, by far, the WORST series finale I have ever seen.

Not only was it an example of lazy writing, it was a complete and total character annihilation.  You’re telling me that after nine seasons…and however many years in their world, Ted has only come full circle (despite many chances and opportunities to become less of an idiot) and end up with a woman that the writers have PROVED to us many times over and over again, isn’t right for him?!

Convince us over a span of nine years that this is the ultimate tale of Ted telling the love story of all stories to have her die and then him SPIT on her grave by dating a woman that Tracy was obviously so sure of was just a “friend” (therefore making this extremely likeable mom character look like a total idiot)?

Ted got what he wanted – the romance, the marriage, the kids –  ALL THINGS THAT ROBIN NEVER WANTED.

And once he’s had it all, he goes back to Robin because she can offer him what?  An absent step-mother who will tolerate his children? Because let’s face it – if Barney couldn’t handle her traveling constantly why would an over-sensitive single father of two be able to?

It just makes zero sense to me.  If they wanted to kill the mother – fine.  Whatever.  But the whole Ted/Robin thing is so gross that I’m utterly disappointed it went there…for the millionth time. 

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