How I semi ruined my birthday surprise day

posted 7 months ago in Relationships
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Bumble Beekeeper

Well it looks like everything is going to be fine for you and I’m  very pleased and happy for  you   .

But I have to say your story  is just  another indication to me  that this  having a ring   ( that the woman knows exists)  kept in a sock drawer awaiting  some  ‘surprise ‘ time is not only silly but liable  to create   stressful situations out of what should  be an entirely happy shared experience.  

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Helper bee

Why does there have to be so much emphasis on separate events!?  he did so many sweet things for you it would have been perfect to propose that day. Why do so much to “throw you off” and have another special day, I’m so confused!  Too much over thinking. You plan events, you have a ring, her day is special, propose.  

You birthday was great nontheless!  And he knows how to throw a romantic day together which is a very nice quality 🙂  

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Blushing bee

Great birthday surprise, he is very sweet 🙂

On the other hand, I don’t understand surprise proposals, especially waiting for them when the couple has already discussed marriage. Or it’s been long enough for the girl to start getting anxious. At that point it’s just waiting for the ring instead preparing for a marriage with pre-marital counseling, discussions about kids, finances, life together, getting to know family etc. After lurking on waiting boards for a while, I get sad for the girls on there with guys who string them along when they should have 100% say in the timing of a decision that impacts their own future. IMO culturally proposals are overhyped esp here in North America. I’m all for sweet gestures, but not at the expense of waiting for months and years. I’m thinking OP would have been much happier being engaged right now then waiting and now the Boyfriend or Best Friend might feel pressure to top the birthday surprise. Thank you for indulging my “waiting / proposal” rant lol. To be clear I absolutely don’t think it’s your situation at all. I’m just an impatient girl who would not be able to sit back knowing there is a ring somewhere in my apartment. I would tear the place apart and start wearing the thing everyday while waiting for his surprise proposal. Hopefully he’ll get the hint 😀

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