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    Meh. My friends will have cameras, right?!

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    i sort of know the feeling- we hired our photogs based on how awesome they are to work with and somethimes i wonder if we should have gone with someone who does the more “vintage ” shots i fell in love with, unil i found one button on i photo that can do what i want. Now i’m really glad on my wedding day i will have nice people who can deliver a great pic.

     maybe show them what you are looking for? the posed pics are in my opinion harder to catchh than good candids, so it would prob be easy to up the # of candid shots!!!

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    Here is my question: 

    Everyone uses the “photos are the only thing that lasts” reason to spend a ton on photography. But what about your wedding rings (for example). You might look at your photos a few times a year max. But you’re looking at those rings all day every day. And yet somehow many brides are ok with buying cheap rings while insisting on splurging on the photog. 

    So is it really important that the shots be artistic…or is it a more frivolous choice, maybe even based on sentiments of “I want to be movie star for a day and have glamorous photos”?

    Just my two cents

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    We splurged when it came to photography.  I looked at a bunch of people, but knew in the end that I’d always be a little sad if we didn’t book our photographers because photos are the only thing you really have once the wedding is over (edit: aside from the rings, those were an important part of our budget too!).  I wanted to always look back and be happy with our photos. 

    In order to get the photographers we really wanted, we got a smaller package (6 hrs vs 8) and cut back in other areas of the budget. 

    Would it be possible to work with the photographers you currently have and let them know you want more candid/artistic shots? 

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    We thought the same thing, buuuuut my Future Sister-In-Law is also a H.S. art/photo teacher. Sooo we did some trial shots (currently have done 2/5 trials) and we’re buying her a decent flash and tripod. We’re also paying for her hotel…. all of that and her and her husband will be taking our photos with a pricetag around $500!

    It’s definitely not for everyone, but my Future Sister-In-Law is a talented woman who really understands us, and it’s really relieving to know that she really cares about our photos on a personal level.

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    Personally? Photography was HUGE for us. But I’m a big photography nut and I love having pictures all over the place, so it’s something that I knew we would get good use out of. We definitely splurged on photography, but for us, it was one of the absolute most important things.

    I do feel like photography isn’t worth completely busting the budget over, though. My Fiance and I aren’t paying for the majority of the wedding, but we chose to pay for the photography ourselves because we knew we would have to sacrifice a lot in other areas if my parents paid for what we wanted. It’s all a matter of prioritizing – for us, we were willing to shell out the extra money to get the photographer we wanted!

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    • Wedding: July 2009

    Photography was our biggest splurge… more than dinner, more than venue.  We don’t regret if for a second.  I have photos on my desk at work and we flip through our pictures frequently.  I don’t think I’ll ever look as beautiful again, and I’m thrilled that it’s all permanently recorded in an artistic way.  Photos show the nuances of emotion and energy from the day that just can’t be represented in the ring or other keepsakes 🙂

    Having said that, for others, it may be that different things take priority… This was just my take on it!

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    • Wedding: February 2010

    we got lucky and found a photographer that wasn’t too crazy expensive that we love. it’s just not in our budget to spend a lot, even though it is important to us. when you don’t have the money, you just don’t have it. i would just tell your photographer the kind of photos that you’re looking for.

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    • Wedding: November 1999

    For me, at first I didn’t think I had much of a budget because we were saving it ourselves and slowly. (A year before the wedding, we moved across the country and our savings was slim to none)  So I had to get the cheapest everything.  My pictures were ok.  I would have love to have some of the photos that some of the bees have on here but I don’t think I would have been able to book a good photographer, knowing that I wasn’t sure if I could afford him or her.  My inital budget was a lot for me and I’m suprised that we were able to pay for everything and had the cash there.  Looking back, my photographer, dj, caterer and dress was all based on my inital budget. I don’t think I would change anything. 

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    • Wedding: September 2010

    My fiance and I decided the photography and the honeymoon were our top priorities when planning the wedding. Everything else we were willing to compromise on or cut back if necessary. I was nervous we would break the bank with the photographer (since I tend to have expensive taste,) but we were thrilled when our top choice came in under budget! Now I’m waiting for a snowstorm so we can have our snowy-day engagement shoot. I’ve worked on a lot of photo shoots and I’m so excited to be in the shoot this time. 

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    • Wedding: March 2010

    I gotta say it was our splurge, and it was an area that we quickly realized is worth after we saw other photographer’s work for less.  Luckily our photographer brought down his prices due to the recession if not we really would not have been able to afford him.

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    Looks like I’m the minority here but I voted kind of important.

    It’s important for me to get some great shots but it will definitely be a VERY small part of my budget. I haven’t officially looked into hiring a photographer but I am hoping I can cut the cost by eliminating the hours they need to work. I don’t know if anyone has done this before but I literally only want professional photos of the ceremony and then shots of myself and groom after the ceremony. Other than that I want to get straight to the partying! I want to omit, the following typical photos that I think tack on too much time, equalling too much money!

    We want to omit the “Getting dressed” shots and all those photos of the bridal party that eat up so much time! (sorry i’ve just been a bridesmaid soooooo many times) and even though I loved every one of those girls, and we took the time and the money to get all glam, the photos that I cherish are the goofy self shots and the candids taken by family members. And my fiance and his groomsmen are just so not the type to want to have posed shots of them all strolling down the beach, etc.

    We will be suplimenting by assigning tons of family members to take photos and video (a majority of us are artsy) so we don’t really see this as a problem. And then we will also be doing an awesome DIY photobooth in which we hope to get tons of fun photos of all the guests PLUS use this area to take our group shots!

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    • Wedding: May 2010

    While researching for my wedding, I asked tons of people about things I could do to dave money! I’m a bargain shoppe and the thought of a SALE makes me extremely excited! However, the first thing everyon tells me is to splurge on my photographer! As my friend says, when the wedding is over, the only things you will have from that day are your husband and your pictures!

    My photographer is awesome! He flys all around the country to shoot weddings! Every time I see his photography, i get excited about my wedding day! And to me, that’s exactly why I’m wlling to pay the extra money! In the end, my advise is always….. Do what makes you happy!

    Check him out at: http://www.eltonandersonphoto.com

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    • Wedding: July 2010 - The Tower Club

    The argument about the rings is interesting. But I think at the heart of “the photos are the only things that last” is that rings are replaceable where as the moments captured in photographs are not, as Blueshoe said.

    I don’t think anyone spends money on photography because they want to be more artsy than anyone else, or because they want to be queens for a day. We wanted to hire a photographer who is highly skilled, knows lighting and technique; someone who is relatable (because that’s how you get the best expression from your subjects); who can see moments as they are happening and then capture them well. Expertise in this area is the true value of photography.

    What makes a photo glamorous? The subject, or the style of photography? Why would a well-lit, well done photo be frivolous? I think at the heart of this assumption is the idea that only “certain people” deserve to be glamorous or well-photographed. If you are putting on a wedding dress and paying attention to your makeup and hair and your surroundings, you must believe in the idea of glamour on some level.

    More to the point, why go through all this effort to plan a wedding and not ensure that it’s well captured?

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