How important is WHERE you live to your happiness?

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Blushing bee

I live in the south of England atm. It’s where my partner is from but I’m originally from North Wales and moved to london. Then moved here. 

We only really stay here coz both our jobs kinda make us stay here. We have good paying jobs in a tech company and we wouldn’t be able to find similar work in North Wales. But I personally find it hard to leave Wales whenever I’m there. I always feel upset and depressed a few days after coming back and it’s hard. If we could we’d move up there in a heartbeat and probably will when our jobs allow us to. It’d be important to me to at least get married in Wales and for our kids to speak Welsh like me. But I’m content waiting to go back. 

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Sugar bee
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For me it is extremely important. I lived in Texas for a few years and I was miserable there. Once I moved back to Alaska I have been much more at ease. I need cool weather, different seasons, mountains, ocean, lakes, trees, etc. Also, I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and my house/property is my sanctuary. I often do not leave my house for days at a time, so being able to open the windows without having neighbors right next to me and also having crisp air flowing through my house are both very important. In Texas I always felt like I was suffocating, not only because of the heat and humidity, but also because of all the people and buildings and cement. 

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Busy bee
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It’s pretty important for me to live where I live. I chose this city as my home and I’m in love with it. BUT the main reason I’d hate to live elsewhere is that almost all of my friends live here. They’re extremely important to me and I see it as one of the greatest blessings of my life, that so many of my friends found a way to stay here after finishing university. We’re each others’ safety net. I lived in a small town close to here for a few years which was ok. I felt safe, I knew my way around, but it wasn’t the same. I don’t even see my friends all the time, but just knowing that in less than 10min I can be at somebody’s house, just knowing that my husband can bring my best friend home after work (they work together) and we can have dinner together and watch a film… that makes me so happy!

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Having lived all over the US, for me, it’s not necessarily the environment that’s important. I mean I’d love to by the beach in Southern California but I am much happier being able to afford to live in my city and be close to my and my SO’s family. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

Hmm, good question. I couldn’t wait to leave my village in Northern Uk to get to London, which l absolutely loved.

I‘ve lived in cities mostly, London, Birmingham, then Sydney for years. But noe l live in  SouthAustralian beach suburb with the sea at the end of the street, lovely people all around, a small town kind of feel but with the city close. It’s quirky, very left wing, high proportion of gay and lesbian and ‘arty’ people. 

I wouldn’t live anywhere else now. And it matters more than it did when l was young l think. My first husband was a cop and we used to live in some crap places, the idea then being that having police married quarters in a bad suburb would pacify it …..l didn’t really care then, but now, nothing would make me!



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Buzzing bee
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Extremely important! We certainly don’t take living in one of the two most expensive cities in the US lightly (that mortgage though yell). Both the area and the actual location (I live in San Francisco and when my husband and I were looking to buy a home, it was super important to us to be in the actual city).

The jobs and jobs opportunities here are excellent, the city is beautiful and full of parks (super important to me to have multiple parks accessible for running), we have a lot of friends and connections here, public transit is pretty good, bars/cafes/restaurants are excellent and plentiful (although this is less important), there’s always a million things to do, the overall culture and politics are very progressive and liberal. It’s not for everyone, but I love the weather – no hot summers, no cold winters, you can be outdoors 365 days a year.

We recently visited friends who live outside of downtown in a small southern/midwestern city, and even though the COL is so much less than where we live, I couldn’t imagine living there. You have to drive EVERYWHERE, it’s nearly impossible to just step out the door and go for a walk or run, the culture is… very different.

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Busy bee
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Extremely important. I have seasonal affective disorder and live up north where it’s freezing and snowy the majority of the year. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, no kidding. But since my kiddo is finally graduating high school we’re moving south in a year or two. I’ve been on the countdown for many years. I’ve wanted to live near the ocean in the warm air and the sun for so many years and soon I will be. And it should eliminate the SAD. If I had to stay here my whole life I don’t think I’d make it. But it has been nice raising my daughter with family right in town, but 40 years in the frozen tundra is enough. 

ETA: It’s important enough to my health and well being that if my husband wouldn’t have been on bored, we would not have gotten married. Luckily he is all for it! 

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Busy bee

Where I live is pretty important to me. 

I didn’t actually want to move here originally, but it made sense for school. I fell utterly in love.

I’m an avid outdoorsperson and I find I get really down if I don’t get outside every weekend, or every other weekend as the furthest apart (and no, a 10k run won’t cut it – I need to be on top of a mountain). I don’t think I could live in a city without the mountains close by.

I also find it’s important to live near my job. I HATE commuting. There is something about being in a car to go to work that is the worst. Right now I live right downtown and it takes 20 minutes to walk to work. I recognize if I had kids I would probably not want to stay in a condo, but would not want to move outside the 30 minute walking distance. I’d take proximity to work over a 2500sq foot house.

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Busy bee

It matters to me to an extent.  We moved to this area for work and have fallen in love with it! I like how close my job is to my work which is a huge bonus.  The city we live in is pretty small, but the major city is about 50 minutes away.  I could not move any further away from this major city than 50 minutes.  

The negative to where we live is its half way accross the country from my parents and i would really prefer to live in the city i grew up in.

But ultimately if i had to be half way accross the country, this is where id choose.

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Blushing bee
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I love where we live (NYC). Everything I want and need is here, amazing restaurants from every culture, parks, museums, shops, public transit. is it perfect? no is not, is it expensive? Yep, but to me is worth it. I’ve moved out of NYC for different reasons a few times, but I always find my way back here, it has always felt like home to me.

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Blushing bee

 I live in New Hampshire on the East Coast of the United States. It’s cold most of the year, then rains for a couple months, then gets humid as hell, then there’s a few nice sunny days before winter hits again. I hate the weather, if you haven’t noticed. I’ve always lived here. I could move since I don’t have family but my soulmate has family here so I will angle for leaving several months of the year instead. Fingers crossed we can pull it off someday or talk his parents and some friends into moving out West with us.

New Hampshire was recently voted the safest state, so we have that going for us. However, I find the weather to be a major bummer and I think it does affect my happiness.

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