(Closed) How important is your ring to you? (POLL)

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  • poll: Are you genuinely happy with you ring?
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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: June 2017

    I have only had my ring for a month, but I’m still pretty obsessed with it. Here are only a few of my reasons for loving it as much as I do :

    1) Despite learning about and making my own jewelry for years, this is my first piece of Fine Jewelry. 

    2)FI and I picked out my stone together 

    3) after seeing a similar ring that my boss and mentor made 35 years ago, she walked me through the lost wax casting process and I disassembled the original wax reproduction ring she made and reassembled the wax myself to create something completely my own. I then opted to give my wax ring back to the store rather than finish it myself in gold so that my Fiance could surprise me with the finished product ❤️


    5) after he proposed, the gold ring was more top heavy than I had anticipated so she sized it down a bit for me so I still got to do some metal working and polishing on it. 

    6)this ring will be the only ring that I will wear (it’s a different design that doesn’t really allow for a wedding band) and will eventually become an heirloom if I can bear to part with it in my lifetime so that maybe some lucky granddaughter can love it as much as I do 

    7) this ring is a symbol of my Fiance supporting me and my dream to become a gemologist and jeweler. If it weren’t for him I would have never had the courage to approach my mentor about learning how to do all of this. 

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    Helper bee

    I am glad that you like your ring. Allowing a man in a jewelery store alone is a scary thought. Heaven only knows what they’ll pick.

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    Helper bee

    I asked Fiance not to get me anything expensive. I told him I’d be fine with a half eternity pave band because the money can be spent on so many other more important things. The traditional ring was more important to him than to me…. so that’s what I got. It’s very pretty but very unnecessary. I wish I could swap out but we’d probably lose money that way so… yeah.

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: November 2014

    My ring is very important to me, I admire it all day every day, i clean it most days and I am totally obsessed with how my set looks….my hubby calls me his Mrs Bling Bling and I drive him nuts with my obsession but it makes him happy to know how happy he has made me, in every way haha

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: July 2018

    I think these are all so sweet!

    I don’t care about my ring. It’s a super cheap cz from etsy that we bought until we could decide on a style I actually wanted. I think we might just buy a bunch of different rings (cheaply) that I like so I can have a few different sets since I still can’t decide 😊. I love the sentiment behind engagement rings and other people’s stories- we just didn’t really have a traditional engagement so they don’t really apply to my ring. To me it’s just a piece of jewelry. Our marriage certificate will mean more to me. 

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    • Wedding: October 2017

    stephaniee24 :  Oh I just love my ring 😍 I picked it in an antique shop and waited over 2 YEARS for my proposal. I admire it all day every day. While “patiently” waiting for the ring I admired all shaped and sizes but kept going back to what I originally picked. 

    I’m incredibly particular about my jewellery so I had to pick it myself and I’m glad I did. Cudnt bear my fiancé paying that much money for something I wasn’t 100% about. I like other bees clean it regularly so it’s all sparkly on my finger 😀

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: July 2017

    is it what I thought it would be? no

    is it what I would of picked if I was buying myself an engagement ring? no

    is it my style? yes, I can totally see why he got it

    does it matter to me that its not my top choice? no, its a loving gift from someone who wants to be with me forever


    lots of people on here go crazy over the ring like its a ‘ human right’ or ‘their worth’ and I never get that attitude really – mines not expensive but it will last a life time (and as an antique already has) so it doesnt need to be 2 carat, top grade diamond solitaire, platnum set, tiffinay named etc… to symbolise your love

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    Helper bee

    On a materialistic level I link my ring is the most stunning thing I have ever see and love showing it off. 

    On the other hand we picked it together because he wanted me to have exactly what I wanted. He didn’t want to guess and hope for the best. He wanted it to be from a company I loved rather than the local jewelry mega store which is super expensive. Which to me symbolizes that we make big decisions together and that he honors my preferences. 

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    Helper bee

    You can’t go wrong with a plain gold band. Engagement rings are getting into scary, shark infested waters. So much can go wrong!!!!:(

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: September 2017 - City, State

    I’m in love with my ring! Not only is it sentimental, and special because what it represents, it’s absoutely gorgeous. Fiance picked it out himself, and it’s very much my style. My ring is bigger than most in my social circle, and I am complimented on my ring very frequently, and he’s very proud of that. I’m very attached to it and can’t imagine ever upgrading. Personal style and taste is quite important in a piece of jewlery you’re to wear the rest of your life, but the meaning behind that piece is more so..imho.


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    Helper bee

    I don’t have a ring. It just wasn’t something I felt the need to have, especially as he doesn’t wear jewellery. 

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: May 2016

    Believe it or not, I don’t care about my rings. It was being married that mattered to me. He wanted rings, I just wanted to make him happy. 

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: April 2017

    It’s been 6 months since we got engaged and I still CONSTANTLY admire my ring.   My guy 100% picked the right ring for me all on his own.  There are many days when I just stare at it especially when the right light hits it!  This past weekend while at a football game with the stadium lights everywhere, I had to hide myself while looking at it.  I didn’t want the other people around me to think I was super conceited LOL.

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    Helper bee

    nellytfernando :  You are very lucky. Many men have no taste at all when it comes to jewellry.

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: March 2018

    I’ve only had my ring for a couple of weeks but yes, I love it.


    I not only love the way it looks and feels on my finger, and the way it catches the sunlight, I also love its wonderful story (moissanite and lab grown emerald set in recycled palladium) and the personal jourey it made to me (custom designed and made by an eco jeweller in the UK).  Of course I also love everything it represents.  It represents mine and my partners love for each other, our future together and our promises to each other.


    I also love:

    1) The way my fiance strokes it when we hold hands,

    2) The fact we designed it together

    3) The fact the emerald is so special to us (I wore an emerald green dress on our first date)

    4) Our shared investement into the ring


    Sometimes I feel a little guilty about how much we spent on it (£850) but Fiance encouraged me to make sure it was something I would love as much as I love him (and for as long!)

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