How important is your weight / health to you ?

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Health is important to me – I want to stay active and nourish my body with balanced whole foods.

I would say diet is important to me but more because of how it makes me feel then how it makes me look. I find that if I’m eating mostly plant-based whole foods that I feel a lot more energetic and healthier overall. 

I’m not someone that hits the gym multiple times a week, but I do like to stay active with walking the dog, riding my horse, going for hikes/canoe trips, etc. I don’t need to be gym-fit but I want to be able to enjoy my hobbies without feeling like I’m super unfit.

Since ~25 my body has stayed fairly stable in weight and shape and I call it my ‘steady state’. If I deviate too much above or below that weight/shape then I know I’m either too stressed (below) or eating too much junky foods (above) – so then I try to course correct. If it’s stress I try to add some yoga into my day, do some meditation, and address head one my sources of stress. If it’s junky food I try to lay off the sugar (that’s usually my weakness).

For me it’s less about the number on the scale and more about how I’m feeling overall. I try to listen to my body.

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For me, health is the most important thing (don’t care about the vanity side as much). If you get sick that ruins your whole quality of life. I agree with all the reasons you’ve listed. 

I’m lucky that I didn’t grow up eating junk food so I never developed the tastebuds for it. Immigrant arab family we cook everything from scratch. My husband and I are super healthy eaters but we don’t feel like we’re depriving ourselves; we love the taste of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks like hummus and falafel. We also love our desserts!! I bake and always cut to 1/4 the sugar from recipes online, use coconut oil instead of butter, almond flour rather than enriched white, etc. 

I’m active but I don’t “exercise” much – I walk for an hour everyday and bike lots, don’t have a sedentary job so without going to the gym I’ve managed to stay thin my whole life.  At 5’5″ I weigh 117 lbs without “effort”.

Right now I’m pregnant so of course I’m going to gain weight but I’m not stressing over the scale.

Keep it up sounds like you’ve made great progress! 

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I care about my weight and I care about my health.  I eat healthy and lead a very active lifestyle, small potions, generally healthy unprocessed foods, if I can walk anywhere I usually do – it isn’t out of the ordinary for my husband and I to walk 8 miles both days of the weekend, and I work out.  

There are many ways an unhealthy lifestyle has an impact on the length and quality of life and if I have the choice I obviously want to avoid that. Sometimes shit just happens, my 50 year old aunt who runs marathons, eats super clean, doesn’t smoke or drink just got diagnosed with 3 cancers and months to live.  Within a week it was cut to weeks as she suffered a cancer related blood clot during the night and while getting treated for that in hospital she had 4 strokes.  However I try to not let these rare things contribute to too much of a yolo attitude, at the the end of the day usually you are better off when you live a healthy lifestyle and worse off if you don’t. 

I try to be balanced with everything though, I would say I definitely eat much better than a typical uk diet however if I want a drink or to eat out I do it.  

I care about my weight for mostly vain reasons but not exclusively, I have a set weight that I feel my best at and I find if I feel confident in how I look it bleeds into other areas of my life, my mental health is better, my relationships are better, my motivation is higher and my work is better. 

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Busy bee

motherbee33 :  When your kids are running around and playing, run around with them. Take them to the park, and for long walks. Find a basketball hoop, and teach them how to play HORSE. Ride bikes together. Do yoga with your kids. This is how you find time to exercise with kids. Remember how much energy you had qhen you were little? Find that again through your kiddos. 

Diet and exercise are important to me. I eat clean, and I work out a few nights a week at my gym, and lift weights in my garage Saturday and Sunday morning. Free weights are cheap, and you can use these while the kids are playing, or while they’re napping. 

The more you start moving, the more energy you’ll gain. One thing that makes us feel tired is a cardiovascular system that isn’t being challenged. At 127, you don’t sound like you really have much weight to lose! Now start challenging your body when you can, and I promise you’ll start feeling amazing after just a few workouts. 

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Blushing bee

Health and weight is really important to me. I was overweight and I wasn’t comfortable with the way I look. I think when we are happy about ourselve and confident that is all matter. 

I can imagine how hard to manage being active and fit when you have small kids. I have a friend that after she got a baby, she still try to work out at home, any little time she has she will use it to do some work out. I see it often that she “uses ” her baby for weight lifting πŸ˜€ she do squat with him, lift him etc. ( look on youtube video there is bunch video about work out with baby ) 

Or when babies sleeping and laundry machine is running you can do like 15 min elliptical, or 15 mins abs. 

That would help πŸ™‚ 

We are women we are wonderwoman πŸ™‚ 

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I don’t care about my “weight” by looking at the number on the scale. I do care about how my body looks though, I wanted to put on some muscle in my lower body. I hated being super stick thin.  I try to eat mostly nutritious food and a lot of protein. I feel pretty shitty after eating a lot of fried, processed food. I just want to feel and look my best. 

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I’ve never been officially overweight for my height, but I’ve been close, and I recall being really upset about it. I lost 24 pounds (went from a BMI of 24.7 to 20.3) since then and couldn’t look back. 

I have never been very active – exercise has never been an important part of my life. However, I have always eaten relatively-well. Not having a sweet tooth helps for sure, but so does, simply, my deep love for oatmeal and cucumbers. I like eating in a healthy way, and I like feeling like I have a good diet and a clean eating style. But, also, I fkn love cheeseburgers and french fries πŸ˜‰ 

But my general health has always been at the forefront of my mind, and I do very deeply put effort into taking care of my immune system and respiratory system. I have always had asthma and allergies, and being sick is unfortunately a reality for me most of the year. So I’m very conscious of the fact I’m sick when I do get sick, and I live very much in the constant desire to stay healthy. I get all my shots, I go to the dentist, I do all stuff.

Now that I’m pregnant, I think this awareness is sharpened somewhat, but I still think overall I’m kinda in the middle ground. I’m not a health nut and I never will be. But having a healthy body is very important to me. Still, if I want a burger, I’m never going to eat a “healthy” version of one πŸ˜‰ 

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Bumble Beekeeper

motherbee33 :  my health is very important to me and it’s important to have the energy to chase my kid, play with the dog, etc etc. I have that energy and I’m still a little heavier than I’d like and for now that’s ok. I’m starting a frozen embryo transfer round and I’m focusing on that rather than rock hard abs that will hopefully be destroyed soon anyways. I’m in the stage of life where my body isn’t fully my own – it spent 3 years undergoing treatment to get pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, and then keeping that baby alive and fed. My body is remarkable even if it’s a little squishy. I took a short break, but we’re getting back at it and gearing up to spend the better part of the next 3 years growing and nourishing another little life with my body. 

If my kid is someday embarassed because my BODY isn’t the perfect magazine ideal then I have failed her as a parent. Now – if she’s embarassed because I pick her up from a school dance wearing yoga pants and a messy bun because I lost track of time then that’s fair game lol. 

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I’ve been thin all my life and it’s very important to me, but I wouldn’t say I’m healthy. I have no real choice but to eat junk food because most “healthy” food tastes so bad. I ate small-ish portions as a kid, but this has become harder since I have more appetite as an adult. Genetics are also not in my favor; my parents have been overweight their whole lives, and most of my dad’s relatives passed away from diabetes.

There were a couple times in college when I noticed I had gained 15+ pounds. This was still within a “normal” range but I hated the way it looked and felt, so I began dieting. If I go even a pound or two over my desired range, I start counting calories. Which may sound crazy, but 1 or 2 lbs. here and there can add up if you’re not paying attention! I’m at an age where nearly all of my old friends have gained a lot of weight and it’s really noticeable. I’m trying to beat the odds while also enjoying the health benefits of staying thin (i.e. low blood pressure).

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motherbee33 :  I totally understand. It’s great that you’re aware of this and trying to change. Being mindful is the first step! 

Even if you get a few more helathy snacks/recipes into the rotation it’ll help. Find quick meals that will replace your urge to eat processed food. The easiest thing is to just not buy the junk so then it’s not waiting for you in the cupboard! Also you’ll help your kids long term to get their tastebuds used to healthy food πŸ™‚ 

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thunderbee :  I have no real choice but to eat junk food because most “healthy” food tastes so bad.

If you just make it at home it won’t be “junk” though.  I don’t buy that all healthy food can taste bad to an adult.  You do have a choice, you just choose to eat junk.  For example you love burgers and fries? If you make that at home with a home made burger patty, no water, no preservatives, just beef, bread crumbs, an egg and seasoning then add baked fries it will taste similar to a fast food burger but way healthier.  You don’t need to eat dry lentils and lettuce for it to be healthy. 

Edit: I’m not trying to criticize you or anything, I hope it didn’t come off holier than thou, I just meant you do have the choice to not eat junk so if you make that choice at least own it. 

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