(Closed) How intoxicated did your DH get at your reception?

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  • poll: How intoxicated was your beloved

    Sober! He doesn't/didn't drink at all

    He had a drink, but wasn't even buzzed

    He was buzzed. Remember, buzzed driving IS drunk driving

    He was a good, happy drunk

    He was definitely drunk. Maybe a little sloppy. Maybe sang along with the band.

    He was black out, pass out drunk. Maybe puked on my grandma a little.

    Honestly? I was too drunk to tell how drunk he was.

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    We were both somewhat buzzed throughout the reception.  People started drifting away around 11-12, and about 20 of us stayed up around the bonfire until 3 am.  We were both pretty wasted by then, and so was everyone else.  Good times!  <3

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    I’m pretty sure my fiancé will be quite drunk. He’ll wait until the ‘party’ starts later in the night, but he’s a lightweight anyway so it won’t take much. I want to get a good buzz on so I can dance. I hate sober dancing with a passion. 

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    Everyone was drunk at my wedding. Everyone. I think I was drunker than DH, though — I mean, he was able to understand that room 3042 was on the 3rd floor, not the 30th floor, of the 6-story lodge we stayed in that night. So that’s got to count for something.

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    We were on a total natural high on our wedding day (we are normally BIG drinkers), I had a glass of wine with dinner and DH had a glass of wine with dinner and MAYBE 1 other beer.

    We didn’t have any agreement before hand just that we wanted to have sex that night so we couldn’t get too sloppy. But honestly it wasn’t necessary. When people asked us what we wanted to drink we both kept saying water (parched from all the talking).

    The whole day we were both just high on life and didn’t need anything to supplement that feeling. That being said our wedding was a party and everyone else was super drunk, we were just drunk on life enjoying our day with them.

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     Maybe it’s just our circles, but I’ve never been to a wedding that I can recall, and I’ve been to many, where I had the impression that the groom was even the least bit drunk at the end of the night. If your own wedding isn’t enough of a high  IMO it’s pretty sad.  H and I had a few sips of the champagne, I think and maybe a glass of wine with dinner. 

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    @CarterLove:  Yeah, I’m just like that. And as weird as this sounds, if I go a long time without eating and then finally get something to eat, I can’t eat very much because I start to feel sick. It’s bizarre! I didn’t eat much during the day of the wedding so I think this attributed to it. 

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    He had a few drinks, but I had way more than he did! 

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    @StL.Ashley:  My husband and I definitely had discussions about this beforehand!  We agreed to a water every other drink plan. He is the fastest drinker on the planet (with everything, not just alcohol) and doesn’t realize it in the moment!  But, honestly he didn’t end up needing it.  He stayed up all night the night before (yep no sleep) drinking wine with his cousins and groomsmen.  He was so tired (and busy) all day that he didn’t even feel like drinking.  When he did drink, he stuck with the water every other drink but he didn’t even end up buzzed. I was afriad he was going to want to party all night and I’d be begging him to go to sleep (I’m a party pooper) but it was the other way around!  I was good for drinks at the hotel bar after and he was like let’s go to sleep. Luckily, the hotel bar only stayed open for another hour after the reception ended, so it worked out for both of us!

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    There is definitely far more concern about me getting drunk than him. I can hold my liquor better but he just doesnt really drink. Luckily none of my maids are drinkers either so I won’t be encouraged to keep drinking champagne in the morning. But come the reception? My cousins will want to do shots. My friends will want to do shots. My FSILs will want to do shots. I’m going to have to be very careful not to get too caught up. 

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    @StL.Ashley:  DH was not drunk. I think he had one drink. I didn’t drink at all – I was on antibiotics and had like 8 cups of tea over the course of reception, but no alcohol, LOL.

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    @StL.Ashley:  I’m not going to lie, by the end of the night DH was plastered. In fact he doesn’t remember us packing up the car, driving to the hotel and hanging out in a friend’s room for about 45 minutes.

    Doesn’t bother me at all. He was a fun drunk, we had a blast and hey it was his party too!

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    @MrsGatito:  I am the same way! There have been a few times where Fiance and I were busy all day and are starving, then when it’s time to eat we don’t know what we feel like eating (if anything) and if we do eat, it is not much. That’s crazy. We are very much alike lol

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    Mine is probably one of those you read on the consummating thread! I marked happy drunk. We each had a glass of champagne with the bridal party about an hour before the ceremony, but were totally sober for the ceremony. My husband was sober or only slightly buzzed through the cocktail hour and dinner and didn’t really start drinking until after dinner. He danced a lot. By the end of the reception he was definitely a little slurry. But it didn’t really hit him until we were closing things down for the night and it was just immediate family and close friends left. So it didn’t bother me that much. If he got that drunk on a regular basis, it would be a problem. But it’s literally happened twice in 6 years. So no biggie. For myself, I was happily buzzed throughout the reception. Honestly, I was so busy visiting with people I didn’t get to try all the cocktails, which I kind of regret. But I did a good job of keeping hydrated, which is super important!

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    I had 2 drinks, 1 glass of wine and a beer (FIL is an award winning homebrewer and made some of our beer!).  DH had 2 or 3 drinks, early on.  Which is funny, because usually we are the ones getting super drunk at weddings, but we didn’t want that at our own, and we are very glad that is the descision we made.  Our wedding party ont he other hand…well, they had a good old time!

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    He was drunkety drunk drunk… and so was I! Hooray!

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