(Closed) How intoxicated did your DH get at your reception?

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  • poll: How intoxicated was your beloved

    Sober! He doesn't/didn't drink at all

    He had a drink, but wasn't even buzzed

    He was buzzed. Remember, buzzed driving IS drunk driving

    He was a good, happy drunk

    He was definitely drunk. Maybe a little sloppy. Maybe sang along with the band.

    He was black out, pass out drunk. Maybe puked on my grandma a little.

    Honestly? I was too drunk to tell how drunk he was.

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    • Wedding: September 2012 - Southern California

    He had a few beers, but certainly not drunk or even buzzed really.  We both agreed not to get drunk as a skunk, but I guess because we were so busy enjoying ourselves & what not, we both really only had a few drinks.  We were able to drive away safely & spend probably a good hour or two at home (sitting in our wedding attire still haha) reading cards, reminiscing the night, & just taking in every single minute of that day.  That was one of my favorite parts of the night really & with one or both of us drunk that so wouldn’t have happened, I promise ;]

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    • Wedding: September 2010

    My husband had several drinks, but holds his liquor well. We always drink Gatorade to prevent hangovers.

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    @StL.Ashley:  Barely buzzed for him, sober for me. We both like to drink once in a while, but our wedding was not the night to do it. I wanted to remember it and cherish it. It was the right fit for me.

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    @CarterLove:  I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! I always thought I was weird and my body was strange. But maybe it’s not as uncommon as I thought!

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    Ah this is a huge fear of mine! SO’s friends tend to pressure him into getting sloppy. I don’t want to be “that bride” but I think I may jokingly/seriously say to them that for our wedding he better not be wasted. We are going to a bar for the after party and that’s totally fine to get crazy there so hopefully they can hold out till then!

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    • Wedding: October 2013

    I don’t think anyone was sober at our reception. DH was apparently tipsy during our ceremony because his groomsmen were feeding him wine due to him being a nervous wreck. I did not even notice…. But I DID notice that 2 of the groomsman were drunk during the ceremony. They were sobbing uncontrollably (but not stumbling), so it was actually pretty hilarious. My mom had to cut one of them off before the ceremony (At a winery). The girls had some wine before the ceremony as well but no one was close to drunk. The groomen apologized profusely the next day. That was something I thought I would be upset about, but honestly I was too happy to notice that much or care!!! It was pretty funny!

    Then, right after the ceremony and pictures my poor DH was iced (ya know with smirinoff ice) 2 times, and I was iced once. It is a long standing joke with DH and his friends, so it was funny the first time, kind of funny the second time, but when they tried to ice him a third time I got annoyed and put a stop to it. My DH at that point (the beginning of the reception) WAS drunk and feeling not so great from chugging the ices. I evily made him give part of the thank you speech in that state. He stopped drinking and sobered up for most of the reception. 

    I on the other hand became less sober as the night wore on, so it worked out! Neither of us were ever THAT drunk and we made remember everything! So much fun! We ended the after party at 3 AM and DH was too exhausted to *ahem* consumate the marriage. I thought it was funny because he was always adamant that we would so it ok our wedding night no matter what. It was the only time he had ever turned me down!


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    • Wedding: April 2014

    I think both of us will have a few drinks thorughout the night but neither of us want to get totally flown. I also don’t want to have to deal with going to the bathroom in my dress every 30 minutes.

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    • Wedding: September 2016

    I’ll probably have a glass of wine or two at my wedding, but I wouldn’t go further than that. Since I hate white wine and only drink red, I’d probably be worried about making my teeth go a funny colour, so I might just stick with water and lemonade for the day. As for SO… we’ve discussed it and he will be going no further than being buzzed. SO doesn’t often drink, but when he does (on rare occasion), he goes way too far. Like running across busy roads and puking on me in his sleep too far. And I will so not be dealing with that on our wedding night. I’d also like to consumate that night since we’ll be having an afternoon reception, and drunk sex isn’t my thing or his.

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    • Wedding: June 2014

    I don’t know if we will have any alcohol at our reception. Fiance hasn’t drank more than like two beers in the last 8 years or so. I highly doubt either of us will drink more than once or two drinks if we do. We don’t want hangovers or missing memories.

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    • Wedding: October 2013

    We were both a happy drunk – not sloppy/slurry drunk, just the perfect amount, if there is such a thing haha.

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    I’m so worried about this too! I don’t drink at all, and I don’t want my Fiance to be a sloppy mess at our reception and on our wedding night. He also annoys me really bad when he drinks because he hangs on me and steps on my toes a lot. He says he just wants to have a good time (which I agree with!), but I find that:

    alcohol + college and HS buddies + no work the next day = very drunk Fiance

    Plus we are waiting to do the deed until the wedding, and I CANNOT wait!!! I have already informed him I would be very upset if he couldn’t, ahem, “perform” on our wedding night due to being drunk.

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    • Wedding: November 2013

    My guy likes to drink but was just too darn busy to really get buzzed. I think he only ended up having 3 drinks over the course of 5 hours. Same with me!

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    • Wedding: August 2008 - Toronto, ON

    Let’s just say my DH enjoyed himself! We both know how to have a good time and like to party but I asked him because all of our friends, family, parents friends and some people from work would be there, to maybe have fun but not too much fun! My DH didn’t listen to me, he said weddings are for celebrating and to have a good time! Luckily he didn’t really make a fool out of himself but he said a long speech and was the center of attention on the dance floor! I am glad he enjoyed himself though and he didn’t embarrass himself or me! I was the uptight one and maybe had 2 drinks in total from 6pm-2am, I wish I would have let loose a bit more but I was worried about what people would think cuz all eyes were on me!

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    • Wedding: July 2012

    He didn’t get anywhere approaching buzzed even. He had a couple of sips of champagne and that was it. I think I had 1/2 a glass over the course of the night. I was too busy to keep track of my drinks and left them everywhere.  Neither of us are big drinkers and even if we were, we both wanted to be sober to remember everything we could. It was a blur enough without alcohol. 

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    • Wedding: January 2014

    Neither of us actually got drunk at all.

    He only had a handful of drinks the whole day. He just isn’t much of a drinker. I think he was SLIGHTLY buzzed at one point, but hardly.

    I had probably 6ish drinks from the conclusion of the ceremony (I was handed a margarita as we were heading in to sign the license, it was great) until the end of the night. Although that is definitely enough for me to feel something usually, it didn’t seem like it had the usual effect. I guess I was too busy to notice!


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