(Closed) How is/was your realtor in communication? timeliness?

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Helper bee
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My last realtor was great!  She got back to me right away – even just to say she didn’t have all the info yet – but would get back to me with it soon.  She was always on time for viewings and was super helpful with everything!  

I have heard horror stories about bad realtors.  In those cases I would DITCH them asap!  They are working for YOU and if you don’t like what they are providing you then get rid of them and find someone else.  

Buying or selling a house if a Huge thing – having a crapy agent makes the whole process BAD!


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Bumble bee
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Ours was my friend.  Even so, I usually give friendors a bit of slack and try not to hound them.  She always got back to us either the same day or early the next day if I emailed.  She is very punctual and knew background info on the houses that we looked at.  She did her homework.

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Bumble bee
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I commented on your last post too, but I thought I’d answer these questions as well:

1) When he was trying to get our business, he was very quick, once he had it he was a little slower, but he was very speedy during the closing process, after our offer had been accepted.  He did business at really weird times though, so we found out our offer was accepted through a text message at midnight.  It was odd.

2) He always got in touch when he said he would.  I don’t think forgetting multiple times is okay, but once or twice….hey.  Everyone’s human.

3) I felt like we knew more about the houses than he did, but I think I know why, too.  We weren’t looking in the areas where he traditionally sold.  I think our budget was lower than his usual client.  So, he wasn’t sure what to do with us.  Once we decided to forego traditional houses (because we couldn’t find any in our price range in a safe neighborhood), and went with condominiums instead, he was all of a sudden in his element, and knew EVERYTHING.  So maybe your realtor is a little out of her element with you?  Not sure…

4) Our realtor was always on time, but when we flew into town to look one weekend, he told us that his “big” car was in the shop and he only had his two-seat BMW, so we had to use our own car.  We were a little annoyed by that.  But, oh well!

I have found, through our experience, and the experience of friends, that realtors and mortgage people act like they’ve never done this before every time they do it.  My dad warned me about it before we started the process.  So I think YOU knowing what you’re doing is super important.  If your realtor is not meeting your needs, dump her and get a new one!

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Sugar bee
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Our realtor was a royal biatch.  She didn’t have us sign with her right away.  I kept asking my husband (bf at the time) when she was going to ask us to sign because normally all the realtors are so pushy and have you do that the day you meet them.  I’m convinced she was telling our info to the sellers of the house, whom she was signed with.  After she found out our budget then she had us sign with her 2 days later.  I was very uncomfortable with this.  I told my bf that she probably just went and told the sellers everything.  That’s why they sold their house for basically what our budget was. 

Are you signed with your realtor?  It sounds like you are since you’ve been working with her for over a year.  But if you aren’t, maybe you should be so that she knows you are really serious and knows that she is working for you.

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I didn’t have any of the problems you mentioned, and I would fire a realtor I was having such problems with. If you really need to purchase a house within the contract time with this person, I would ask to have another agent within the agency.

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Bumble bee
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We had a really great experience with our realtor. I don’t think we ever waited longer than a few hours for a reply from her, and during the offer and closing process it was like 20 minutes tops. We were first-time homebuyers and she gave us lots of great information to consider.

We’ve recommended her to anyone we know looking for a realtor and plan to use her again if we ever decide to move. 

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Our realtor was very prompt, emailed right away and even communicated via text message, which was FAB for me. (just like quick things, you know). She definitely worked late for us, met us anywhere we wanted and we felt like important clients, even though our budget and location were a bit different than her average. Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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We were really luck in that our realtor team was awesome. They set the bar high and met it. If we buy our second house in this same area (NE Ohio) we are definately going back to them!

I do expect realtors to be timely with their responses, and knowledgeable about the homes they are showing. Our realtor always gave us a packet of flyers of the homes that we would be seeing that day. If he did not know something about a house he always made sure to find out. He was never late.

My only little complaint was that our realtor seemed to like to talk to my Fiance more than me. I think it was because he was a guy who was a similar age to Fiance, who knows!

Honestly, realtors are in the service business so if you don’t feel like they are a good fit or providing you with the support you need, find someone else!

Good luck!

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Blushing bee
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We have just begun the house-hunting process and because of our super low budget in a super expensive area to live have had to mostly pursue short-sales and foreclosures (not fun!).  I have to tell you, our realtor has been great!!  She always gets back to us, even if she doesn’t know the information.  It’s not always like ‘the next second’ but always within a few hours.  When we initially look at properties, we generally know more about the house than she does just because we simply stalk the hell out of it to know all of the details, but the next time we talk about it she knows the same, if not more than we do.  She has never been late to a showing.  I’m kind of shocked to hear that some are??


Just put our 2nd offer in on a short-sale… (1st one plumeted).  Wish me luck!!

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Sugar bee


1. How long did it take your realtor to get back to you?

Probably about 30 mins or less if I left a message. Most of the time, he answered his phone or emails.

2. If they said they’d call, did they always call you? or is “forgetting” ok?

He always did. Right now I am in the Short Sale wait period, so I get weekly updates until something happens. Basically, the updates are emails forwarded from the seller’s realtor saying such and such.

3. Did you ever know more about a house than they did? I understand they can’t know EVERYTHING about EVERY house, but seriously… you’d think they’d at least bring a printout.


4. Was your realtor early to a house? Late? Right on time?

beat me there most times

anything else you wanna add?


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Bumble bee
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We have the greatest realtor ever.  He’s super reliable, gives us great advice, and has even convinced us NOT to put an offer on a couple of houses.  He really is trying to find us the right house, which is great.  He’s not a home inspector, but he can find most issues and explain most things we’d expect to find in a home inspection.

He always returns a call or email within a day, normally within an hour.

He either picks us up or beats us to houses.

We absolutely love him. Anyone looking for a realtor in DC, PM me and I can send you his info!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Our realtor has been great in the past year and a half that we have been with her looking for a house. She is our third, and my favorite so far.  She sometimes doesn’t get back to right away in email, but I understand she isn’t always by her computer (she desn’t have a blackberry) but she always gets back to me in less than 24 hours.  She always knows more than us, and I am pretty good at doing my homework. She has been so good at finding time for us, she will meet us at night (in warmer nights so we have daylight) and on the weekends. The only day we currently have available is Sunday, and she has no problem meeting us on that day.  She has always beat us or showed up the same time except once when her GPS told her to turn on a wrong road.

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@ mrsmdphd:   My experience was very similar to yours. Basically, everything went well, faster at certain times in the process, slower in others and we knew more about the houses b/c we went in a new direction and kept looking obsessively on our own.  Overall–prompt and great though.

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Busy bee
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Just out of curiousity….Why are you so hesitant to drop this realtor? From everything you have said and everything you have heard from others it sounds like you know what you need to do.

I wish you the best of luck. I am a person who hates confrontation so it would be hard for me to fire someone but sometimes you just have to do it. 


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