(Closed) How late would you be willing to have your last child?

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  • poll: What is the oldest you would be okay with when having your last child?

    Under 30









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    @LilLis:  that would be depressing!!! Our house was a steal (126k) but with 5br 3ba, a gym, two kitchens, etc. I can’t imagine having to pay so much!! Thanks, very informative. I had previously told my DH I wanted to move there but maybe not ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Late 30s if were talking giving birth. I would probably be more flexible with adoption.

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    @lovekiss:  thank you!  

    I have been thinking the same thing.  I am 41 and actually have no desire to have a child at any age, but at 41 I am healthier and more fit than I ever have been.  I have a sister who tried for years to conceive and ended up adopting two choldren in her mid-forties.  She is in her fifties now with a ten and an eight year old and can run circles around the the 30 year old soccer moms in her neighborhood and work full time at a very demanding job at the same time.  

    If you guys want kids young, that’s great.  But don’t think that you are going to be on a walker by 45.  

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    @Chrissy26:  Yep, stay where you are. I just did a quick search of the property within 15 miles of where I live. I got bored before I found one at 4500sq ft. I found one with 5 bed, three bath at 3500 with a ‘play room’ i guess could be used as a study…….was £850k so to buy your house here you are looking at between $1.4m and $2m. Welcome to England ๐Ÿ™‚

    Though there are cheaper areas to live especially up north!

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    @LilLis:  goodness! Good to know. I guess we’d be living with our parents longer too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    35 is my personal cutoff. We had our first last year, just as I turned 30 and we will most likely TTC #2 this summer.  That still gives me a few years to decide if I’m all set with 2 or if we should try for a third.

    My reasons for choosing that age are to minimize potential complications and because I want to get the exhausting baby years out of the way before I’m “too old.”

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    @Pixienickie:  The timeline for when you would ideally like have children is so out of your control!  If you had asked me when I was 20 what age I would like to have my last, I would have said 30.  Well, 30 rolled around and I was not even married yet.  Does that mean that I won’t have kids now, since my timline has passed?! Ummm….no.  I am married now at 32, and I want to just enjoy my husband for a bit, so we probably won’t even try to have kids for another year or so.  I don’t worry about energy and being an “old” parent.  There are things that an “old” parent can provide their children that a young parent would not be able to. We all have to deal with the hands dealt to us, and often the timing of things is out of our control.

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    I am 34 right now and going to be 35 in October! My DH and I just decided to TTC this was our first month trying! I went to see my doctor last week and I told her we were TTC and I asked her if me turning 35 this year would be an issue with fertility or baby’s development and she said my age was actually a really good age to TTC! She told me after 38 is when there could be an issue with fertility/pregnancy! I plan on having 2 children so I am hoping to have my first when I am 35 and #2 when I am 37/38! Also I know a few women who had babies in their 40’s and they had absolutely no complications at all and their babies are healthy!

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    I always said I wanted to be done having kids by the time I was 30. I wanted to be a “young” parent. But seeing as I’m almost 28 and we have been trying to have our first for a year and have documented Infertility issues.  So if we are able to have one, we would like at least two (maybe 3) I am now saying we will try as long as it takes and as long as it is safe for me to try (after 40 is a little scary to me).

    The problem for us is more DH’s age, he is 6 years older than me and I don’t want him to be an “old” dad. So mid 40’s for him would probably be our limit.

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    @Mrs.LemonDrop: That’s totally my story. My mom had my younger sister when I was 15. I’m bascially helping her raise my sister, who I love. There are two boys in between us, so I never had a sister close to my own age.

    We would like to have 2-3 children, and maybe adopt one or two. If we do get pregnant soon I will be close to 30 when we have our first one or maybe even 30 if it takes us a lot longer. I would like to have my kids about 2 years apart from each other, so in principle, I could be done by 35. I don’t want to get pregnant after 36. As far as adopting kids, I would wait until I am over 36 once I know if I can have kids and after I already had mine. If we cannot have kids, then there is an even bigger reason to adopt.

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    I picked 38.

    I mean in an idea world 35 BUT I’ll be at least 30 when we have our first and that’s if we’re lucky enough not to have problems. And I’d like 3, and I don’t want to stress myself out by giving myself such a small window. 


    I’m 28 now and of course I’d love to start TTC like, tomorrow, but some of us don’t get a choice. Our husbands aren’t ready for a number of reasons, or we haven’t even met our husbands yet, or we have medical issues. So, yeah. 

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    I am 34, have three kids already, maybe will have another one before 40. No order than 40

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    My mom got married at 20, had me at 22 and my sister at 24. I’ve loved having a younger mom and only wish to have the energy and spirit she had. She is now 46 (Dad is 49) and enjoying having an empty nest. My dad is at an amazing place in his career and has no kids to worry about, no college to pay anymore.  Back home in Purto Rico, nobody in my family has had children after turning 25. 

    I had the inmense luck, to have met my partner in life at a young age (17), after dating for 5 years, we got married when I was 22 and will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary soon. We both have college degrees, great careers and we recently bought a house. We will start TTC after our 3rd wedding anniversary when we will both be 26. We will most likely be one and done and hopefully we’ll be done by 30.

    Starting a family “young” is our priority and it goes before having a great career or becoming a power couple. That’s the choice we believe is best for us and our family. But that’s all it is… a choice. Just like choosing to climb the corporate ladder, travel the world and have good savings before kids is a choice… They are just both great choices and choosing is a wonderful thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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