(Closed) How long after pet passing until you feel like a person again?

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i couldn’t eat for a few days last year after making the decision of saying goodbye to our big guy. We found him on the side of the road a year prior, and he was such a big part of the family. We knew we had to bc it wasn’t fair to keep him in pain just bc we wanted him around. It took me about a week to get back to normal but to this day I still have bad days. Same with my husband, it took him weeks to get back to normal… They were very close.


sorey your going through this, it really does suck!!

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@PrincessBride2014:  this makes me so sad…I can’t imagine my puppy dying, I have had him since I was 17 turning 18, and I’m 28 now (he’s going to be 10 in June)…his breed lives about the same years as yours. He’s a chihuahua


I can’t imagine what you’re going through…so sorry 🙁


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@PrincessBride2014:  I had my cat for 18 years and I was devastated when I lost him, even though it was obviously time (he had tumors, diabetes, going blind, etc).  I think it took me several weeks and I haven’t had a cat since.  I am an only child, had my cat since I was 7 and I’m not very close to my family, so my cat was the only real “family” I felt like I had (I didn’t even cry when my dad died).  I think it was a lot easier for me to let go because I knew that I had given my cat a very good, long life (it sounds like you’ve done the same for your dog).

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@PrincessBride2014:  I’m so sorry:( I lost my beloved charismatic feline friend approx 13 years ago and still miss him like crazy. I have a picture of him in the living room and think of him with fond memories- always in my heart:) 

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I am so, so sorry you are going through this.  I had to make the decision for my kitty last spring.  She had just turned 20 when we let her go.  I was devastated.  The only thing I keep regretting is that I waited a week longer than I should have to put her down.  I kept thinking she was getting better, when she was not.  I feel badly.  I will say it does get easier as time goes on, though I think about her pretty much every day.  Take care.

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@PrincessBride2014:  I’m so sorry you’re going through this, my heart’s breaking for you 🙁

It’s cliche, but time really does help. And please let yourself grieve for however long feels right to you – I made the mistake of not taking any time off from work when my dog died (I was a wreck all day).

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My childhood dog passed away almost two months ago. My parents had to let her go, and I live about 3.5 hours away, so I wasn’t able to be there. It was absolutely devastating because, like you, my furbaby helped me through so much, especially as a teenager. Honestly, I still cannot believe she is gone. Going home to visit my family is heartwrenching. I couldn’t eat for a few days, and cried a lot, but have slowly been coming to terms with it. FI and I had been looking for our first dog together, and I knew after my Amber died that she would send the right pooch to us, and she has. About 2 weeks ago we adopted an incredible dog. I see so much of my Amber in him, and it honestly has helped me heal so much. Not to say I miss Amber any less, but I truly believe she has sent this dog to us to remind us of all the love and happiness she gave for 12.5 years. 

I am so sorry you are going through this. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things in life. I pray that your little guy has a peaceful and painless departure from this life. I will send up some prayers to my girl, and she will be waiting to show him the ropes up there in paradise. *internet hugs*

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@PrincessBride2014:  i’m so sorry! the situation sucks there is really no getting around that. the last two pets i lost were a cat that i had from age 7-27 (yes 20 years old!!!) and tragically a new puppy who had a seizure. 🙁 also lost two dogs, can’t remember their exact ages but we got them when i was a little kid and they passed when i was a late teen. all were incredibly sad! 

it does take time to get over and don’t feel bad about greiving. i cried and cried, especially can remember the more recent ones, the cat and puppy. i had that cat pretty much my whole life and it was so sad to let go of her!! i’d say within a few weeks i was adjusted, but at the time i also did not know how i would ever get over it. so i know how you feel w that now! but in time you will accept the cycle of life and that your pup had a great, great life that naturally must come to an end at some point. just bc he will no longer be physically present doesn’t mean all your time together is erased. he will still be remembered and important. i felt better putting a bunch of pics together in a collage frame as a tribute.

it will take time. for us it helped a lot to get another animal to love. your pet has had over 16 amazing years of love, and now you can spread that to another animal in need of your love! the joy that animal brings does a lot to help w the grief over the other. though it doesn’t replace, it does replace something missing in your heart! good luck! much sympathy!

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@PrincessBride2014:  im so sorry you’re going through this. it is truly the worst part of owning a pet. on the bright side, hes had a great life with you and your family. it will be hard, but its best to try to focus on the positive. stay strong! unfortunately, just like people, life can only be extended to a certain point comfortably.i have tears in my eyes even writing this 🙁

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I lost my wonderful black Lab Sheba a few years ago- I had her from ages 8-22. I’m not going to lie to you, it was awful. Everyone deals with grief differently, and I did not deal well. I also felt, well, not ashamed per se, but like it somehow wasn’t justified for me to have so much grief over a dog. Please remember that it is justified and anyone who has ever loved and lost a dog will understand.

I would say it took a couple of months for me to stop crying regularly and start feeling a bit more normal. Even now, I can get choked up thinking about it (like right now) but you just have to remember that all dogs go to heaven. Eventually you will feel ready to welcome a new pup into your life, and you will be amazed at how much room in your heart you still have. 

Here’s a picture of Gracie, the dog my parents got about a year after we lost Sheba. She is goofy and sweet and although I never thought any dog could live up to Sheba’s precedent, she has. I hope her funny sitting posture can put a smile on your face: 


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I adopted my big guy when he was 8 wks old and I lost him when he was 9 due to cancer.  It was def one of the roughest decisions I had to make.  We went through so much together.   It wasn’t fair to him to let him suffer out of selfishness. 

It took me a few weeks to really even be able to talk about him without tearing up.  I still do sometimes and its been almost a year.  I still haven’t gotten another pup and I doubt I will anytime soon. 

I’m sorry you are going through this, it’s really hard to lose a pet.

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@PrincessBride2014:  ^^That’s Furby. I adopted him from a shelter in 2009 when he was 8 years old. He sat in his kennel for 5 years with no takers until I came along. I gave him a good home, good food, and a damn good life.

He needed to be put down in October of this year, and while I can say it has gotten easier (partially due to the fact that I have had another dog), it’s hard sometimes still. The other day I grabbed a random Christmas bag, and it said “To Daddy Love Furby” so of course I broke down. Even looking at his picture or thinking of him makes me cry still.

It gets easier, but I don’t think the heart ever completely heals. You just remember the good times and remember your pup that way. You dog lived a very LONG, HAPPY life, and that is all you could ask for.

I’m sorry for your impending loss. You will see him again someday 🙂

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@PrincessBride2014:  I’ve sent my share of dogs on to the clearing in my lifetime…and its not easy, hell, it isn’t supposed to be.  But when you get that puppy, and decide the share your life with it, you make a deal, right then and there with each other, and that deal is…until the end.  Whatever and whenever it may be.

You’re never ready, but this isn’t about you…its about the dog, and they’ll tell you when its time….there’s a look in their eyes, a need to be freed from this earth.

So you do what you’re supposed to, you cry your eyes out, eat some ice cream, pack up their things in a box somewhere and try to get used to the sound of the house without them….it helps to remind yourself that you gave them everything you had, every day of their lives, and that the place they are now, is infinately better…and while you won’t be joining them for a good long while…time passes differently there, a moment is a lifetime, and it will have hardly been a heartbeat, before you’re walking alongside them again.



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@PrincessBride2014:  No advice, but sending hugs. My cat that we’ve had for almost 16 years is not doing well either…I will probably be where you are in the next year. 🙁

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