(Closed) How long before you said the L word?

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Busy bee

2 days.  He said it first, I said it right back.  I don’t really see why people are so afraid of it or wait so long to say it…

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Busy bee
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It was 6 months before he told me and I did not want to go first because I feared his response. (Come to find out later he was SCARED to death)  The night we finally said it,  I actually had to nudge him along gently by letting him know that thats really the way I felt, and once he knew I loved him, he was completely OK with finally telling me.  He has gone out of his way to show me and tell me every single day since.

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Oh geeze… we weren’t dating long at all….. I mean maybe a couple of weeks. Mind you we had been very close friends for years before dating so the “getting to know each other” stage was already passed… and within a mth of us starting to date we were engaged. lol

I technically said it first b/c he made me! grrrr… lol I SOOOOOOOOO didn’t want to say it first, I was determined to wait it out for however long necessary for him to be the first to spill it. BUT we talked alot via video chat b/c of conflicting schedules and my LO… and one night he totally put me in a corner (don’t remember what he said exactly) and it was ALL OVER MY FACE and he pretty much pryed it out of me. We laugh about it now and he said he only did that b/c he’d loved me since before we even dated and he wanted to make sure I felt the same way….. still grrrrr. lol

Really though.. I think it was great! =)

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Well we met at a cabin party on this island on the river by 3 mile island… it’s so pretty there. We decided to go back 1 month later to the day with some friends and we were swimming in the river- he was holding me and I asked what he was thinking because he was quiet. He said “not really much of anything” so I asked him to tell me a secret and he said “I love you” it was too cute. So 1 month to the day for us.

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I was fairly drunk and said it in French one night about a month in. He knows just enough French to understand what I said and looked at me like I had three heads. We went about the evening like nothing happened after that. The next day I told him I meant it. He said he was relieved and said it back. He wasn’t sure if I was just babbling in French the night before. I tend to do that when I’ve been drinking.

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Helper bee
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3 days after we met. He said he loved me and then freaked out cause it was early. I told him it was okay because I loved him too. =)

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Buzzing bee
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I think it was about 4 or 5 months for us.  The same night we said I love you was our first kiss too!!  It was really special! 🙂

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@flutterbi: We were in his parent’s basement watching a movie. i cracked a joke and he said “you’re so funny, I love you.” And I said “You love me?” his reply was “Yes. I love you. There I said it.”

It was so cute and he was so determined not to say it too soon. I guess it must have slipped. 

It must have been like a few weeks after he starting dating.

And the rest is history.

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Bumble bee
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It was 2 months after we met. He went away for a football game and was gone fpr a few days. On the 2nd day gone we were about to hang up and I said “Ok, goodbye, I love you”… Holy Crap I thought.. “Did I just say that?” “I hope he didn’t hear me”. When he came back he told me “I heard what you said and I love you too”. Whew!!!

I never wanted to be the first to say I love you tp anyone after I heard a friend of mine telling me of the time a girl told him she loved him and he didn’t feel the same way and he replied.. “Thats nice”. WTF??? For that very reason I never wanted to be the first.

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Aw, everyone’s stories are so sweet! 

Well, we talked for about 2 months or so before we started dating. Then when we started dating it was 3 days when he first told me he loved me. We was on the phone & he knew I was on myspace. I refreshed my home page & it said I had a new comment. Looked at the comment & it was from my hubby (then boyfriend) saying “I love you!” & I said it back in a comment, also. Been saying it everyday since then & meaning it! 🙂 That was in December 2006. <3

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Helper bee
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this is so embarrassing but it took us over a year!!!!  i think i may have won some kind of contest here for the longest amount of time it took!  and I mean a year from when we first got together as a couple, because we knew each other before then!  we had actually moved in together before we said it, OMG, i realise now how insane that is but that is what happened!

we’re both not very good at saying it, and we both come from families where our parents have literally never told us they love us. I know that our parents do love us, we just haven’t been brought up to say it all the time.  So sometimes we make a massive effort to be sure to say it because it’s still not something that we say every day! Or even every week! I’m really working on it though, I want to say it to my future kids every single day. 

i sound like a total freak now, sorry! lol!

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I was trying really hard not to say “I love you” before he did and he said it after two months.

We’d been at a party a couple of hours from his house and had had a HUGE fight (one of the few we’ve ever had) before driving home when we were both so tired that we were almost passing out (NOT FUN). We got home and I was still kinda mad at him but we were curled up in his bunk bed (yes, he really had bunk beds when we got together… at 25!) and he said “But you know I love you?” to which I responded, “No, I didn’t…” It took me a few minutes to say it back to him as I really wasn’t expecting it.

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About 5 months after we started dating.  Possibly 6.  We both KNEW for awhile, but neither of us wanted to say it in fear we felt we would be “rushing”.  I would tell my friends and stuff that I was in love with him and such.  I knew it was real. 

He had stayed over one night and got up early to drive to work (we were LDR at this point).  I wanted to say it as he was walking out the door, but I chickened out.  Being the lame ass that I am, I texted him “I love you”.  He told me to take it back and to wait to say it in person (hahaha).  He also told me that he wanted to say it to me that morning as well but figured I wasn’t fully awake.  He said he wanted me to be alert and hear it clearly/be special.  🙂  So, I kind of ruined the special part, but I love the fact that the both of us wanted to say it that morning.

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