How long can I keep LO in car seat while shopping

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  • poll: How long can I keep LO in car seat while shopping
    Only a couple hours at most recommended : (65 votes)
    86 %
    3-4 hours to run some errand through the day : (11 votes)
    14 %
    5-8 hours for a full day out and about : (0 votes)
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    Edit: Never mind. I thought you meant car, not car seat.

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    The issue is largley that if you unbuckle them while you’re just hanging around, eating lunch etc and bubs is sleeping, they can manouvere themselves in such a way that they are unable to  breathe and can suffocate. 

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    pglt09 :  I wouldn’t keep him in it for that long. It’s recommended that they sleep flat. That’s why most travel systems come with the carry cot for when they are really young. I would keep my son in the car seat if it was just a quick errand, especially if he was asleep but if I was going to be wandering around the shops or for a meal I would use the carrycot. 

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    slothbear :  Lol, I read it the same way at first and was like this can’t be real…

    Happy to be wrong!

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    I woud say 8 hours is way too long for any baby to be in a car seat unless traveling or if it’s out of the ordinary.  Can you break it up so you go out in the morning and then later at night?


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    Well they say newborns no more than 30 minutes and after that no more than 2 hours.

    Honestly, if being out for 4-8 hours is the only thing keeping you sane, as you say, then you may want to talk to your doctor or come up with better plans for how to spend your time rather than keeping your kid in a car seat while you roam a store for 4 hours every day.  That doesn’t necessarily sound like a healthy situation for either of you on a routine basis or you should at least have several coping strategies in your arsenal.  Go see if your local community ed or museums or local hospitals have infant development/enrichment programs you can sign up for so that you are both out of the house and participating in something.  Talk to your partner and see if a nanny for a couple hours a day is in the budget or a family member can help out.

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    A ‘well behaved’ 6 week old?  It’s impossible for a baby to be badly behaved- even if their wee faces are scrunched up mid-howl, they’re just being babies. 

    I’m sure you love your baby very much- but it seems odd to drag him around hours on end on a regular basis just to wander around etc to ‘stay sane’ and say he just sleeps most of the day anyway. I don’t think it’s horrible to have him in a car seat so much, but it doesn’t sound like the best either, keeping him in one position for so long with his weight on his bottom/back isn’t good for his skin/ circulation (that’s why people in wheelchairs/ bedridden have to take extra care not to get ‘bed sores’ (pressure sores). If you like to be out a lot, can you switch up with baby carriers (the kind that swaddles the baby to you) and a stroller you can re-position flat for when he naps?

    Because it does sound like something is amiss. Being at home all day on your own as a new mom can be overwhelming and exhausting- and it sounds like, for you, you’re feeling extremely restless and isolated. I don’t think anyone would fault you for wanting to get out of the house on a regular basis- but what you describe sounds excessive. Maybe if you joined a mom and baby group or two you’d have the opportunity to chat with other new parents, do baby-bonding activities that got your baby out of his car seat while also providing opportunities for you to interact with other parents. 



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    annabananabee :  This x1000

    pglt09 :  You shouldn’t need to leave the house for hours on end to wander stores in order to stay sane.  Please go see your dr to be evaluated for postpartum anxiety and depression then go see your baby’s pediatrician regarding an ideal schedule to foster your son’s development including guidelines for carseat time.  At six weeks a max of 1-2 hours is our dr’s recommendation and before 5 weeks it was 30 minutes to give you a tentative range. Online there are a lot of schedules that you can try, but we do an eat, diaper change, play, sleep schedule throughout the day.  Tummy time is so important even without a flat head and babies have a physical need to be held.  If we’re out doing an activity with my older child, I babywear which is another option for necessary errands. 

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    you get to stretch and move all day.  but your child only gets to stretch and move while being changed and eating? 

    have you thought of baby wearing so you can still have hands free.

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    That’s an extremely excessive amount for a new baby to be in a carseat.

    Is there a reason you don’t want to hold your infant…? Maybe speak to your doctor about PPD as the previous poster mentioned. Sorry but that is just not normal IMO.

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    10am – 7pm? Nine hours is waayyy too long for your sweet baby to be strapped into a car seat. Get a babysitter if you must be gone all day, or break your day into chunks so that you run errands for an hour or two in the morning and then take him out for dinner.

    If the staying home part of being a Stay-At-Home Mom isn’t for you please reconsider, for your sake and your child’s sake. Some people love it. Some people don’t. If PPD isn’t your issue you may be happier with a part-time job. 

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    yes I think 8 hours is way too long in a car seat.

    RobbieAndJuliahaha :  Well said. I was going to recommend a ring sling or wrap to change positions as well.

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    wow, what’s with jumping on her, and criticizing her free time choices? Maybe she likes shopping more than museums. Or is an extrovert and likes to get out of the house. Or just a new mom, trying to figure out all she can handle, and will approach all the Baby & Me classes when he’s a few months older.

    “Staying sane” is just a saying – how many of us have said something like “if I don’t get lunch right now I’m going to go insane!”? I’m sure she meant it in a way that she didn’t want to be at home all day, every day, doing baby stuff. 

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