How long did it take to get pregnant?

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@ rosieposie3   TTC sucks for those of us that don’t get pregnant quickly or easily. I got pregnant 4 months in, but miscarried and I’m another 4 months in without another BFP. Learning your body’s ovulation signs (temping, cm, OPKs, etc) will really help you figure out how to give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant each month.

Also, consider joining the POAS boards. The women over there are awesome, will help you interpret all your OPKs and/or BBT charts, celebrate when you finally get your BFP or commisserate with you if you don’t. It’s really a great little community.

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@ rosieposie3   hey bee. Im sorry you’re having a rough time.

I took 7-8 months to get my first BFP.  I’m healthy, good bmi, I had the occasional long/crap cycle but most were pretty regular (o on day 17; 14 day LP). It was a CP unfortunately, and I ultimately got pregnant again after 13 months total of ttc (including the cp).. or cycle 11 (after the CP my cycles became loooooong).  I’m 9 weeks, knock on wood.

I did see an RE but only in time to run some blood tests, I ended up pregnant on my own before we could start me on Femara.  My point is.. sometimes you’re just not lucky.  Don’t compare yourself to other bees who get pregnant at the drop of a hat.  Its like comparing yourself to lottery winners or people born to rich families.. what’s the point? It’s just luck, it’ll just make you feel down.  Focus on making sure you’re healthy and do your best.

A vacation never hurts, IMO.  “Just relax” is the most annoying advice ever but honestly lying on a beach with a mojito can’t hurt. 😉 at the very least it helps you deal with the intense stress of ttc on a survival level, even if it probably has nothing to do with fertility.  (Though I did get my bfp while in Hawaii, anecdotally, hehe)

Aside from that what PPs said about temping and charting and opks.  Timing is definitely important.  The poas threads are great for support. Both in terms of how to do these things and just general moral support.

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@ rosieposie3   hi! It took me 8 months to get my BFP, but we started right after I went off the pill so my first few cycles may have been wonky. Unfortunately that pregnancy didn’t stick so I’m now starting month 5 of trying again. Trust me – I can understand that 5 months feels like an eternity!! 

I can also understand that BD’ing every other day gets real old real fast. I don’t know how some of the ladies on here manage to do it every day 😉 but BD’ing at least EOD really does give you the best odds. Once you get the hang of temping it should take some of the pressure off. Best of luck!

ETA: as PP said, join the POAS boards! The ladies over there are so supportive and great, after a while it feels like you have a whole group of new friends that NEVER get tired of hearing you bitch and moan about TTC 😉

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Around 9/10 months. 

Both healthy and in our twenties. Temping was the thing that really made a difference for us as I’m pretty sure I was missing my ovulation window before I started temping. The month we got our BFP we only BD’d three times during our fertile window. Twice a few days before I ovulated and once the night before I ovulated. 

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When I was 25 it didnt even take month after me being off birth control to get pregnant.  When I was 30 it took about 7 months to get pregnant

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It took us 6 months, after 4 months of just trying on our own I bought the digitial OPK’s and they worked like a charm. Super easy to read so there’s no guessing as to if you’re ovulating or not. 

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We got pregnant within a month of starting to “try”. We followed the sperm meets the egg plan and BD’d every other day. Currently 30 weeks so we are getting antsy to meet this little one!

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With baby 1 it only took 1 month. With baby #2 it took 5. I am overweight and have longer cycles (32-35 days). Before I had baby 1 I was not on birth control and we used the pull out method till we started trying. After baby 1 I got the nexplanon implant. I had that for a year before I got it out to ttc baby #2.  My cycles were not consistent and kept getting longer till I got my bfp. I used opks to get an idea of when i ovulated (CD 17) so we could better time our BD. With a 1 year old who does not sleep through the night temping was not really an option for me. Def join the TTC boards! The ladies over there are the best! Sometimes you just need another eye on those opks or someone going through the same thing to listen. 

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Still TTC cycle 9. I echo other pp about measuring bbt and only consider a true positive opk (not a near positive). Do you get any fertile CM? 

You can have everything perfect timing-wise and still only have a 10-20% chance of conception each cycle, which is why most people end up pregnant by cycle 10ish and the majority within 12 cycles. 

Do bbt to make sure you’re not totally off with timing, check CM and I think digital opk may be the way to go until you see what your cycle is doing.

join the POAS boards too if you haven’t already!

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It took us about a year and two months from the time we quit every form of birth control until we got our BFP. However, for about one year of that time, we were doing nothing but having sex once every week or two. I wanted more sex, but my husband has a pretty low sex drive. We had a heart-to-heart and he said he’d try harder. So the next month we tried sex EOD from the time my period stopped to the time I thought I might be ovulating. My husband got really stressed out by the sex schedule though, and said he’d prefer a calculated approach, so we could have sex when it really matters and still enjoy our spontaneous sex when he felt up to it. So the next cycle, I did everything. I took my BBT every day, charted with some apps, used OPKs, took a B vitamin complex (I suspected a short luteal phase), took Mucinex (for good fertile CM), made sure we had sex 3 days in a row as soon as the OPK was positive, used pre-seed (for a sperm friendly environment), and used soft cups after sex (to keep as much sperm close to the cervix for as long as possible). It was probably all overkill, but I got my BFP that cycle and I’m going on 22 weeks now. I plan on doing the same thing from the start when/if we TTC again.

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It took us 14 months (12 cycles) from going off the pill. 

My cycles were anywhere from 26-50 days so all over the place and impossible to predict. I didn’t even bother with OPK’s. 

Turned out I have mild PCOS and also had a 5cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary. I had a laparoscopy to remove the cyst and while in there they also flushed my tubes with due to see if there were any blockages. I was told the cyst would not have had an affect on my fertility. 

I also took Clomid tablets to help bring on ovulation because my fertility doctor thought I may not have been ovulating. 

I fell pregnant my first cycle after my surgery which was my second cycle in clomid. I think perhaps it was a combo of the medication and dye tube flushing that did it.

I was also having Accupuncture aimed at improving fertility. 

I was 26 when we started trying and 28 when my son was born (he is now 6 months old)

Fingers crossed for you that you get pregnant soon, I know how hard it is and it sucks when people tell you to just relax and not stress out because as much as you want to sometimes you can’t help feeling stressed and upset about it.


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Took me 8 cycles for my first BFP that ended in MC at 8 weeks. It took another 3 cycles for my second BFP that resulted in my beautiful 4.5 month old son. 

It is so frustrating, I also agree with PP’s about joining the POAS boards for support.

i used clearblue digital OPK’s, temp and charting. You’d be surprised how far off you can be for your fertile window if you aren’t confirming ovulation. 

Best of luck to you, I hope you get your BFP soon! 

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For my first, it took us 8 cycles, of more NTNP than full on trying (our work schedules didn’t allow for full committment to TTC most months).  Second pregnancy took 6 cycles (ended in MMC at 12 weeks), I’m now 10 weeks, and it took 6 cycles again.

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@ rosieposie3

It took us 9 months of timed intercourse, temping and using OPKS all the time. 

I’m 36, FTM and 22 weeks along as of today. However, the wait had nothing to do with my age as a couple of months before conceiving we found out my husband had motility and morphology issues.

He started taking fertility supplements and it worked.

The month I got KU we did the deed every other day throughout my fertile window.  

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It took us 9 months of actively trying, but we’d been NTNP for about 6 months before that. Then I miscarried at 16 weeks. 

After the miscarriage, we waited about 4 months to start trying again but I just got a BFP on Saturday on the first cycle. 

 Both times, I was religious about temping. I tried several different kinds of OPKs too but didn’t really love any of them. Temping and tracking my cervical mucus and paying close attention to my body was really empowering. I love Taking Charge of your Fertility. 

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