How long did it take to get pregnant after a CP/early miscarriage?

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From what I have seen (and experienced), you might get pregnant literally right away or it could take a while. Personally, I had a MC right before 12 weeks and 4 cycles later had a CP, then got pregnant with my daughter 6 months later (working with an RE). But, I’ve seen lots of bees on the boards get pregnant the next cycle after a CP/MC. I think it’s a crapshoot unfortunately. FX for you and sorry that you are going through this! 

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For me it was on the 6th cycle post-MMC (~8 weeks) which required a D&C and I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant.

However in hindsight I think this was because my cycles weren’t regular and I was timing BD solely on the “14 day” myth. I got pregnant with the MMC my first cycle off IUD, had the MMC, had the D&C, and then had cycles ranging from 28-33 days. That 6th month was the first time I temped + used OPK’s and so knew I had hit my FW and we got our BFP 12 days later. 

I wish I had starting temping/OPKs right after the MMC to understand what my cycle was doing because I think the IUD removal + MMC + D&C really threw my hormones for a loop. It probably would have saved me months of frustration.

ETA: A good friend of mine had an ectopic pregnancy in Feb 2018, a CP in Jan 2019, then got her BFP the next cycle (we’re actually due 2 days apart!). So you just never know! After the CP she was emotionally preparing for another long haul of waiting for the next BFP so was SHOCKED when she got pregnant the next cycle. This pregnancy has been completely smooth sailing and healthy for her. 

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I miscarried my third pregnancy in February of 2018 and fell pregnant again August of the same year but we did abstain for a couple of months in that period due to other commitments.

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SeaOfLove : I’ve had one miscarriage right at 5 weeks. I got pregnant 2 months later.

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I miscarried 2 days after getting the BFP. I skipped the next cycle (I’ve read it may be beneficial to have a period between pregnancies, though we weren’t actively trying, either) and then got pregnant the very next cycle after that…so in other words, I got pregnant again 2 months after the loss. Just relax and try not to overthink it, the stress/anxiety/depression could potentially make it more difficult (as I’m sure you already know). In the meantime, take full advantage of your lifestyle as it currently is, and have fun with the baby-making. Enjoy all the things you can’t do when you’ll be riddled with morning sickness, back aches, or a newborn 😉 

Whether it’s 1 month or 1 year, I’m sure you’ll get a sticky peanut someday! Don’t give up, enjoy each day, and I send you my very best wishes 

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I had a chemical 2/2017 and got pregnant with my daughter that December.    So almost 10 months. (I was 34 at the time).  

I had another chemical the end of March this year and got pregnant beginning of May. So only 2 months this times around. She’s due in Feb. 

My friend just went through a chemical last August and fell pregnant January.  So about 3 months for her and she just had a beautiful baby girl  

I’m sorry about your chemical!  It’s so hard when you want a baby so bad!  I’ll say a prayer for you!

Also a random side note. I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have been TTC for a long time and they went on the keto diet and it worked for them!  Something about raising the estrogen level?  Maybe it’s something to talk to your doctor about? 

Good luck!  I know you’ll get your BFP soon!

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I don’t often talk about it but I had a chemical. I got pregnant the very next cycle. I know a lot of friends who have had the same experience. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Unfortunately you’re in good company. And just colloquial evidence but I don’t know anyone who has had a chemical and not subsequently had a successful pregnancy 

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I’ve been following you since I also just had a CP this month and wish I could give you a hug. This sucks so bad. I’m also curious how long it took others. We had a first pregnancy in April/May that ended in a CP at 5 weeks, we didn’t really try the next month, then got pregnant again 2 months later in August, which also ended in CP at 5 weeks. I seemed to be back to normal pretty quickly after the first CP so I’m hopeful that will be the case this time and I’ll trap that bean soon! This cycle we’re trying Vitex, baby asprin and EPO and Darling Husband is taking Fertilaid – the works. FX love!

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I miscarried at 11 weeks in the month of August. It took until May for me to conceive again. My periods were so out of whack for several months after my D&C. But that next pregnancy was fine and that baby is now 2.5 years.

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When TTC #2 we got pregnant each cycle, but had a handful of CPs and a MMC at 12 weeks. I think the one that stuck was 8 months after we started.

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