(Closed) How long did it take to get used to actually sleeping together?

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  • poll: So do you sleep well with your S/O? Did it take a while to get used to?
    Still working on it! : (18 votes)
    7 %
    I gave up working on it! I just won't sleep as well with another person : (4 votes)
    1 %
    I WOULD sleep fine, but he snores or tosses/turns so much that it awakens me! : (16 votes)
    6 %
    Super easy, hardly took any time at all : (164 votes)
    60 %
    Easy now, but it took a while : (49 votes)
    18 %
    Easy now, but it took a long time! : (6 votes)
    2 %
    Haven't really gotten an official chance yet (like in a bed) : (1 votes)
    0 %
    We sleep separately! (we're living together/married) : (7 votes)
    3 %
    We sleep separately but only because we live apart (Ever shared a bed, ever? Was it easy or hard?) : (5 votes)
    2 %
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    @yanamari:  tagged to follow, another year and I shall find out 😉

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    Don’t worry, you guys will figure it out! I’m always cold too, so I sleep with an extra blanket underneath the duvet we share. Some married friends I know sleep with two different blankets to avoid one person pulling or hogging it. Whatever it is I’m sure you guys will find a solution Laughing

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    I’m a fairly easy sleeper, although it used to take me a while to get to sleep. I didn’t have much trouble, my biggest issue was that I was used to cats coming in an annoying me during the night, so I was used to patting it for a bit then going back to sleep. When I moved in with now Fiance, I used to think every movement he made was a cat coming for attention, so I’d wake up more to try to pat it, then realise it was a person, but got back to sleep easily.

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    I am a pretty heavy sleeper normally, but it does take me a long time to get to sleep usually, and I am definitely not a sleep- anywhere type person. (I wish!) I voted other because when we first started sleeping together, it was kinda rough and neither of us were sleeping well. Especially because we both steal the blankets. We have come to an arrangement where we’ll cuddle and love on each other for a bit, but when we actually go to sleep we use separate blankets and have our own space (in the same bed). We love each other, but we also love our sleep! It works much better for us and I wouldn’t say it takes away from the experience or intimacy or anything. Just gotta find what works for you.

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    I still think a queen size bed is perfect for ONE person.

    I am usually hanging on the edge of the bed, but the good thing is when I sleep, it is if I am dead – nothing wakes me and I don’t move at all,

    Hey, it beats sleeping alone!

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    We’re like seriously always opposite in temps.  ALWAYS.  My feet are freezing and he’s sweating.  I’m in shorts and t-shirt and he has sweat pants on and is shivering.  We’re redic.

    So we have tons of blankets on our bed.  I sleep with a small fan by my head…but not directed at my face.  Just to cool down my head.  If it gets too hot I just double over the blankets on top of him and sleep with the sheet.  He doesn’t even noitce…he’s out like a light.  He also sleeps with the kitty between his legs so together they’re like a little furnace. 

    My issue is space.  I sleep with one knee up.  So as long as I get my space it’s all gravy 🙂  If he starts rolling my way I just push him back and he’s very loving about it and sleepily apologizes.

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    I am a terrible sleeper and when we first got together I had a lot of trouble sleeping esp. because my Darling Husband is a snorer but after we moved in together and spent every night (rather than just 4-5 nights a week as we were for the first 6 months) I think within about a week i was ok. Darling Husband sleeps like a log so he has no issues. 

    Oh for a few weeks I used ear plugs lol but don’t anymore.

    By The Way I never slept we with anyone in the bed with me – friends while travelling or exes either so I was really worried when we moved in together I’d never sleep well again unless I passed out exhausted hehe

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    Darling Husband and I are super laid back. So far, the transition to living together after the wedding was super easy!  The transition to sleeping together wasn’t so easy!


    I never thought I was a light sleeper, but I’ve discovered that whenever Darling Husband gets out of bed, I know about it immediately. This means that although I rarely wake up in the middle of the night on my own to use the bathroom or something, I’m now awake a few times a night because Darling Husband must have ya bladder the size of a pea!  I came home from our honeymoon (the first time we had slept together) EXHAUSTED cause I’d barely gotten any sleep (and not for the reason everyone seemed to think I’d gotten so little sleep on our honeymoon! lol)


    It’s been almost two months now and we are settling into a groove. I’m sleeping way better now than I was right after the wedding, but it’s definitely taken some time and it will continue to take time for adjustments. 

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    We’ve been living together over three years and I still sometimes struggle with sharing a bed. I’m just not a social sleeper. I don’t want to stop sharing but it is hard.

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    I don’t have that much trouble sleeping with Darling Husband (been living together 4 years). Only when Darling Husband goes away on business for a few days do I realize how much better I sleep on my own!

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    I just can’t deal with the snoring! Omagahh!!! 

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    it really didn’t take long at all.  we sleep so well together.  snuggling, not snuggling.  all of it. 

    he even told me that he has never had such great sleeps as he has had being together.

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    We don’t have any issues with temperature and he doesn’t normally snore (I don’t know how I would have handled that because I shared a room with a friend who snored for a semester and it sucked sometimes!)

    Anyway the only thing we ever have problems with is him hogging the bed (in my opinion).  I get up to use the bathroom and I come back and he’s sleeping on my pillow/side and I have to literally move him out of the way.  In his sleepy state he gets grumpy about it half the time! I like to sleep on my side with my knees up so I do need some space.  I think next time we get a bed we are just going to get a bigger one!

    I’m a fairly light sleeper so I will usually notice if he gets up but I don’t think I fully wake up because I go right back to sleep.

    I think it maybe took a few weeks to get used to everything (a few weeks of sleeping together most nights)

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    It was sort of difficult at first because he’s a serious blanket stealer and he likes to try to use my head as a pillow for some reason… that cannot be comfortable for him?? Now we use two separate blankets and I’ve managed to learn to wiggle my way out from under his head and put the blanket to where he’s not breathing on my neck all night. Of course we also have my 2 cats in the bed with us so it can get a bit crowded, haha. Regardless, we figured it out fairly quickly and now we both sleep happily.

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