(Closed) How long did it take to get used to actually sleeping together?

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  • poll: So do you sleep well with your S/O? Did it take a while to get used to?
    Still working on it! : (18 votes)
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    I gave up working on it! I just won't sleep as well with another person : (4 votes)
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    I WOULD sleep fine, but he snores or tosses/turns so much that it awakens me! : (16 votes)
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    Super easy, hardly took any time at all : (164 votes)
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    Easy now, but it took a while : (49 votes)
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    Easy now, but it took a long time! : (6 votes)
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    Haven't really gotten an official chance yet (like in a bed) : (1 votes)
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    We sleep separately! (we're living together/married) : (7 votes)
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    We sleep separately but only because we live apart (Ever shared a bed, ever? Was it easy or hard?) : (5 votes)
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    It didn’t take long to get used to sleeping with him.  But it took ages to get used to sleeping with his 2 large snoring bulldogs! We have a king size bed but we sleep on 1 side to make room for these bizzles.  I kind of hate it but I deal with it because it means a lot to him

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    A former partner of mine was like a furnace.  He needed a fan in the window with the windows open even in the winter!  This is Utah people!  A glass of water would freeze! 

    He couldn’t share a sheet or even know how to use a blanket honestly, so we slept in individual sleeping bags to regular our own heat.  He later moved to his own room/bed.  He was a difficult person to sleep with.


    My husband though, we sleep great.  We are not very big people and we have a king bed.  It’s great!  He doesn’t snore or flop around and knows how to use sheets.

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    @yanamari:  Please forgive me, but I was actually grinning while reading the origional post because I find it so darn precious. XD I think it’s adorable to worry about this sort of thing (even though I can tell you are worrying about it in a pleasant sort of way)


    I am a very light sleeper. Any noises, changes in light, or changes in temperature (like when the blankets come up above my toes) will wake me up. When alone, I used to sleep in the fetal position with a body pillow. It had to be juuuuust right. The pillow would have to be a little bit under my normal pillow (under my head) and it had to go between my knees (which I have issues with). The blankets had to be pulled up to just under my chin and over my shoulders, and I had to sleep in a dark room without light or sound.


    All of that is now out the window. I sleep cuddling Fiance in pretty much the same way as I used to cuddle my pillow, now. Like yours, he’s a furnace (and I’m an icicle) but it works well. In the winter, he keep sme warm, and in the summer, I keep him cool (to a point). He likes to listen to podcasts or watch youtube before bed, so there’s always some noise or light going on when I’m trying to fall asleep. He can move a lot at night, which will ALWAYS wake me up. Happily, I fall back asleep almost instantly (and even on my own I wake up a lot) He’s even elbowed me in the face or boob or stomach a few times. Once he actually had a nightmare and woke up having punched me (lightly, thank god. He used to do boxing…) in the eye. O_O


    Even with how awkwardly he sleeps, most of the time its a lot more restful and relaxing than sleeping alone. Couldn’t tell you why. Maybe because when I do wake up through the night (which I always have) having him there sort of sooths me back to sleep.


    Sweet future dreams, lady!

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    I sleep fine with him, its me that keeps him up all night. I am for sure a bed hog, pillow hog, blanket hog, plus I move around every two minutes. It took him maybe a week or so to get used to me. But it must be ok, since he hates when Im not in bed with him. 

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    man Its hard to sleep without my man hes so cuddly hes like my teddy bear except he snores which puts me in an even deeper sleep and drools mainly in my ear but its worth it he keeps me feeling safe and I can’t sleep without him.

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    I’m the world’s worst person to share a bed with. Like the kind who will wrap herself in the blankets (so you wouldn’t have any), steal your pillow, drool on it, and then kick you. So I had no problem, but Fiance took awhile to deal with me. He still sleeps in sweats and has a spare blanket for when I steal the covers. After 2 years we are finally sleeping well.

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    Fiance and I don’t live together, but occasionally like to have sleepovers, typically at least a couple times a month. It took me no time at all to get used to sleeping in the same bed with him, in fact I found that I fall asleep faster. He does do a couple things that drive me NUTS! I’m super OCD about my bed sheets being perfect (totally crazy, I know) and he tends to push them off the bed in the middle of the night which makes me nuts when I wake up. The second thing is he’s a morning person and I’m a night person through and through. He is typically up by 8 at the latest whereas I like to sleep until 9, so I tend to be bombarded with his chitter chatter in the morning and it makes me want to punch him in the face. Lol. I do love him, TONS! I’m not sure that is something I will ever get used to. 

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