(Closed) how long did it take you to get pregnant and how often were you trying.

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We started TTC in January and I had my BFP in April. I’m 25w pregnant so it took us three cycles. 

The month we got pregnant we had sex EOD beginning the day my period ended.

I tried OPKs, but never had a positive. I also never tempted b/c I forgot most of the time. I agree with you need to have frequency. Once a week will not get you pregnant. 

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We’re going on 2.5 years and 4 failed IUIs, no luck and doctors can’t figure out why. We’re starting IVF this week.

You mentioned OPKs were getting expensive. Most people here use the cheap ones you can get online (Amazon being one of the websites). You’ll want to get the wondfo brand, they’re super cheap and usually come in bulk packages. They come out to about less than a dollar each.

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PPs have given some great advice on timing and cheap OPKs (Wondfo, Easy @ home, etc).  I also recommend The Great Sperm Race on youtube.  It’s about an hour, but it provides great outline of what sperm face to get to the egg, and covers everything from timing to cm to estres. 

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Kslim13 :  Agree with PP – it isn’t about the frequency, its about timing around ovulation and when you are fertile. It won’t matter if its 2 times a week M-F or S-M. You won’t be hitting important days that are necessary for conception.

Like I said before, read TCOYF and it will help you understand more how it all will work. Buy cheap OPK from amazon (wondfo). Don’t worry about the length of your period. Start testing around CD10 (counting Day 1 as the first of your period). Once you undrestand how your body works, it will become a lot more apparent how to go on with timing and opks and all that.

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You definitely need to time having sex so you have it during your fertile window. The egg itself can only survive for 24 hours. Sperm can survive a for a few days inside your reproductive system. You need to overlap the time when the sperm is present and the short time the egg is there. It’s best to have sex multiple times in the fertile window to ensure that there is some sperm available to fertilize the egg. Even with perfect timing, only 20% of the time it will result in pregnancy. If you don’t know when your fertile window is, you really need to use OPKs daily or start charting. OPKs are very cheap on amazon. I would buy a pack of 50 or 100 and it wasn’t expensive at all.

We got pregnant after 2 years. 7 IUIs, 2 IVF cycles, 2 early MCs. Unexplained infertility. Currently pregnant with a little boy 🙂 

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I was temping and charting along with opks.

During my fertile window we had sex everyday and the day I O’d we had sex twice. We also used preseed.

That was he month we gor pregnant. 

The 2 months before…I did every other day in FW.. nothing…

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PPs have given you great advice.  I used OPKs and found them very helpful and worth the money.  I conceived the third month trying.  We had sex two days in a row once I got the positive OPK.  Also used preseed.

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Kslim13 :  the wondfo brand opks on amazon I got 50 of them plus 20 pregnancy tests in a bag for like 19$. 🙂 

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I’m not a medical expert so what I’m gonna say is based on what my memory of what my fertility doctor told me.

Your cycles doesn’t depend on how long your period last because that’s your body shedding your last month.  The first day of your cycle is the first day of your period before 3 pm.  Between days 3-9ish (or a bit longer) is when your body is prepping the next egg.  

So to figure out your ovulation day you work out the days backwards.  Typically the last 14 days of your cycle is your luteral phase.  The 4 days before your luteral cycle is your ovulation days. So for a 28 day cycle you prep on day 3-9, ovulate on day 10-14, and luteral on day 15-28.  Similarly say if your cycles is 35 days then on day 3-16 you prep, 17-21 you ovulate, 21-35 you are either pregnant or not.

If your cycle is longer than 35 days the docs will say you didn’t ovulate.

During your ovulation days that’s when you want to have sex.  You can buy ovulation tests and test during those days.

For me it took me about 18 months before I was able to conceive.  But I work at a pretty stressful environment do at some point I stopped ovulating, even though I had a ‘period.’  

Wish you best of luck!

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First try. We had sex every day during my suspected fertile week and every other day the rest of the month. No temping, charting or OPKs. My doctor recommended every other day for 2 weeks around your fertile window.

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The two times my ex husband ejaculated in me, I got pregnant…never was trying and didn’t particularly want kids.But everyone is so different.

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Honestly your reproductive system is such a huge part of your overall health…and not just for when you want to get pregnant, it’s worth the time and energy to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. ALL women should read it to have a better understanding of their health. Think of it as a lesson on the time and patience it takes to have kids. 

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We only had sex 3 times the month we conceived our son. I am pretty regular and knew roughly when I was going ovulate. 2 times were during my fertile window and one was right after I think.  I am almost sure I know the day my son was conceived.  It took us 7 cycles to get pregnant,  even with perfect timing. 

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