How long did you stay in the hospital after birth?

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I was there from sunday to thursday evening almost. Had an induction and a delivery from hell and they didn’t think I should go home for a few days. Not to say that yours will be awful. I think most births go just fine. We just hear about the bad ones more. I hope yours is one of the ones that are fine when it is your turn 🙂

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dianaj17 :  we stayed about 3 full days. I had to have a c-section and my baby had some complications (high bilirubin and red blood cell counts) which needed treatment. He also has some other long-term health complications and so we were pretty emotionally fragile at the time. It was nice to have some nurses there taking care of us, but I wouldn’t have wanted to stay any longer. 

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I got to the hospital Wed night, had an uncomplicated delivery Thursday morning. my insurance covered two more nights so I stayed until Saturday morning. It was nice getting help with breastfeeding, getting room service, and having the nurses give some extra help and advice with baby. I’m pregnant with my second and if all goes well, I will probably only stay one night after delivery so I can get home to my toddler.

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5 days both times due to birth n baby complications. Both inductions, forceps deliver, csec. Jaundice, minor surgery. 

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I had a low risk pregnancy and no complication birth and chose to stay 3 nights. That felt like the right amount for me, and I was fortunate to have the private health insurance that allowed me to choose that. I was keen to get breastfeeding well established before we left. Where I live some women leave after about 4 hours, but receive lots of follow up visits at home from midwives.

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UK mum here and I gave birth in our local NHS hospital. 

my son was born on the labour ward, uncomplicated quick vaginal birth with just gas and air pain relief. I got to hospital at 7pm, he was born at 9:32pm and we were discharged next morning at 11am


my daughter was born on the midwife led birth centre in the birthing pool. Again quick uncomplicated vaginal birth. Arrived at hospital at 4am, she was born at 5:30am and we were discharged at 11am.

basically the rules for a vaginal discharge were that baby had fed well, mum was stable and she’d done a decent pee.

c sections usually stay in for 48 hours but even that can be less for a planned / uncomplicated one.

once discharged you have at home visits from the community midwife and health visitor. They come on day 1,3,5 and 10. They will keep coming to you at home until they are sure baby is feeding well and mum is healing well. We have a 6 week appointment with the GP and in my area a 6 week mental health check in with the health visitor. There is also we weekly health visitor led clinic where you can get baby weighed and ask any questions. All of this is free at the point of access on the NHS.

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I had 2 c/s and stayed 5 nights the first time which is standard at my hospita, they offered me 7!l and 3 nights the second time. 5 nights was too long as I was stir-crazy but 3 was great as it gave me a break from my toddler.  I loved it in hospital, I was a private patient both times and had a double bed with our own room so husband stayed over. We had an amazing menu, with a full almost buffet breakfast delivered each morning. For lunch and dinner we could even choose grilled salmon or steak etc. They also told me they like to help make sure breastfeeding is established, milk has come in and baby is gaining weight. It was easier to get hearing tests done or we’d have to come back. I also preferred hospital visitors as visits were quicker and no worry about cleaning up or offering food. I was also in a lot of pain so was enjoying the extra medications I was offered. If I had to share a room I would have wanted to get home a lot quicker though so I wasn’t disturbed over night and got rest. 

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i had 2 uncomplicated, unmedicated midwife assisted hospital births. The criteria here is that if you can shower and pee after birth, you can go home if you want. 

I had my daughter at 6:16pm, and we were home by 9pm (so roughly 3 hrs)

I had my son at 11:59pm, and we were home by 2:45am, so again, roughly 3hrs

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I gave birth at 6am on the 27th and left the evening of the 29th, and had a c section. I could’ve stayed through new years, but I wanted OUT. I think the US is moving more towards having moms go home earlier.

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US bee here. 

I am not pregnant (nor have I given birth), but I have done enough research on this. 

If possible, I would LOVE to be able to go home <12 hours after giving birth. I would like to have an unmedicated birth, and if things go as plan, I dont see a reason to stay longer than that. 

However, looking at our medical benefits, the stay might not be covered unless I stay 48 hours. 

Coverage for the Inpatient postpartum stay for the mother and the newborn child in a Hospital will be, at a minimum, 48 hours for a vaginal delivery and 96 hours for a caesarean section. It will be for the length of stay recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in their Guidelines for Perinatal Care. Please note that neither you nor your Provider is required to obtain prior approval of an Inpatient maternity stay that falls within these time frames.

It does seem like you can be discharged early, but who knows how often they actually let that happen. 

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We stayed 3 days, I had a fairly easy birth but my son had jaundice and was born prior to 37 weeks so hospital policy was a quick NICU stay and then they did the lights for jaundice. Eventually they sent us home with a portable light to keep on him, so that we were able to leave.

I wasn’t really itching to get out of there, though. I liked having all of the support staff around to help me feed him, to help with diaper changes and to check up on ME! I was so nervous leaving the hospital alone with my son, I liked having all the “experts” around!

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UK bee here. My eldest we were in for 5 days because she had an infection. My son I had at home and the first time he will be in a hospital will be on Thursday for his sister’s appointment – he’s 10 weeks old. 

We get a lot of follow up appointments and 24/7 access to a midwife for the first 28 days. 

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My son was 3 days, but that was due to complications for me.

My daughter was 24 hours, but she was 4 weeks early, otherwise we would have gone home sooner.

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Kslim13 :  I am not even sure they would disclose that? 

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I was induced on a Friday, didn’t give birth until Saturday afternoon and went home Monday.

I technically could have gone home on Sunday, but I had some excessive bleeding and I have hypertension, so I opted to stay the extra night just to be safe.

I think 24 hours is usually the minimum they want you to stay, but depending on what time you give birth that isn’t always possible. Like the regular pediatrician is not going to come in at 1:00 am just to discharge your baby, you’d see him/her in the morning.

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