(Closed) How long do you leave your dog alone when you are at work?

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  • poll: How long is your dog left alone during the day?
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    I leave the house at 8 and Teen LK is home by 3, so our guy is only crated for 7 hours at the most. And I work twice a week from home, so those 7 hour days are only 3 times per week. With Mr. LK’s new job, he may also be able to work from home some, which would cut down on crate time even more. When we have to leave the house and crate him for more than 4 hours we give him a kong filled with yummies. He goes crazy for that kong, and he only gets it for long crate times. So I think he almost looks forward to us leaving. LOL

    All that said, when I work from home the dog chooses to spend most of the day snoozing in his crate anyway. He likes it in there.

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    My dog comes to the office with me in the mornings and then is home alone for the afternoon (4 hours). He sleeps the whole time (both places). When I worked for a large firm that was not as dog friendly, and I was working 14 hour days, I had a dog walker who took him for an hour walk, mid-day. She was amazing and was completely in love with my pup. She would take him for free for the weekend if I was going out of town and needed a sitter. If you find a good one, dog walkers can be great!

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    I think the biggest variables would be the kind of dog you get (high energy or mellow) and how old the dog is (a puppy NEEDS to go out more than an older dog) and of course training.

    I crate trained all of my dogs when I got them, but now that they are older, more mellow, and generally very well behaved I can leave them loose in the house while I’m at work.  My husband leaves for work later than I do, and I’m home earlier than he is- so our dogs are alone in the house from about 8:30am until about 5:30pm.  Two days a week Darling Husband has a big break in the middle of the day, and one day a week I go grocery shopping on my lunch break, so on those days someone is home at least for a few minutes to let them out.

    If you get a puppy, I’d invest in a crate or kennel, and a dog walker or trusted friend until they get old enough to physically be able to hold their bladder all day. 

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    Darling Husband is out of town this week, so unfortunately my two dogs are alone from 10:30-8:30.  I walk them in the mornings and the evenings.  They aren’t crated (they don’t need to be).  Whenever I come home they’re usually passed out on their couch anyways.  When Darling Husband is home they’re usually not home alone for more than 5 hours.

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    Mine is left anywhere between 3 and 8 hours a day. Usually if I know we are going to be gone all day, I’ll make sure to run home quickly between classes to let her out, but she’s been alone for just over 9 hours before (unintentionally) and she was absolutely fine, so I don’t get super worried. She doesn’t need to be in a crate, so she just snoozes the day away.

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    I really depends on the day.  DH sometimes works from home frequently, so sometimes weeks go by where she isn’t crated for more than an hour or two while he goes for a lunch meeting, or runs to the grocery store.  There are other days where she’s crated for 9 hours if we’re both working and traffic is bad.  Honestly, it makes no difference to her because on the days Darling Husband is home, she just sleeps on the couch for the whole day anyway. On those longer days we make up for it with longer walks and more intense play time.

    She’s 2 now though.  When she was a puppy we made sure someone (us, my parents and a friend) came by the house every 2 hours to take her out.  As she got older we stretched the time out to just lunchtime potty breaks, and now if one of us were to make a special trip at lunch, she’s likely be annoyed at being woken up anyway 🙂

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    Commenting to follow. We just got a puppy. Thank goodness my kids are out of school for the summer so we have someone home with her all day and by the time they go back to school she will be 5 and a half months.

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     when she was a puppy, I didn’t work initially and then worked a different schedule from fi  so we were able to tag team a lot more.  FI  was deployed for 7  months  and  she had to get used to 8  hours a day in the crate….. typically 4  in the morning and 4  in the afternoon. I  usually come home for my hour lunch break

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    My dog is home about 9 hours when he is home, but we do take him to dog daycare 2-3 days a week.  I think that helps tire him out a lot….so on the days he is home, he is pretty much konked out and sleeping. 

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    Commenting to follow! We both work full time as well and would really like to get a dog. We’re debating between a puppy or an adult dog and trying to figure out a schedule so that we can be home a couple times during the day for at least the first few months.

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     we  have an eight-month basset hound, and we both work full time.  I feel bad leaving him crated for 10 hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), so we leave him in an unfurnished spare room with food, water, and a bunch of toys.  He has pads in there to go potty.  Because he is too young, he cannot hold it all day, so he just goes on the pads. He is potty trained in the sense that when there is someone in the house he won’t go; he will tap the sliding glass door and ask to go outside.  During the day, though, he cannot hold it 10 hours.  Eventually he will and then he can have full use of the house.

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    I voted 6-8 hours. That is how long our dog is in her “room” without any breaks, on a normal day. My FI’s job doesn’t have set hours so sometimes he gets home at 12pm (he leaves for work at 7am) and sometimes he gets home at 4pm and sometimes he has the day off, so it does vary. We never crated our pup because we tried it for about a week and she peed in the crate everyday (puppies simply can’t hold it) even though everyone said dogs won’t do that. So she sat in pee all day and we had to bath her everyday. Yeah, eff that. We started putting her in our guest bathroom and for some reason she wouldn’t use the potty in there. I wouldn’t have cared if she did (as in, I wouldn’t have scolded/yelled at her) because it’s tile and I understand that she can’t hold it. But she simply wouldn’t go potty in there. I did use to feel bad but we wanted a puppy and we both worked. After a couple months she was perfectly able to hold it that long and I no longer felt so bad (and she never had any medical problems from holding it either).

    I think if someone, either you or your SO or a close friend or family member, is able to come by at least once a day to let puppy out for a potty break and a little play time then by all means do that. That just wasn’t an option for us.

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    4 hours tops on a regular basis. I have left her alone once for 9 hours, and she was fine, but I just feel bad leaving her all day. If we know we are going to be gone for more than 6 hours, we bring her to daycare.

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