(Closed) how long does puppy biting stage last?

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My puppy is five months and we are still working on that. Good luck!

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Depends on everyone in the house working together and being consistent, and the puppy itself. My lab puppy (which are some of the worst nippers out there) hasn’t laid a tooth on me since he was 3 months old. 

If you’re playing with him on the floor when he bites, ‘YELP’ — I mean scream loud enough to startle him. And immediately stand up, show him play time stops if he uses his teeth like that. If he continues to bite at your ankles or nip at you, leave the room for even just a minute. The fun leaves the room when he doesn’t behave himself. If you’re just sitting on the couch with him or something similar, and he stats biting, firmly say no and then replace your hand with a suitable chew toy. Sometimes this involves literally shoving an appropriate toy in his mouth. Hang in there, be consistent and make sure all members of the house know the rules. 

I would also highly recommend enrolling in Puppy Kindergarten if you haven’t already. You’ll get more tips and tricks from a certified trainer as well as some help from the other puppies in teaching your puppy bite inhibition. Don’t let places like Petsmart fool you, my pup was in a training class at 8 weeks, 5 days old and continued up until just recently. 

Good luck, and cute puppy!

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A few months unfortunately.  The yelping and ignoring tactic never deterred my dog from nipping as a puppy.  He thought it was more playing.  We noticed a drastic decrease in biting when we starting squeezing his muzzle when he bit.  You don’t squeeze it hard enough to hurt him, just enough to make it uncomfortable so that he stops biting and tries to escape from your grasp.  This method works pretty quickly, especially if everyone in the household uses the same technique.  We spent about 3 months yelping to no avail but a solid week of squeezing is what finally stopped the behavior.

Here’s someone else’s description: 

The Muzzle Grip

The muzzle grip is a training technique based on the way dogs and wolves discipline their puppies and keep them in line in the wild. You simply wrap your hand around the puppy’s mouth, hold it firmly shut for a few seconds, look the puppy in the eyes and firmly say “No.”

The muzzle grip is an excellent way to deal with biting because it’s based on the puppy’s natural programming. The idea is not to hurt the puppy – don’t squeeze the muzzle, simply hold it shut.

If you find that the muzzle grip isn’t changing the puppy’s behavior, try extending the period of time you apply the grip for.

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Up to 9 months or longer.

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It always feels like it’s going to last foreverrrr… and then one day, it just stops. Like a Christmas Miracle.

I think somewhere around 6 months is when my pup was getting over that. Not fun!

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@newname_99:  I am having the same issue! Ours is 4 months and he just started doing it this week 🙁 I buy the little bugger so many toys to chew on but he seems to prefer my clothes or body. Mine too takes yelping etc. as me playing along. We try putting him outside for 5 minute when he repeatedly does it or holding him close and making ‘shhh’ noises to calm him down.

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Depends on the dog and it depends on the breed.

My dog is a lab, I adopted him when he was 2 months old. We got through the biting phase pretty quickly becuase I immediately enrolled him in obedience class after he had his last set of shots.

He learned to fear the word “Wrong” pretty quick.

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Yeah, the whole yelp and leave the room didn’t work for my dog either, it must work for many because it’s always suggested as the first tactic.  Walking away just triggered my dog’s prey instinct to chase and nip on ankles.   Holding the mouth closed was more effective for us, but it was also about 6 mos or so I think  before there was much obvious success.  

I was so happy when the puppy teeth came out, at least then the mouthing wasn’t as painful.   

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Nothing really worked for my dog, we’ve tried loud noises, stern no’s, stopping play time, and water spray. Bitter apple spray helped a little but you can’t really spray that everywhere. He eventually grew out of it. 

Cute doggy!!

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@newname_99:  Super cute puppy!

Our puppy is about 6 months old & he is so so so much better now than he was 2-3 months ago!  We kind of just said no & ignored him when he was biting.  He still has his moments when he’s being extra playful & rough, but I’m hoping that we’re gradually getting (& really close) out of the biting stage :]

We are very lucky in that he didn’t really bite on furniture or anything other than his toys (unless socks count ..he’s obsessed with them, clean or dirty haha).  It was mostly our fingers which isn’t ideal but I think I’m being extra patient & understanding because I know we could have had  it so much worse & plus, teething hurts!!

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@newname_99:  My bad! They get out of the biting stage at around 5-6 months but continue to teeth right up til 9 months – 1 year to get all their adult teeth in.

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@newname_99:  If you plan to train your dog, acting like she hurts you when you bite her is the worst thing you can do (in my opinion). You don’t want to enforce your dominance. Say, “no!” very firmly and provide her with something she’s allowed to chew on. She tries to bite you, shove a toy in her little alligator mouth. She will learn what is okay to chew and what is not. 

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Only one of our dogs was nippy as a puppy, but we put a stop to it pretty quickly because corgis are notorious heel biters. Our boy is extremely social, so if he was being naughty we just said TIME OUT! in a firm voice and put him into the gated laundry room for 5 minutes alone. Being away from his people was pretty much the worst punishment ever for him lol.

I’ve always seen the yelping/ignore method recommended, but the noise just made our dog more excited.

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