(Closed) How long does your “waiting” time compare to your mother/sister’s?

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  • poll: How long does your waiting time compare?

    longer than my mother waited

    longer than my sibling waited

    hopefully shorter than my mother waited

    hopefully shorter than my sister waited

    shorter than my mother waited

    shorter than my sibling waited

    I don't have a sibling

    My mother never married

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    A lot longer. I’m not sure of when they got engaged so I’ll go by how long from dating to marriage. My parents were married at 3 years six months of dating. My two sisters are younger than me and not engaged yet. My grandmother and grandpa were married sometime in between three and four years of dating. I have been dating bf for four years three months as of two days ago.

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    I don’t actually know how long my parents were engaged before getting married, but I think they dated about a year before getting engaged. I think… I should probably ask my mom. I know they were 20 and 21 at the wedding, and my mom was a teenager when they started dating. That’s all I’ve got.

    My SO and I have been together about a month shy of two years, and he’s making payments on the ring. It’ll be around the two year mark before we get engaged and about three and a half years by the time we get married.

    I’m an only child, so no one else to comapre to there.

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    My parents knew each other for years before they started dating and within a year of dating they found out I was on the way and Dad proposed. Now Dad was engaged before, and that was after 4 years of dating and then a 5 year engagement (with no wedding date set) which the girl called off, so I haven’t waited as long as the ex, but longer than my Mom lol.

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    My parents got engaged after about four months and I got engaged after 10 months so technically mum got engaged far earlier than me but I still got engaged pretty early.

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    My dad proposed to my mom on their first date. Which was the second time they met. They met at a party afew days earlier. It was a going away party for my mom’s church friend who was also my dad’s school friend. Before my dad and his work friend showed up it was tea party. Then my dad and his friend showed up with a case of beer and a bottle of vodka. At the end of the night my mom gave her number to my dad and his friend. The next morning, my dad called my mom to ask her out, but she was hung over so told him to call back later. So he did, and invited her to his work Christmas party that was a couple days later. My dad was the only person at his table to bring a date. At the end of the night, my dad asked my mom if she wanted to marry him. She said no. Then in February (about 2 months later) they went ring shopping and my dad bought my mom a ring. They didn’t announce their engagement until April and then got married in July. So the entire courtship and engagement was like 7 months. BF and I have been together for almost 2 and a half years.

    I don’t know much about my sister’s courtship and engagement. She claims she knew her (now ex) husband for a couple years before they started dating. I know in December she was dating a different guy, then in June she was engaged to the guy she married. They got married the following February.

    While I’m not a huge fan of waiting, I think that my parent’s courtship was too short (although it clearly worked, this year is their 37th wedding anniversary). I also didn’t want to end up like my sister who wanted a divorce 3 months after she got married (and actually got divorced 10 months after she got married).

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    Ha, my waiting time was “much longer” at 9 months than my mom and all three of my sisters.  Due to logistical things they all ended up with 3-month engagements…

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    Well, considering that my parents married within 5 months of meeting and my older sister was married fairly quickly too, I easily have waited the longest. 

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    My parents met in May and were married at the end of August! yes, same year. It was 1972 and her family was Catholic.

    It will be four years this summer when I am married, 5.5 yrs since we first met (but we stayed friends for a year and a half since we were both in LTRs)

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    My mom and dad married about a year after their engagement. My fiance and I will have an almost 9 month engagement before our wedding 🙂

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    I only answered for my mom because my sister has a few waiting stories. 

    My parents got engaged about 6-8 months after dating and were married after being together only a year and a half or so. My mom always scoffs when she hears about my friends getting engaged and I have to remind her that she and my dad didn’t have a very long courtship, probably why they eventually separated.

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    I finally asked my mom. She said they dated for about a year and a half before getting engaged, then got married after about a year.

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    Parents met @ age 14 and 17, but never dated. After dad got out the service they ran into each other (shared letters while away). They dated for 3 years I believe before they tied the knot.

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    this is my parent’s story.

    they met when they were kids and went to the same high school together. they were always just friends. when they were teenagers my mum would go out clubbing in town and my dad would go to the pub in the village – he’d always meet her off the bus and walk her home. they were still just friends.

    my dad had a girlfriend for 4 years. my mum was engaged. my dad was the property solicitor working on the house my mum was about to buy with her fiance.

    mum wanted one house, her finace’s mother wanted them to buy a different one. my mum wasn’t happy with his mother being controlling and gave him an ultimatum – me or your mother. he chose his mother.

    my dad broke up with his girlfriend at a similar time.

    my mum called my dad to tell him they wouldn’t be going through with the house purchase and that the wedding was off. he asked her out for a drink. she said yes.

    they were engaged 3 months later. and married 3 months after that. she married my dad around the time she would have been marrying her previouos fiance.

    they’ve been married for almost 28 years. i thought it was the cutest story ever… until my SO pointed out that they’d probably been having an affair. but i’m going to ignore that!

    so my story is nothing like theirs. i doubt anyones is!

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    My Mum had been with Dad for about 8 months I think when they got enageged.  And were engaged for about 6 months.

    My sister had been with her partner for 6 months when they got engaged.  And then their enagagement was about a year.

    Me, well when we got engaged we had a 2.5 year old and I was 6 months pregnant with the second.  We have been engaged 2 years and getting married in September.

    That said, I am so happy in my relationship…..my sister just seperated from her husband, and I am sure my parents are only still together because my Dad is a truck driver and is only home one weekend a month.


    I am glad I didnt rush into anything.  I was with my ex for 4 years when we broke up.  We were never engaged.  And I am happy for both of us that we just never went there and tried to use marriage to fix it.


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    My parents went on their first date the day after her 18th birthday (September), he proposed on Christmas while driving her home from Midnight Mass, and they married just before St. Valentine’s day. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

    My sister (notoriously!) exclaimed on her birthday after they’d been dating for almost 2 years “If that’s not an engagement ring, it’s OVER!”..which, of course, it was. Four months later to the day (the requirement by the church at the time), they were married. They just celebrated 18 years.

    One brother two years, long distance. Second brother five years (but that was in college and dental school, so it doesn’t really count). Third brother seven years, three of which they were broken up.

    I’ll be 7 years in May…have a dress hanging in the closet (on his urging), plans made with the priest for “someday”, rings picked out (engagement and wedding), just waiting on the families to accept us.

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