(Closed) How long does your “waiting” time compare to your mother/sister’s?

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  • poll: How long does your waiting time compare?
    longer than my mother waited : (54 votes)
    49 %
    longer than my sibling waited : (17 votes)
    15 %
    hopefully shorter than my mother waited : (4 votes)
    4 %
    hopefully shorter than my sister waited : (3 votes)
    3 %
    shorter than my mother waited : (10 votes)
    9 %
    shorter than my sibling waited : (5 votes)
    5 %
    I don't have a sibling : (16 votes)
    14 %
    My mother never married : (2 votes)
    2 %
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    Blushing bee

    @Dell79:  My mom and dad dated for about 10 YEARS!  I thought that was insane, and then I end up following in her footsteps for the most part, but I have her beat by a few years less (and Fiance and I have a breakup in there to account for a portion of that time)

    As for our ages, I will definately be older..my mom was 28, I’ll be 31 by the time I marry. 

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: June 2014

    my parents met, moved in together a week later, got engaged 10 months later, and were married in a week’s time (when they got married they were 24 and 25). And then, finally, they had kids six years later (which is what they wanted)

    Fiance and I met, moved in together four years later, got engaged a year later, and are planning a wedding two years from now (we’ll be 27 and 28 – eesh!). We’re going to want kids ASAP!

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: May 2012

    My mom insists that she & my dad were not even exclusively dating when he proposed. I honestly don’t know how that would have worked, but I guess I would say they were dating for a very short time.

    My sister married her high school sweetheart. I think they were together for 4-5 years. 

    My DH & I dated for just over a year before he proposed.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: June 2013

    Oh I’m not only the odd ball out – for the past 2 years I’ve been judged by my family for not being married or atleast engaged. They all talked like we weren’t gonna get married or I was gonna just leave one day or he was gonna leave me. The entire idea of a COMMITED UNmarried relationship just plain doesn’t exist to these people.Their theory is IF he loved me then he would marry me. But since he wasn’t – that meant he doesn’t.

    They really don’t care that i’m engaged – to them its just a “well its about time. he FINALLY wants to marry her.”

    When i talk to my mom she’s like well if you aren’t ready. Its not about not being ready!

    3 1/2 years without a ring – was just UNHEARD of!

    My mom and dad were engaged a month after meeting – and engaged for a month before getting married.

    My oldest sister was engaged after 6 months and married i think about 6 months later.

    My sister carol was also engaged after 6 months… but they had a long 2 year engagement. (but that was okay because they were engaged so they saw him as being commited)

    My sister Jeanne her Husband told her after like 6 months that he was going to put a ring on her finger in a few months… I think they were engaged just before the one year mark (although the celebration coming from my family started once he told her and didn’t stop- EVER) they were married about a year later.


    ME: We moved intogether after a year and a half (im the rebel living in sin)… and then about 2 years later we got engaged and bought a house. We are having a 16 month engagement due to timing and money.Our wedding is 3 months before our 5 year dating anniversary) I’m such a freak i’m marrying a man who in their minds didn’t love me enough to marry me sooner. But to my Fiance 5 years is totally normal.


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    My parents dated for 6 years before my dad proposed… but my mom was 15 when they first started dating and was about to be 21 when they became engaged. They are still together, 36 years later.

    I’ve been with my guy for 7 years… and no engagement in sight as far as I can tell.

    My family has a history of long-term relationships. My brother dated a girl for 10 years and then she finally walked away when he never produced a ring… but little did she know that he was looking for one. I dated a guy for three years before my current boyfriend, and my other brother dated a girl for four years before they called it off.

    I have no idea what that says about us as a family lol

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: August 2013

    My Mother met my father, started dating him, and was engaged by 6 months! which always blew my mind.. and they’re still married today its been they just had their 38 year anniversary last month! I don’t have any sisters. I have a twin brother, but he’s single. 

    I’ve been with my SO a little over 2 1/2 years.. it’ll be 3 years in October. knew him for 10 years.. we were always friends.. not very close friends, but friends.  

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: December 2019

    My parents got in engaged in less than a year and were married by the year and a half mark. So they didn’t start dating until my mom was about my age right now (22).

    My bf and I have been together 3.5 years, which, compared to every other married couple in the family, is a really long time. But, we met when I was 18 and he was 17, so I’m not too worried–yet.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: September 2014

    My parents dated for about 2 years before getting married, and about a year before getting engaged. While they are still married, I tend to use them as a “what not to do” guide since they’re both miserable…Also, things moved much more quickly 30 years ago than now…I know they went on dates, and hung out with each other, but they never slept over each other’s houses or in my opinion, got to really know each other until they were too deep in. I think years ago relationships were more superficial before marriage (not meaning about looks, but meaning they weren’t as deep now). I think it was more “the thing to do” than really being about making a choice now…people are more independent and less willing to settle 🙂 As far as siblings, I am the oldest and my sister is single, and no one else in my family is engaged to go by.

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    • Wedding: August 2012

    Hmm.  My parents had me and my brothers before they got married, so I guess technically they were together 14 years before they got married (they kind of eloped with the whole crew there – there wasn’t really a proposal.)  For me, I was with my Fiance for 10.5 years before he proposed, so I guess we were in same ballpark. 

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    • Wedding: September 2014

    Parents were engaged less than a year into dating, and I think they were married by 18 months. Still together, though rocky trip it’s been sometimes!

    I’ve got a timeline for by our 5th anniversary (at my insistence on a REASONABLE time line!)! So my parents are definitely wondering wth is up! We probably won’t marry for another 2 years.

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: May 2012

    I dont know about my mom but i know it wasnt 9 years! Smh! At least we’re married now…lol

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: July 2012

    My parents went on 4 dates before they got engaged/married.  They sort of knew each other in high school, but never dated then.

    My oldest sister was with her soon to be X-H for I think 1-2 years before they got engaged/married.

    My other sister has been with her Fiance for about 3 1/2 years and got engaged about 6 months ago.

    I was with Fiance 8 1/2 years before we got engaged.

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    Sugar Beekeeper
    • Wedding: December 2010

    My mom and dad was together for 11 months when they got married. They were married for 9 years before they divorced.

    My mom and step dad were together 6 months when they got married and have been together (tomorrow is their anniversary) for 12 years.

    My sisters are only 9 & 17 soooo.

    My husband & I was together for 4 years when we got married.

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: March 2014

    My parents met, got engaged and got married within 6 months. I’m not sure exactly when he proposed, but they met in December and got married in June. My mom and my stepdad were together for about 4 years before he proposed.

    FH and I were together 1 year and 1 month before we got engaged, so not too big of a difference.

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    • Wedding: April 2014

    My parents were getting on in years and maturity when they met- so a few months in they just eloped in las Vegas. My SIL became SIL because she got pregnant, not sure how long she and my brother were dating prior to. They live across the country so I’m not up on the details. But they seem great together and I think they will last. They’re in their 30’s/40’s. 

    I myself don’t want marriage until after college so I’ll be about 30 when I get hitched to Mr. Bunny lol.

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