(Closed) How long does your “waiting” time compare to your mother/sister’s?

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  • poll: How long does your waiting time compare?

    longer than my mother waited

    longer than my sibling waited

    hopefully shorter than my mother waited

    hopefully shorter than my sister waited

    shorter than my mother waited

    shorter than my sibling waited

    I don't have a sibling

    My mother never married

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    My parents were together for 7 years before he poped the question. My sister was with her husband for a year and a half.

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    My parents and my own relationship is very simular now that I think about it.

    Parents met in their neighborhood at 13 & 15. Dated from 17/19-21/23 and then got married. So they grew up best friends, and dated young, and married after about 2.5 years of dating.

    DH & I met in our neighborhood at 12 & 16. Dated from 16/20  to 18/22.

    Got married after 2.5 years (and one day!) of dating @ 19 & 22. 🙂


    My older sister isn’t married.

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    Dad proposed to mom 6 months after their first date. 

    Brother proposed to his Girlfriend maybe 2 or 3 years after he started dating her. 

    Sister has been with boyfriend for 5 years.  Not married. 

    Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law got married like a few months after they started dating.  

    SIL and Brother-In-Law got married 8 years after they started dating (they were like 25 when they married so it made sense to wait)

    SO and i have been together 3.5 years. I anticipate a proposal this summer. 


    Its interesting to note, both mine and his parents have been married 30+ years and were both married within the first year of meeting each other!!

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    My parents were engaged after 7 months, they did long distance the whole time. Been married 37 years!

    I am still waiting.. We’ve been together for 2.5 years. I hope to see a proposal by year 4. Sooner would be good too 😉

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    @Dell79:  My parents are divorced & my sister was engaged only 9mo after she met her Fiance in Great Britain overseas. Thye’ve been married for 5+ years now. Matt & I have been together for 3 years in June & nothing yet lol

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    My parents were married about 10 months after they met, but this was in 1950 and I think things moved a lot more quickly back then and it was expected.


    My sister’s DH proposed to her when they had been dating about five months — they were married two months after that! They were in their mid-30s at the time and while we were all happy for them, we were a little surprised at how quickly things moved. They will celebrate their 10th anniversary this summer!


    DH and I took a little longer. We started talking about spending our lives together fairly early, about three or four months after we met.

    Then when we hit the one year mark, DH started dropping hints — for example, one time he overheard me telling his mother an old family story about my mother’s engagement ring. My mother had a beautiful emerald cut solitaire and years ago, one of the prongs broke and the diamond fell out and was lost.

    So DH spoke up and said that he’d like to see the setting so that he could replace the diamond for me. (!!!) Believe you me, I went home and turned the house upside down looking for mom’s platinum setting, LOL! Unfortunately, it was lost and I couldn’t find it anywhere! Haha!

    But when DH said that, I knew he was thinking of marriage.

    But it wasn’t until we’d been dating 15 months before we had the marriage discussion, where we actually talked about a timeline and setting a date and moving in together. My lease expired that following Christmas and so we got married and moved in together on our two-year anniversary.


    (the end!)

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    My mom was 16 and my dad was 23 when they met in December 1975. They started dating immediately. My mom issued an ultimatum in December 1978 when she was 19. They got married in March 1979. So they were ‘engaged’ at 3 years and married by 3 years, 3 months.

    They’ve had happy times in their marriage, but by and large I think they’ve both been unhappy. Neither lived on their own before marrying, and it was a wake-up call.

    My brother was 17 when he started dating my now sister-in-law. They got engaged at the 3 1/2 year mark when both were 20, and they were married just shy of their 5 year dating anniversary when they were 21 and 22. I think they have had happy times, but also a lot of hardship. They didn’t really get much of an education, they were immature, and I think that now that they’re both in their 30s, they have a bit of an itch.

    They never dated anyone else, and that has caused a significant strain on their marriage.


    Meanwhile, I started dating S/O in my early 20s (he was in his mid-20s) nearly 4 years ago. We are “half” engaged. I proposed to him and gave him a ring, which he accepted, but he told me he would like to propose and make it official then. The rumor is that I have a ring coming in.

    I am ‘behind’ every single one of my relatives in terms of how long we’ve been dating before getting engaged or married. And we’re older…have more money and had more money from the start…we were even finished with our educations and largely already working by the time we got together. At the same time, just by looking at some of the folks around us, I think it’s given us a headstart for a happy marriage.

    But either way, we will not be ‘just dating’ for more than 4 years. I’m leaving after the four year mark.

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