(Closed) How long is your dog left alone during the workday?

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My dog is crated for about 8 hours a day.  I hope one day I can let her roam free but she’s not quite there yet.  I think your dog is fine. 

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@hislittlepenguin:  I leave my toy poodle about 7 hours at a time- that’s what I feel comfortable with! But he’s little and has a harder time holding it than a bigger doh.

If you feel bad leaving him inside all day and want to give him some more freedom, the people I babysit for installed this automatic doggie door! It’s the coolest thing. It’s like an grocery store door. The dog walks up, door sensor opens dorr, dog walks through, door closes. Their dogs are free to roam their back yard and let themselves out to potty whenever!

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@hislittlepenguin:  since he has Run of the kitchen, a kitty friend, AND you guys walk him. i think it is totally fine. he will be okay. 🙂

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@hislittlepenguin:  You will get people saying they would never do what you’re doing and that it’s terrible. I feel it’s a little overdramatic when having a job and a dog becomes a crime. You’re giving your dog lots of attention when you’re home, he’s not crated, and he has a friend. The alternative is, what? A shelter? 

Don’t let people make you feel guilty. You’re doing more than enough. If you can spare some cash for a dog walker or doggy daycare, great. If not, don’t stress over it. Your schedules won’t be like this forever and even if they will be, he’s in a routine now. Maybe you could get an electric doggy door so he can let himself out?

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@hislittlepenguin:  We have a Jack Russell that has full run of the living room and kitchen/dining room while we’re gone (we shut the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom) and he gets walked at 7am and not again until 5pm.  We’re gone from 7:15ish til 4:45ish.  We used to pay for a daily walker, but due to a financial issue had to suspend it for a month…and realized he was totally fine.  He sleeps all day for the most part anyway!

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My dog would be totally fine with those conditions, but I think it will depend on the dog.  Our dog is very mellow and is perfectly happy with short walks during the week and extended playtime on weekends.  When we work from home, she hibernates on her bed for the entire day and I’m pretty sure that’s just her normal daily routine when we’re not around.  We leave ours at home for about 10 hours per day, but she has full run of the house.  Accidents are extremely rare and we haven’t noticed any behavior issues.  A more high-energy dog might not respond as well to that schedule, though.  I’d at least try the routine for a couple of weeks and see if you need to look into doggy daycare or rehoming it.

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That’s a long time but it sounds like your dog is handling it fine. He is the one you should be looking to for answers. Also, I fully believe that a schedule is important and it looks like you have that in place.  

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Our guy is home without us about 7.5 hours a day, 2-3 days a week. The rest of the time we are home, either for our days off or working from home. I would not feel right asking my dog to go without a potty break for 11 hours. Anything over 8 hours and we bring in a dog walker for a mid-day stretch and potty time.

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@hislittlepenguin:  I think your schedule is okay, would you give up your child because of your work schedule? Sorry, but my dogs are like my children. Why dont you try doing doggy day-care maybe once or twice a week? 

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@hislittlepenguin:  Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a horrible position for your dog to be in.  He has some freedom, and I’m guessing he’s old enough to hold it for that long too.  I’m sure you already do this, but just make sure the dog gets plenty of time before you leave to take care of things, and gets plenty of attention when you are home!  Do not worry about rehoming your dog, you are taking great care if it!

When my dogs were puppies, I would take my lunch break time to head home and let them out.  It was a pain, and a lot of gas money, but it only lasted until they were around a year old.  Then they went about 9 hours per day, M-F, and were totally fine.  Sometimes now when DH has a long day and I’m out of town it stretches to 12 hours, but they are completely ok and don’t even want to go out immedietly when he gets home.

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@hislittlepenguin:  Doggy day care?  They exist.  Also professional dog walkers can come to your house and walk your dog for however long as often as you want.

 Our dogs are left alone from 730/8a-4p on a good day.  On a long day its 730/8-7 or 8pm.  My dog is fine.  She is older and is a very good dog.  She sleeps all day regardless.  The other is well…not as well behaved.  There have been many times we have come home to poop and pee.  Its out of spite.  She enjoys peeing on my dogs things and the guest bed.  We have to keep all our doors closed.  She is the only one I worry about. 

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DH and I both work days so we are gone from about 730 am to 3pm. Our 4.5 year old Boxer has free reign of the house now. She didnt use to. She was crated until 2 years ago. I felt awful but we didnt have a choice. She is fine and is a good girl. She also has and uses a doggie door so she can go in and out as she pleases.  She barks when the doorbell rings so I feel safe she would scare off any potential intruders. We are considering getting another 1 but not until next summer when DH is working swing shift so it will only be a couple hours the dogs are home alone together. 


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Eleven hours is a terribly long time to leave a dog alone and for it to have no way to get out. My vet, who is excellent,  says any more than six hours on a regular basis  is unhealthy and can lead to urinary tract issues and even bladder cancer.  That is apart from the need the dog has to be socialized. 

In  my neighborhood, anyone who works a full time job either has a dog walker or does dog day care. 

 “However, be aware that holding urine for prolonged periods of time has been linked with increased incidence of urinary tract infections and urinary stones. It has also been suggested that it may predispose to certain urinary cancers due to prolonged contact between carcinogens in the urine and the cells of the urinary tract. For these reasons you should consider keeping the trips to a minimum”

Read more: http://www.cesarsway.com/dog-care/dog-health/How-often-should-a-dog-urinate#ixzz2tgVBwbHt

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11 hours is far too long to not be able to go outside. Can you hire a dog walker or take your dog to daycare? The problem with daycare is that it’ll be really expensive for 11-12 hours a day, so a dog walker may be your best bet.

There are a ton of dog walkers that are out at all hours of the day in my neighbourhood. People who work long hours still have dogs, but they’ve also taken the responsibility to make arrangements to suit their lifestyle. We dogsit my family dog for the winter months and have a dogwalker come pick her up at 2pm for a group walk. It’s $80/week and money well spent.

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@hislittlepenguin:  I think you are perfectly fine. As long as he has somewhere to go to the bathroom you should be fine. If he has to hold it that entire time then I might be slightly concerned. I know that you can manipulate that with when you feed but they should always have water and I would think that’s a really long time to hold it. I don’t think you should rehome your pet for this reason though. Is there a dog walker in the area who can at least stop over every day just to let your dog out to go to the bathroom. That way it’s only 6 hours. I would think that would be far more comfortable for your dog and piece of mind for you.

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