How long should I expect before I get pregnant?

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My mom was a fertile woman! pregnant with all three the first month – ish (maybe 1-2 months) of trying every time. I got pregnant with my son on the third month of trying. My sister in law (husband’s sister) took 8 months to get pregnant with each of hers. I have another friend who took about the same for each of hers, and she had hers in her later 20’s. It really depends on the person, and I also believe how informed you are on the process. Just having unprotected sex (like my mamma told me) won’t do the job (more than likely). Especially if you’re not doing the deed very often. It takes timing to get the job done right. Or timing to get the job done as right as you can make it – and even then, there is a 20-30% chance each month. 

The good news is that most people will get pregnant within the first year of trying. So if you’re young and without any other  major health concerns, it looks like you might have a good shot within that first year. If, after 9-10 months, there is nothing, it doesn’t hurt to get yourself on a list for an RE to help the situation out. You could even (if they’ll do the referral earlier) get on the list (often there are wait lists) earlier. 

Either way, if you’re considering a baby, make sure you get as healthy as you can be and start taking your prenatals now. I’ve been told 3 months before trying to start with the prenatals – one with DHA and Folic Acid. 

Best of luck!

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Like other bees have said, everyone is different!  Both my sisters got pregnant on their first try with each of their babies (one has 4 kids and the other has 2)…and then there’s me….who couldn’t get pregant.  We tried for about three years until we finally said no more.  I couldn’t mentally handle it anymore.  

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queenbre :  age is only a small factor in fertility. I have cousins who easily conceived naturally well into their 40s. I started trying at 29 and needed IVF. Remember it takes two people to make a baby so it isn’t just your age and health that matters! My husband and I both had issues but our doctors guessed that if we had paired up with hyper fertile people rather than each other that we may have never even known because they aren’t that bad. Echoing other PP the preconception appointment isn’t necessary unless you have known issues that you need to address before getting pregnant or any medication changes that you’ll need for other issues. My primary just had me start vitamins a few months before TTC and said “good luck”. 

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I think all the Bees here have covered the main points…. There’s no way to know.  I would start TTC as soon as you’re ready, but expect it to take up to a year.  If there are bigger fertility issues (or sometimes unexplained infertility), it could take you longer.  However, about 90% of women will take a year or less to get pregnant while actively having unprotected sex 3 times a week OR using methods to be sure you hit your fertile window/the best days.  You have a maximum of a 30% chance of getting pregnant any given cycle.

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queenbre :  You can ask questions at your regularly scheduled gynecological visit, but I agree with PPs, that doctors won’t do anything or be able to tell you anything specific prior to trying. Unless you have a documented condition that is known to prevent pregnancy, by even then it’s unlikely. I have PCOS, and my husband had tested as having low testerone, and when talking to my OB/GYN, I still got the standard advice to try for a 1 year then come in if no results. 

We ended up getting pregnant in 2.5 months. 

As for miscarriage, the statistic is about 15% of pregnancies result in miscarriage in the first trimester, typically due to chromosomal abnormalities. 

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You have to expect it will happen the first try (dont try unless you are ready) but it could take years. 

We started TTC when I was 26. I didnt get pregnant until I was 29. Got pregnant through IUI. 

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if your periods are regular, that’s a start! But that still that doesn’t guarantee success right away. Stay optimistic, know things can go wrong but hope things will be perfect. Took me exactly 2 years to get pregnant with this one with 2 losses and some looooooong cycles in between. 

Want to add, women don’t tell you about MC to scare you or cause unnecessary anxiety. A lot of us I feel go into TTC blissfully unaware of complications and I think it’s important to be aware it’s a possibility but still remain hopeful everything is perfect! 

They say 3-6 months is the norm but that it could take up to a year. Try not to stress until then! Best of luck to you 🙂 

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It’s impossible to know. Here’s an example


Both my cousin and I first TTC when we were 25. I got pregnant on the first try. She took 4 years and IVF with absolutely zero reason that it wasn’t working. (Although her IVF worked on the first try too).  So really. You have no idea until you try. 

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It truly is unknown to predict how long it’ll take. I’m nearly 35 and I got pregnant the very first cycle. I had been sooooo eager to TTC because I assumed at the very least that it would take us a few months since it takes even healthy, young couples a few months. And I also had a deep fear that it would be a long journey for us given my age. Even considered TTC before the wedding. I’m so glad we didn’t! You always should TTC with the mindset and readiness that it could happen right away, but also realizing it’s normal for it to take a few months or more. 

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I find that outside of certain corners of the internet, fertility issues really aren’t talked about that much. Like if you spend all your day on WB reading the TTC boards, you’ll hear about people’s struggles, but IRL? People are way more likely to speak up about how fast they got pregnant than any trouble they had along the way. I think it’s 100% a good thing that people are beginning to talk more openly about infertility, pregnancy loss, etc.  

Anyway, at your age and assuming you have fairly “regular” cycles, the odds are in your favor that you won’t have problems, but of course you never know until you try. Hoping it’s a quick and stress-free journey for you!

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Like others have said, it’s basically a crap shoot. You definitely have time on your side statistically speaking. I’m 31 and it took us 6 months, and I feel pretty damn lucky about that. I know just as many people who have struggled painfully with infertility for years as I know who got pregnant on the first shot.

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Age doesn’t really tell you anything. It took my friend almost a year at 25 to conceive and I was pregnant after two months at 29. It’s such a variable thing that no one could possibly answer but maybe a doctor. 

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