(Closed) How long would you wait before induction?

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Busy bee
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Personally, I would wait til 40+7, which is my OB’s cutoff. I’ve heard way too many stories of women told they were going to have a huge baby and delivered a 7 pounder.

Positive note: My SIL was induced, and once the ball got rolling had a totally not-complicated labor and delivery.

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DZMeadowz:  I was induced at 41w, I was tired of being pregnant and had no signs of labor so I agreed to it.  I really didn’t enjoy being induced, although after I got an epidural it was fine lol.   

The amount of monitoring and wires connecting/running to your body is just obnoxious.  Let’s see…I had an outer contraction monitor, outer baby heart rate monitor, blood pressure cuff, internal contraction monitor, and an IV (add in an epidural line and catheter to that after I got my epidural).  That is at least 5 things connected to your body at all times!  Try getting up to use the restroom with all of that attached to you and having awful contractions…or standing or trying to labor anywhere other than a bed with all of that crap.  Pretty miserable!  UGH!  I tried sitting on a birthing ball and it pulled my internal monitor right out lol.  Then they wouldn’t let me stand anymore, and pretty much forced me to lie on my side, that’s when I got my epidural.

Plus that pitocin is some nasty stuff!  I went from no contractions to god-awful contractions within an hour of starting, also because they broke my water at the same time they started pitocin.

So if I had to do it again I’d wait until 42 weeks unless there was a reason to be induced.  I don’t think size is a reason because those ultrasounds can be completely off, I’ve heard 1-2 lb difference between their estimate and the actual birth weight.

I will say that after I got my epidural things went pretty well, other than needing oxygen on and off for the rest of the time.

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Sugar bee
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41 weeks would be my cutoff.  As someone who was induced, I can tell you it isn’t particularly fun.  I’d try to go into labor naturally if you can!

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Bumble bee
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My mom was induced when she had me and never mentioned any horror story. Her blood pressure was a little elevated and due to her age (41) they induced 2 weeks early. I’m usually in the camp of trust your doctor.

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DZMeadowz:  Honestly (and this is just me)- if size is the issue, I would be induced when DR reccomends it.  Becuase you are right- the larger the baby, the higher the chance for a c-section.

I have heard of plenty of inductions NOT resulting in a c-section.  

I pushed out a 5# 3oz baby, and no joke- that was plenty large for me LOL

I’m currently pregnant with number two….and found out I *might* have to have a c-section anyway….so I don’t know that the choice will be mine.


There ARE plently of women who push out larger babies, but it’s not easy.  And it can cause complications for baby (getting stuck, etc).


I admire you for considering letting it happen naturally though- I know I’d be ready to be done being pregnant at that point!!

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For what it’s worth, here’s my experience: 

I was scheduled for an induction 10 days after my due date. My doctor would have probably induced me earlier but I really wanted to go into labor on my own. At my appointment (when I was 40+6), everything looked totally healthy, although they did estimate the baby would be “large” (well over 9 lb). The next night, when I was exactly 41 weeks, my water broke. I ended up with a long labor, and Dirty Delete was born about 36 hours later, 9 days after her due date and about 24 hours before I would have been induced. She was a more than a pound less than they estimated and perfectly healthy. In fact, they said my due date may have been off a bit and she may have been born closer to 40 weeks actually. She was a little over 8 lb. my doctor said the estimates are often high when the baby is term/overdue. 

Personally, I’m glad I waited until my body and the baby decided it was time. I know every situation is different, and there are risks to going over too far, but I think it would have been a mistake to induce any earlier, especially because I had Pitocin anyway due to not progressing…If it had been earlier, I think I would have had even more difficulty because my body just wasn’t ready. I’m thankful I didn’t end up with a csection due to prolonged labor with my water broken, and that baby and I didn’t show signs of infection. 

I know the last weeks/days of pregnancy are miserable and difficult, physically and emotionally. I seriously felt like I would never have my baby. She was totally worth the wait though 🙂 if it makes you feel any better, I think her not being born early helped her a bit developmentally – she’s an awesome eater, nursing has gone really well, she sleeps great for her age and is super alert and focused when she’s awake. or maybe I’m just a proud mama and think she’s perfect 😉 

anyway, best of luck with your decision – be informed and do what you think is best for your body and most importantly, your baby 🙂 

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Sugar bee
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Personally, I will go as long as I can without induction.  If there are no other medical indications that we need to get baby out, I will wait until 42 weeks (or longer if I’m allowed, but most practices will have a 42 week cut-off).  If you’re interested in some info, I find the blog Evidence Based Birth to be really informative – they did a post about induction for “big baby,” and in most cases they are wrong about the baby’s size anyway (ultrasound measurements for weight of baby are not that accurate).  The TL:DR of it is if you are non-diabetic, the risks of induction are greater than the risks of having a “big baby.”


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Blushing bee


I was induced at 39+1 almost 6 years ago to the day. My Bridal Party was rising, I was so swollen I couldn’t get flip flops on and miserable. At my last appointment my doctor estimated my son at 8 lbs give or take 1/2 lb either way. I went in at 6 am, was in very early labor so they let me go until around 8 and then started pitocin. I was at a 5 within an hour and my midwife broke my water around 9:30. I got the epidural around 10:30 and was at a 6. By noon I was a 10 and started pushing. I will fully admit that I think my epidural was too strong and his head was HUGE. I pushed until 3:30 and when she said the word c-section I was determined to get him out NOW. He was born at 3:52 pm, weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 21.5 in. His head was monstrous according to not only my midwife but his pedi, the nurses and his grandma who had an almost 11lb baby naturally. 


I had had a really great experience overall. The pitocin made me very queezy initally but I think it was because my contractions were that much stronger. I did have an external and internal monitor but they were both wireless as well as an IV and the epidural cath. I moved about freely using both a birthing ball and the bathtub. The only issue I had was that my contractions were so dull and I was not good at pushing. 


And remember, as silly as this sounds, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if it’s natural, medicated, induced, water broken, c-section or whatever. You have a baby. You made a beautiful, amazing, wonderful perfect human. And that is something that should be celebrated no matter how they were born. 

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Blushing bee

I was induced at 43 weeks with my oldest. Everything went great! Gave birth naturally with the help of epidural. He was 8 lbs 9 oz.

My second son I went into labour naturally a month early. Eventually had to have an emergency c-section. He was 5 lbs 2 oz and everything turned out great in the end!! 

I mentioned my second son just to show that just because you are being induced, doesn’t mean you will end up needing a c-section. Things happen sometimes and a c-section is necessary anyways. 


I hope oped all goes smoothly for you either way!! Good luck and enjoy your last days of rest (for a little while anyways)

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I’ve never had kids so no input on induction, however maybe I can help you feel better about a big baby? my mom was about a week late with my much younger brother when he finally decided it was time. She was not induced, delivered vaginally (with meds), and he was a whopping 11lbs… No complications or anything but he is 18 now and a mammoth of a man at 6’7″! If it helps, my mom is super tiny, like 110 lbs regularly and only 5″3″… So you are right- it can be done!!  

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As uncomfortable as pregnancy was, I was in the camp of “no induction until 42ish weeks”, and will hold that same attitude for my next pregnancy. I work in health care policy, I know the data all too well, and I see the cases where things go terribly wrong on a regular basis. The doctor is not always right, medicine is as much art as it is (evolving) science, and for me, less medical intervention is better when it comes to something our bodies have evolved to do rather effectively and efficiently.

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I was induced with both my daughters at 40 weeks. Completely fine, uncomplicated vaginal deliveries.

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Buzzing bee
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I haven’t had a baby yet but I have heard many stories regarding the dr’s estimates of the size of baby being off. Im not sure if they purposely over estimate or if its just not very accurate.

My sister was induced at 40 weeks exactly & was able to give birth vaginally. I personally hope to wait as long as my dr/mid wife will let me go before being induced.

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DZMeadowz:  I think I would wait until 42 weeks, so 40+12…..but I have never been in that situation since I went into labor at 39 weeks and delivered at 39+1…and I was aleady sfeeling anxious! I also wanted a natural birth and was scared of Pitocin/induction. If you want to avoid a c-section and especially if you want a natural birth I would wait a bit longer- but only you know how uncomfortable you are! I wouldn’t think the baby would grow too much in a week, but you never know.

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