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You should be just as pissed at your brother.  I mean the landlord is going to evict him and his kids over all of this and yet he has done nothing to change it? WTH.  His kids need special attention and stability not this crap.  You seriously need to talk to him.  If he gets evicted does he have a place to go with the kids?  Will the ex-wife call children’s protective services on him for his living conditions, and when he gets evicted? 

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Ugh it’s a shitty situation for sure and I’ve watched separate moochers take advantage of both myself and a loved one. Neither left on their own decision unfortunately, and both spanned over a year and severely harmed the relationships of the people involved.

I think, given your brother’s admirable position of wanting to help, you should have a sit down with him and brainstorm ways they can be helped but not live with him.

First come up with a way to say “I understand your predicament but you cannot live here” – maybe lie a bit and blame it on the landlord demanding it and taking no excuses/compromises, or that bro cannot pay the rent premium and is looking at the whole group being homeless, etc.

Next, brainstorm places they can go. Back to her mom’s house, crazy sister (how dangerous would she be to their kids?), his family, any friends, Craigslist super-duper cheap rooms/sublets, even homeless/womens shelters if it comes down to it. Maybe even file for government assistance/housing to at least have a roof over their heads while they job search – prossibly difficult to qualify for, but it’s what it’s for – worth a shot, at least.

In the end it is your brother’s life and he gets to call the shots about it. Some people just won’t change their minds despite all the logic in the world. You can offer to always be there to help if he needs it, but you might have to wait until he decides for himself that he can’t take it anymore.

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It’s a crappy situation that you can’t really do much about because it’s all your brothers doing. I did want to comment that I don’t feel the other couples daughter is trying to get in between your child and you by saying things like “you don’t love me too?”…. I actually found that to be heartbreaking and feel horrible for this little girl  that she has to reach out for affection and the reassurance that she’s loved because she doesn’t get it from her own parents.

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Very sad, for all the kids and for you– watching your brother being taken advantage of. There’s nothing you can do. He’s letting it happen. 

If at any point you think the cousins are in danger, you can call social services. Otherwise, not a lot you can do. 🙁

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I feel very badly for all the kids. Something tells me your ex sil’s childhood was a bit deranged, since her sister is such a peach as well. May be your brother either feels some sense of responsibility since he wasn’t there when he was deployed to fix everyone… Or he is the sort of guy who signed up for the military because he genuinely wants to help people, and this is an extension of him being such an incredibly caring soul and wanting to save the world, himself.

at this point, the only one of them he is helping is the ten year old. His ex sil and the boyfriend? He is enabling them to be out of work, antisocial, lazy bums.  He needs to lay down the law on the boyfriend at least to get a job or get out. Pregnant lady and the kids can learn how to do chores.


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You can’t help him if he won’t help himself. 

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Mrslovebug:  This is a situation where you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves.  The person you need to be upset with is your brother.  He’s making bad choices For himself and his kids. 

I doubt anything you say or do will make a difference but if I were you, I’d see if you couldn’t get the rest of your family – your parents, other siblings – to stage some sort of intervention. Your brother isn’t just allowing these people to take advantage of him, he is allowing them to bring chaos, disruption, filth and instability into his children’s lives when they have already experienced plenty of that already.  The money he is spending supporting able bodied adults is money he could be saving for his children’s future.  Bottom line – he is not only taking from his children in order to support adults, he is forcing them live in a terrible environment they are helpless to change. 

You also should ask him to consider what it is he is getting out of this because there must be something.  Does he enjoy feeling like the hero? Is he lonely and they provide company? Is he simply non-confrontational and can’t bear to tell them to go?  There is a reason he chose such a terrible candidate for his children’s mother and that he is choosing to allow himself to be used by her sister. There is a pttern.

He won’t get out of this easily. These people are going to work every angle to keep their sweet deal. They will guilt him using the girl and the baby.  Even if he asks them to go they might assert tenants rights (which they can) meaning he will have to legally evict them which can take months.  If they get vindictive who knows what they might do to his home, the kids, him? 

I would recommend to him that he tell them he and his kids are moving in 60 days and that they will need to make other arrangements- that he has done everything he can for as long as he can.  Again, these are able bodied ADULTS who are CHOOSING not to work. They can get jobs and they can also apply for state assistance.  Make no mistake that they will continue to beg his help as long as they can get him to give it. he needs to cut them off- let them know in no uncertain terms the well has run dry. 

If you really feel the environment is unhealthy for his kids, you can always threaten to call CPS and make him choose between his kids and the moochers.   I strongly suspect his house guests have a substance abuse problem and I believe that is sufficient grounds for a call.

Lastly, please try to be kind to the 10 year old girl.  She is obviously starved for love and attention and has some really shitty parents.  I think it’s safe to say she doesn’t get a great deal of good guidance.  A call to COS on her behalf might be in order as well.

Good luck.

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On the airplane, you put your own oxygen mask on first before you help the person next to you. That’s not selfish, its reality. If your brother wants to help this family, he needs to get his own life under control first. Right now, he’s prioritizing the other family before his own kids, and everybody suffers. This is a grown-up couple that survived before his help, and certainly will survive after he kicks him out. I agree with a PP to enlist the help of your friends and family To help him see the light. He can still give them some of his time and money after they move out. 

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Mrslovebug:  He can only be taken advantage of to the extent that he lets them.

There will always be freeloaders in this world, and a couple of them have found him.

They will be there until he kicks them out. After the pregnancy, there will be a newborn, then some sort of trgedy, then likely another child. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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