(Closed) how many & how long have you been hiding tattoos from your parents! ?

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I should also add that both my parents have way more tattoos that I can ever envision having. One of my mom’s best friends is a tattoo artist, and she got a large back piece when my aunt died of a brain tumor (butterflies on daisies, my aunts favorite flower.)

My pappy on the other hand, has more tattoos than I can count. He’s Ojibwe, and was a very active American Indian Movement protestor in the 1970’s, he has tats on his hand (Indian and Proud), a tomahawk on his forearms, my sister and my names on the other arm, etc, etc. He looks like quite the badass, but he is the sweetest marshmallow ever.

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I got my first tattoo when I turned 18 and my second one when i was 19 and the third one when i was 22. They had no idea until I was 22 that I had any tattoos. They HATE them. My mom cried and asked me why I was destroying my body. LOL. 

She then found out the my brother, all our friends, and his girlfriend (who she LOVES) has tattoos, so it’s become “ok”. 

I have another one in the works but I haven’t told her about it because I don’t wanna listen to her disapproval. 

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My mom knows about all my tattoos (she even came with me to get a couple of them, and got a cople herself too – yes I have the coolest mom ever), and my dad doesn’t know about any of them, and since I live on my own now I don’t plan on him finding out…ever.

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I have one tattoo on my hip that I didn’t tell my parents about for over a year. I finally had to tell them since we were going on a family cruise vacation and I was going to have to wear a bathing suit.  My Dad is ok with it; he appreciates the artistic aspect and is much more rational.  My mom, however, ran out of the room crying.  No joke!

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I always thought the hiding tattoos thing was a myth!

I have none and never will have any. I have an aversion to pain and a full on fear of needles. My BFF from elementary/middle/high school has like 7 at this point. She once explained how she wanted to have an ocean tattooed on her butt, so that when it sagged when she was old, it would look like waves. Her parents know about maybe half her tats, not that she is hiding them, she just got a few in places that one doesn’t usually see.

Just in defense of the parents freaking out, lemme tell a story: I went to Australia with a group of kids in sophomore year of HS, which means we were all about 15. Two girls in our group decided they HAD to get tattoos. Our group leader called their parents, and both parents agreed. It was later revealed that there had been previous calls from the girls to their parents guilting them pretty hard. Anyway, girl one gets a pretty little leaf design on her ankle…you know, the kind of tame tattoo most people start out with. Girl two on the other hand gets a Playboy bunny tattooed right below her hipbone. Underneath the bunny, the oh-so-charming words “Slippery When Wet”. I think Girl 2 might be still grounded…

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@juliacatherine: LOVE the little M on your finger!! So sweet!

I got my tattoo a few years ago and my mum saw it and kinda didnt say much but definitely doesn’t approve.. I’d never want my dad to see it though! The dramas we had when I got a collection of piercings as a teenager! And piercings can be temporary, what’s the big deal!

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I have one right on my lower stomach/hip area.  My mother, who hates tatoos, saw it while I was at her house.  I was reaching for something on a shelf and my shirt was alittle too short for that and she saw it and freaked.  About a month later, I had to rush to MN as she had gone into a diabetic coma and she didn’t even know she was diabetic.  Flash forward a year.  I was talking to her on the phone, fully recovered, and she was talking about how “Thank goodness none of my kids would ever get tatooed.”  Me, I am just agreeing with her.  I think she might have lost a few months of memory, no need to remind her.  LOL 😉

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i got my first at 17 and my mum didnt know well i told her but she didnt think i was serious haha maybe because of what it was.. will post pics. second i got at 18 and its on my wrist so no hiding it. i showed my dad the first and i think he thought it was a fake so he just laughed.

sorry its a very unflattering pic of me lol i dont often take pics of it now so this i about an hour after i got it done.

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I never could hide mine from my mom, she’s actually the one who got me into tats… I always joke about it with my dad though because he’s not really that into them but he still supports my decision. I guess I am kinda lucky in that area. I have 6 right now and will definitely get more. As soon as my puppy teething scratches goes away on my wrist I’m getting a bracelet done.

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i have 4, hideable, but fairly noticeable in the right context.  i remember the day my dad “found” one on my leg, but it had been there for at least 2 years.  he tried to ground me when i was 25.

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Unfortunatley I have 5 tatoos that I all got during a “wild” time in my life and I honestly regret all of them. They are silly and mean nothing. The ones visible in a bathing suit are “pretty” but they are silly. anywho…I pretty much hide them from my in laws. I know…its awful but I dont want to explain to them my “wild” period in my life. I am a very straight laced person so I hate the fact that my past is so obvious. Also, my tatoos are on my ankles and back and neck. So, I always keep my hair down and wear pants or tights around them. It really limits my clothing cloice in the summer. lol

I dont know why I hide them because i know that eventually they will see them. I just dont want it to happen any time soon. It would be nice to not to have to worry about covering myself up all the time. It is so annoying. 

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