(Closed) How many calories should a woman REALLY consume in a day?

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Wow- that’s a lot of math up there, lol!!  😉  Since I am NOT a math person (yes, sadly even very simple math puts me into a panic, lol!) I just use LoseIt.com on a daily basis and it tracks my calories and activity for me.  http://www.loseit.com/  It takes your age, gender and number of lbs you want to lose per week and then spits out how many calories you get to eat a day.  I started out at like 1480 calories or something like that and when I lose lbs it automatically changes it for me so that I will still be losing.

I started May 14th and I am already down 13 lbs.  I agree with @shady lane- I really focused on trying to switch almost entirely to “better” food (i.e. whole grain, wheat, LOTS of veggies, water instead of soda or juice or even milk, etc.) and I think that really has made a huge difference and is why I’ve lost even more than I thought I would.  I’m lucky that I actually have a somewhat physical job which is basically like working out 1-3 hours a day, so I log that in and it gives me extra calories, but still, it’s been an adjustment to really watch what I eat- but it’s been worth it.  And it really is so easy with the LoseIt program, it’s free, and once you go through a couple weeks of it, most of the foods you regularly eat are logged in so it’s even easier to log your meals.  Oh- and I do have my cheat days and have gone over (sometimes a few hundred calories over in a day), but overall I’m being consistent and it’s actually good because I’m learning what keeps me from losing weight (can you say soda??  lol!) so I’m learning what I really need to limit or stay away from if I want to lose one week to the next (last week I didn’t lose any weight at all, and I know it’s because I cheated many days and had too much soda, so this week I had only one small soda the whole week, did pretty much everything else the same for the week and weighed myself tonight and I’ve lost another 3lbs this week, so I know I have to stay away from soda now…)  So, it’s a good tool to track what you’re eating, too, and see what is working and what isn’t.  🙂

Anyway, that’s how I figure it out- I just let a machine do it for me and it’s worked!

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Most websites that discuss weight, use you Height & Weight to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)… which in turn can tell you how much your BMI needs to be at a healthy weight…


A BMI < 18.5 is Underweight

A BMI = 18.5 to 24.9 is Normal Weight

A BMI = 25.0 to 29.9 is Overweight

A BMI = 30.0 or Greater is Obese


A great resource to use along side this is something that can give you more info about your Height, Weight (BMI) and Calories… here is a link to a website that I find useful for this info…


After that… you have an idea of what your Goal Weight should be based on your Height & BMI… and how many calories you need to consume, and how much exercise you need to either lose, gain or maintain

With this info in hand you can then do your own calorie counting (food & exercise) or use an on-line resource to track, or a program such as Weight Watchers that has info on calorie counts (or points).

As others have said to get the most out of any weight loss program you should be keenly aware of WHAT your are eating as much as you are HOW MUCH… the larger the assortment of foods (Water, Fruits, Veggies, Protein, Dairy, Grains) as well as a reasonable amount of the Extras (Fats & Carbs… and Empty Calories or EXTRA Calories) and you can lose weight effectively without getting bored.

And for exercise try to mix it up too… Cardio, Strength, and just regular stuff like walking.  Exercise in particular needs to be changed a lot, because your body does best when it isn’t a “routine” thing… you have to work different parts of your body to get the muscles to respond, and therefore burn calories even when you aren’t exercising

Lol, as someone who has had issues with my weight my whole life… up, down, up again countless times, I’ve never had much trouble getting the weight off when I apply myself with diet & exercise… it is maintaining the weight loss that seems to be the most difficult.

Probably why a progam like Weight Watchers has so many “Lifetime Members”…

Hope this helps,

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It really varies. I used to eat not enough, like under 1200 and maintained a higher weight…. right now I am eating 2200 ish a day and am a bit underweight, at 5″5 , not particularly active but I do walk places and try to eat healthy. I think my metabolism improved so much because Im actualy feeding my body enough… I think that diets really mess with your metabolism… when I dieted I was heavier and felt a lot worse. Now I just try to have a healthy stable lifestyle. 

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I hate the word calories!!! Calories is not what ill mak e you lose weight. It all dependes on your metabolism type. I have learned so much from Isabel De Los Rios (nutritionist online) and I have learned soooo much! From eating th right foods to lose weight, to learning to listen to my body! I tried every diet on the book and thought that nutrition was over rated! Not only was I wrong, but I have learned how to combiine foods that actually burn belly fat! i never dreamed of having a flat elly and never thought it woulf be possible because i felt like ” this is who I am and cant chaneg it!’ Boy was i wrong! Get rid of that wotd calorie! it only makes you stress and in stressing you are putting your body in weird stuations it shouldnt be in. Here is the link to that website…just by simpy watching the video, you will learn enough to put you on the right track:


Good luck to you and please let me know if you have any questions… dont let calories dictate your life style:D!

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There are alot of factors… one way I felt like I got a good idea was I did an RMR breathilizer test at my gym.  It’s like a 30 min test that is pretty accurate (its what doctors/hospitals use as well).  Try to track one down, and it will help ALOT.

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Hey another thing you could try, wear a heart rate monitor for a full 24 hours on a rest day and see how many calories you burn. You would eat that amount of calories to stay the same, 250-500 more calories to gain muscle and 250-500 less to lose weight. This would probably be the most accurate way to find out.

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