How many children do you want?

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Helper bee

4-5 for us. I’m one of four, he is one of three.

The first is due ANY DAY NOW (*looks significantly at belly while saying that loudly… Hint hint, baby!*), and we anticipate timing the next one for about 2 years out. We’re open to adoption for one or more, if that’s what’s in store for us.

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Busy bee
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Ideally 2. More than that, and you’re contributing to overpopulation, whereas 2 would be replacement rate. That, and I’d prefer our future children to grow up with a sibling. Fingers crossed for at least 1 daughter! I know it’s silly to put so much emphasis on gender, but it’d be nice to go dress shopping and all that with a future daughter. I’d consider adoption for a 3rd if we end up with 2 boys. 

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Bumble bee
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I’d like 1-2, my Fiance would like 2-3. I’d be happy with 1, but I think I’d prefer to have 2 children. We might end up with 3, I’d be open to that, but we’ll see. We might have 1 kid and be like “Okay, that’s it, we’re done.” We might have 3 and be like, “We love having lots of kids, let’s have a 4th!” (That seems less likely lol)

I feel like it depends on a lot of things. First of all, I’ll be almost 30 and he’ll be 33 when we start TTC, which isn’t old by any means, but who knows how long it will take us to conceive. So if it takes a while, obviously that will limit the number of kids we can have. Plus, we just don’t know how the pregnancy will be and how difficult we’ll find raising a baby to be. I feel like you can’t really know for sure until you’ve had your first baby.

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Busy bee
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3 ideally as I’ve always loved the idea of having a big (to me) family of 5! But we don’t have any kids yet so I’m accepting of that fact that we won’t really know how many we’ll want until we have one!

Plus I like to joke that with 3 kids, one of them is bound to like me, hahaha. I have their weird fear that my kids won’t like me! 😛

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Busy bee
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We want children and probably want 2 but we’ll see how it goes 🙂 

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Busy bee
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We generally agree that we want ONE child but there’s a lot of friends having babies right now and they’re so stressed out and there are so many complications, we’re kinda put off. We recently talked about this and decided that we’re not rushing and since I’m older that might mean we won’t have a baby and we’re ok with that, too. 

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Sugar bee
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Currently pregnant with our 2nd which is most likely our last. Although we’ve possibly discussed having a 3rd. After how difficult this pregnancy has been on me, I’m not sure if that will actually happen. 

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Bumble bee
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We would love 3, but I’m no spring chicken anymore, so…we’ll see how that shakes out.

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Sugar bee

I originally wanted 2, then as I got older 1 sounded great.  Now I have decided that 0 biological kids is where I’m at and 2 stepkids (and hopefully some stepgrandkids).

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Bumble bee
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Currently very early in pregnancy with the first, so we’ll just take it one at a time and see how we adjust to parenthood. In an ideal world we’d have 4 (I came from a large family and SO loves kids) but practical factors may make that unrealistic. Plus, thinking about 4 and having 4 are very different! 

I don’t want an only child, so we’ll definitely go for 2 at least but beyond that we’ll just see how we’re feeling and whether we feel up for additionals!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Our plan had always been two. But our first is currently 15 months and right now I’m firmly in the “one and done” camp. I could possibly change my mind, but I’m already 36 and my husband is 39 so it’s not like we have years and years to decide. 

ETA: The hubby would want another one but he’s left this decision entirely up to me because he knows how difficult pregnancy and the newborn stage was for me and is 100% fine if I don’t want to go through that again. 

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Helper bee
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I would like at least 3 children. If money and time allowed, I’d love to have 5 or 6, but realistically, I think I could only handle 3-4. 

Last time we discussed it, FH said he thinks we shouldn’t have more than 2. But he loves kids and is great with his niece and nephews, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up wanting more kids after we already have 1 or 2. Regardless, he and I both have some fertility concerns, so we don’t know how easily we’ll be able to conceive, and we will just be happy with however many we’re able to have. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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We have one and are TTC another. That’s it for me, unless it’s twins (gulp).

3 kids just brings it to a whole different level for me. You’re no longer on offense. Many cars won’t fit 3 car seats so you may need a new vehicle. Daycare costs are astronomical. Getting ONE kid to activities is already annoying, I can’t imagine three. And then at 16 they’ll want a car…college…yikes!

If I was rich, could afford a surrogate and a full time nanny I would totally have like 3-4 though lol.

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Worker bee
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I would be happy with only 1, but Darling Husband wants 2. We will see how it goes after the 1st one!! The thought of being pregnant once is scaring the shennanigans out of me. I can’t imagine having to do it twice!!

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