(Closed) How many days a week do you cook dinner?

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  • poll: How many nights a week do you cook?
    1-2 nights : (15 votes)
    9 %
    3-4 nights : (44 votes)
    25 %
    5 nights : (50 votes)
    29 %
    6 nights : (42 votes)
    24 %
    7 nights : (17 votes)
    10 %
    other : (7 votes)
    4 %
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    we prep on sunday, usually.  we make 3-4 different style proteins (usually chicken), a couple of different startches and a couple of different greens.  then when it is time to make lunches for work, or dinner.  we just take what we want on a plate and heat in microwave.  so much easier. 

    who wants to cook every night after working an 8+ hour day, then the gym or other activity, etc.


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    poetgal:  I cook almost every night. I have 3 children at home under 15 and I feel it is necessary for them to have a nice, healthy home cooked meal every night. 99% of the time we go to my parents for dinner on Sat night. Sometimes all of us go out, sometimes my Fiance grills something and in cold weather my mom will make an old family favorite chili, stew, soup, etc. On Sunday afternoons, after church we eat dinner around 3pm, which is very normal here in the south and of course mom always cooks that as well. Except Mother’s Day. 

    ETA: I do work a full time job but I work from home and set my hours so I work around family time in the evenings/afternoons. I also love using my crockpot and anything I can cook ahead and freeze, then just throw in the microwave or oven for a few minutes to heat up. 

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    Usually about 4 nights a week. I work late two nights, on Saturdays we go out, and usually one other day we’ll just have leftovers or grab takeout.

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    I voted other because my husband usually cooks, however, he does it about 4 nights a week and on the weekends we eat out πŸ™‚

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    Because I work from home, cooking dinner is easier for me. I can do some prep throughout the day (i.e., taking meat out to defrost for dinner). 

    I also happen to love cooking. I would say on average I cook 5-6 nights a week. My mom owns a restaurant and we get 50% off, so I’d say we go there for dinner every other week, and we also are pretty social, so there might be 1-2 nights a week we eat at a friends house.

    Last week we ate at home 5 times, were at friends on Saturday and last night we went on a date for the first time in a while πŸ™‚ 

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    I cook 3-5 nights a week, but I always cook big meals so that our meals last a couple of nights and I don’t have to cook every single night! So I’ll make a meal tonight, and then tomorrow I’ll make another meal. Wednesday will be leftovers from tonight’s meal. Thursday will be a new meal, and Friday will be leftovers from Thursday’s meal. Saturday will be a new meal, and Sunday will be leftovers from Saturday’s meal. I don’t see any reason to cook a new meal all 7 nights!

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    It depends on my work schedule- if I have off or work dayshift I will cook a nice meal. If I come home at 8, Fiance will usually make something simple (like mac and cheese) and leave leftovers for me. If I work til 11pm, he’s on his own! We go out maybe once a week.

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    0 – my hubby cooks 

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    I voted 3-4 nights. I try to cook dinner as much as possible but he always changes his mind when he wants to eat dinner! A lot of the time he’ll say he already ate dinner at work; or he’ll insist he wants to make dinner for me because he wants to “experiment”…he’ll force me to eat some weird thing he concoted up and won’t tell me what it is until after I’ve already tried it. LOL!

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    i cook every night except tuesday and saturday. Tuesdays we have a group of friends that play trivia at a pizza place/bar and saturday is usually “date night” which could be a nuce restaurant or could be chinese take out. 

    And really, sundays we almost always make a frozen pizza so I don’t know if that counts πŸ™‚

    We do a lot of prep on sundays including making menu for the week, grocery shopping, making all of our lunches for the week, baking for the week, and sometimes doing mass chopping of veggies if I need to for that week’s dinners. 

    During the week, I get home around 5pm, then spend an hour exercising, then spend the next hour prepping dinner and do things like blog work, putting up laundry, a craft that i’m working on, etc. Fiance gets home around 7pm, we walk the dog for 30 minutes, then do last minute food stuff (IE I usually chop before he gets home, assemble casseroles, etc, but I do all of the cooking or baking once he is home so it is hot) and eat around 8:30.

    It means that we eat a late dinner and that he gets more “personnal” time after work than I do, but I enjoy cooking so I see it as more personal time to my self than a chore. 

    For what it’s worth, Fiance does 90 percent of the dishes. He is great for that. 

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    To some degree every week is different for us depending on what we have going on.  On my ideal kind of week I cook 3-4 nights.  I find that when I cook dinner 5+ days a week I get bored and feel like the same dishes are in rotation too often.  I need time to get inspired!  Cleaning the kitchen gets pretty effing boring 5+ nights a week too lol.  

    So cooking 3-4 nights, leftovers 1-2 nights, going out for date night dinner and sometimes one carry out night is perfect for me.  When choosing what to cook I always try to include one dinner that will leave me with something to put in the freezer too.

    In my household “a woman’s work is never done” is a very current saying, not outdated at all!  My husband works A LOT of hours.  More than a third more than I do.  So ALL of the housework falls on me.  I’d rather do it anyway because he has the ability of a three year old at it, but it’s true that it’s never “done”, there is always something.

    As far as the question how do you do it all?  In my opinion you don’t.  I see unreasonable & unattainable expecations put on families all the time, both by others and by themselves and it’s usually the woman taking the brunt of it.  That is no way to live life.  You do the best you can while still having some time for yourself and quality family time.  Prioritize and delegate.  Get a biweekly house cleaner and pay someone to cut the grass. Never compare you, your family or your house to others.  Accept that sometimes the dining room table is just going to be covered in debris for 36 hours before it’s picked up or you eat pizza and Subway four times in one crazy week and life will go on.  Don’t lose sight that Pinterest is the cyberworld not real world. I swear that Pinterest and home/lifestyle blogs are seeping into the subconscious and driving some women nuts.  In the same way the media’s skinny beautiful young airbrushed models and celebrities cause some of us to feel inadequate, suffer low self esteem and worse.

    Some people are able to run a tighter ship than others, organization & routine comes easier for some than others, they seem to really have it together, and maybe they do. Still there are others who these things do not come easy for at all but they work VERY hard at these things.  I know myself and these are not my strong points, my talents lie elsewhere.  I am what I am, I don’t have to “do it all”, and that is just fine.

    The very thought of “doing it all” is depressing to me!  And dull!  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, girl! 


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    3-4 nights.  We rarely eat out other than a pizza every so often.  I usually make enough to have leftovers so I’m not cooking every night.  Plus I use them for lunch.  I also make burritos to fill in gaps but don’t really consider it cooking since it’s just making rice and adding beans to it.

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    I feel I’m a traditional person, unfortunately I fell in love with a man that cannot fully support us, and so unlike a lot of lucky lady’s here I cannot be a stay at home wife. I cook probably 6-7 nights a week. I prepare lunch for both of us to take to work. I feed the dogs, I do the shopping, the cleaning and the washing. The only thing I ask of my Fiance is garden work. I hate gardening! I work as a vet nurse full time (4 x 10 hour shifts) I try and do a lot of prep on my time off, so if we want something in a hurry the veggies are already chopped. We are vegetarian, I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder lol

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    poetgal:  first of all, try not to compare yourself to someone else’s “perfect”. None of us are perfect (though a few bees here sound like they are trying to be) πŸ˜› My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom the whole time I was growing up and I still don’t know how she kept an imaculate house, dinner on the table every night at 6pm, packed lunches every day, and all the laundry/cleaning/etc… Especially when we were little kiddos! Superwoman I tell you.

    Both Fiance and I work full time (sometimes more than full time hours wise) so we cook on average 4-5 nights a week and while my house is usually picked up, it’s not usually spotless. Also, by cook, I usually mean Fiance helps prep and I do more of the actual cooking. He’s still learning πŸ™‚ It’s kind of a wildcard dinner on the nights when Fiance is off work (Mondays) and plans/cooks himself, it’s always interesting.

    Here are a few tips that have helped us a lot!

    1) Make in BULK certain things and utilize leftovers heavily!

    -Make a meat and lots of roasted veggies dinner one night, then turn the leftover veggies into a dinner frittata the next night.

    -Make a HUGE pot of soup and eat it for a few nights in a row! I’ve been on a soup kick, we made a big pot of it, ate it with salad one night and grilled cheeses the next (and Fiance ate more leftover soup for lunch.

    2) Make and Freeze extra “meals” worth of whatever you are cooking and you can eat it a few weeks or months down the line so it doesn’t feel like leftovers. When I make Italian stuffed shells, it’s a lot of work, but we make not just one pan but freeze at least 2 more uncooked batches worth at once. It’s SO NICE to take those delicious shells out of the freezer, unthaw, add sauce and cheese and bake. We do the same thing w/ italian meatballs. Buy in bulk (when meat is on sale) and meatballs freeze beautifully once you’ve browned them (not cooked all the way through). Those can cook all day on low in your crockpot too w/ sauce, throw together some pasta and a quick salad and you have a great dinner with very little actual cooking.

    3) Salad nights are great and it’s cheap and nutritious to eat in bulk, especially if you pre-cut and clean all your veggies days in advance.

    Even if we don’t make enough for two dinners, there is usually 1 more portion leftover for Fiance to eat for lunch.

    Also, I pack my lunch for two days at a time and put it in the fridge at work. You do less “packing” since you prep two days at once so it’s less tedious of a task and have cheap/nutritious lunches!

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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    I cook twice a week, my boyfriend cooks twice a week.  We have enough leftovers to last us the other days.  We go out to eat for dinner maybe once or twice a month, and I go out to eat at work once or twice a month too.  We cook a mixture of easy things and recipes we’ve never tried.  We each pick out our own recipes that we will cook and write them on the shopping list.  We work about the same number of hours each week, so it’s pretty equal.  He does get off work two hours later than me, so we don’t eat until later in the evening (even if I cook, I time it so that we eat together when he comes home.  It works for us, but it’s taken us a while to get into this organized groove!

    As far as cleaning, my boyfriend and I both have two rooms to clean each week, but we usually only clean them once a week, so they’re pretty messy by the end of the week.  He doesn’t always do his every week, and he’s very messy overall.  I get pretty annoyed, but I don’t want to spend my life cleaning, so I’m dealing with the mess instead.

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