(Closed) How many days a week do you cook dinner?

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    I’d say we cook dinner 4/7 days.

    We plan for 7/7 but, usually end up getting take out or eating out about 3 dinners per week.

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    I cook 4 times a week!!! I usually cook Monday-Thursday! The weekends are my break but if I get home after 6:30 I don’t even bother cooking and just get take-out.

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    I used to make all of our meals fresh from scratch, but since having twins I’m down to 5 nights a week. However, when I do cook, I make sure to have enough so we can do leftovers a couple of nights.  We usually end up ordering/going out just 2-3 times a month this way.

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    poetgal:  Define “cook.” We eat at home most nights. We go out to eat about once every other week. So one of us cooks about 6.5 nights out of the week. But what we cook varries greatly.

    We make a lot of “Heat N’ Eats,” frozen bagged dinners that we throw in a skillet and heat up and eat. Or we’ll make frozen pizza. About once or twice a week I’ll make something that wasn’t pulled out of the freezer. In the summer we grill 3 or 4 times a week.

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    I usually plan to cook 5 nights a week (if I am home  – I travel overnight 2-3 day every other week or so)and then we get one night of casual take out (pizza, chinese etc) and then one night going “out” (on a “date” or girls night)

    I try to plan about a week of meals  (usually sunday/ monday) so that I can get my shopping done and have all the ingredients as I find if I have an excuse of missing something or other I will procrastinate a meal. Usually I either freeze leftovers in single serving “meals” for Darling Husband when I am travelling or he takes them to work for lunch (I generally take clients out for lunch so its rare that I pack a lunch). Its rare that we “eat leftovers” for dinner (though sometimes I will transform things like use the left over chicken that I roasted to make soup or a pot pie or something like that)

    I do a mix of “30 min meals”  (so things like pork chops w steamed broccoli, chicken thighs in tomato sauce on rice pilaf or baked fish w asian slaw and green salad) and then a few “dinners” that take more time (like a whole roasted chicken or roast beef – I will generally cook something “more complicated” on sunday afternoon) 

    this is a random week from back in Oct (I post them on another board that I go on)

    mon – whole snapper on the grill stuffed w lemon and parsley & steamed broccoli<br />tues – chicken roulade w asparagus & salad<br />wed – crock pot pot roast (w carrots, onions, potatoes)<br />thurs – turkey & pumpkin chili (recipe a friend recommended)<br />fri – parsley & cheese sausage w canellini beans and spinach<br />sat – dinner in nyc w college friends

    one thing that sometimes screws up my meal plans is when I have unexpected guests for dinner (one of my closest friends lives only 6 doors away and her Boyfriend or Best Friend works odd shifts so she comes over to just “hang” at least 1x a week) she is a vegetarian which is cool and if I know she is coming I will plan somethng that works but if its the end of the week and all I have left is steak or something we end up just grabbing a pizza or something like that since I would feel bad eating steak and serving her a grilled cheese (though I have on occassion when it was really last minute!)

    its a double edge sword for me – we both love “ethnic” foods that I just don’t really cook at home and we live in an area that is known for its amazing restaurants etc so I would hate always eating at home but I do feel like it can really be a waste! I hate eating something that I know that I could make (and probably better) at a restaurant and then paying $35-50 each for it!


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    Hey OP! I feel like I could have written this post myself! My mom was a total wonder woman… Not just with getting dinner set up every single night, but a million other things around the house too. I have always wondered how she does it. Bottom line is that I will never be like her, and SO knows that and prefers that. We do our grocery shopping on Sunday night after we have looked online for tasty recipes and stuff that we want to try. For example, last night was an interesting lasagna that didn’t turn out too great, haha, but tonight will be a tried and true meal we like to make probably once a week. 

    For us, having a plan, and happening to enjoy cooking together is what really helps us cook at least 5-6 nights a week, but we have at least one frozen pizza in the freezer during any given week in case we don’t feel like making an entire meal. ๐Ÿ™‚ And don’t beat yourself up if you make a plan and then deviate from it. Just do what you can, and figure out what feels right to you guys. But anyway, I definitely recommend team work! Makes it more fun and easier to tackle when you’re not doing everything by yourself. Sending you hugs. 

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    poetgal:  I usually cook 3 times a week (lunch), so each time I cook for 2-3 days. Darling Husband normally cooks dinner while I wash dishes/clean. But sometimes we’re both really tired after work, so we go for take-out… We really shouldn’t, but it’s exhausting trying to keep up with everything. That being said, mental health is more important that being “perfect”, don’t compare yourself with others and do everything at your own pace. As far as tips go, what works best for me is cooking for several days on a single afternoon (say Sunday, Wednesday and Friday), and on the other days do a bit of cleanup/relax. Also, I make the most of my freezer by freezing what I can and reduce grocery shopping to 1-2 per week (veggies only for ex.). And, we do serious apartment cleanup/laundry every 2 weeks, usually on a Saturday. Hope this helps.

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    I’d say we cook 3-4 times a week but eat-in more than that because I usually plan to have leftovers. Sunday night I’ll make something that can be eaten in different ways.

    For example, this week I made a crockpot of shredded BBQ chicken (litterally just chicken breasts & a bottle of bbq sauce). Sunday we had BBQ chicken & a veggie (steamed broccoli). Monday we are having southwest bbq chicken salads – i bougt a southwest salad mix at the grocery store that includes dressing/toppings then I’ll just add our chicken.  Wednesday I think I’ll be going shopping with a friend so eating out. Thursday we can make bbq chicken sandwhiches or bbq chicken grilled cheese… or bbq chicken pizza. Friday’s the Fiance has ‘guy night’ so he doesn’t eat with me and I’ll just eat leftovers or a smoothie or an egg. Something simple.  But that’s just an example of how you can stretch your cooking. 

    Soups are another good thing to make… you can pair them with grilled cheese, salad, or a deli sandwhich and stretch them out a couple days.  Or make a bunch of pastas and have different sauces open in the fridge. Throw some pre-cooked pasta in a pan with some veggies and sauce and you have a quick meal. 


    I’ve seen some blogs with 1 month of freezer meal plans… spend 1 day a month doing prep work and then all you have to do is defrost & put it in the crockpot/oven etc.

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    Hubby cooks at least 3 times a week. These are the days I  work 10 and half hour days and he beats me home. I cook the other 4 most of the time. And sometimes on the weekend we cook together. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    I voted other because I cook dinner maybe once a month. Maybe. *stuffs chipotle chip and Guac in mouth*

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    We try to cook 7/7, especially because we have three children and we feel it is important for everyone to be at the dinner table in the evening and share their day. Normally I cook, though Darling Husband is more than capable in the kitchen (he just doesn’t always have time). Because we plan ahead and shop for the week, I can usually get things prepared when I get home or I can start a slow-cooker before I leave. I only work part-time hours right now (I have been at home with our children for several years), but will probably have the same hours as the kids next year (working for the school system). Overall, it is healthier and a lot less expensive to eat home-made meals, but there are weeks when all the plans go to h*ll in a handbasket and we either get take-out or go out, too.

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    poetgal:  just barely ๐Ÿ˜‰

    lol some days i really dont sit down untill 8 at night. get home at 5. usually start figuring out dinner. start cooking at 6 and its prob done at 7 or 630 if i get started right away. im usually pretty hungry after work so i get right on it. depends on the day though. its only a ten min comute to my home from work. i usually make enough for leftovers . so maybe one day i go to the gym after 5. get home at 6. take a shower and eat left overs. weekends , ill usually go big. but it takes planning. also everything is from scratch. but yesterday we were hungover and ordered a pizza ๐Ÿ˜‰ i love to cook though. so it makes me happy and healthy. 

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    I cook 5-6 nights a week. Our apartment is so messy right now! I’m having a cleaner come over on Saturday, so that will help. I think with 20 days out from the wedding, I can’t clean!

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    poetgal:  I used to cook dinner everyday, but once I got a ring I stopped.


    JK! I try to cook as often as I can. Some weeks that’s 6 days, and others it might be 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Last semester, I cooked all the time! Now, I basically only have time once or twice a week. Hubby is great about cooking the others or we do leftovers. when it’s summer again, hevwill grill most nights and I’ll be less busy!

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