(Closed) How many days before wedding to wax?

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I would get it a few times before the wedding! My wedding is in August and I went for my first wax last month. It was irritted for about two days. I am getting another one this month and then one two days before the wedding. It takes a while to get used to the growth cycle of the hairs so maybe the first time there will still be some stubble left.

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Well, I would have suggested you do it a month or so before your wedding to try it out first, but I see you are getting married in 11 days!  I would suggest doing it at least two days before the wedding.  This will give a little time to recover! As far as the pain….yeah, it hurts, especially the first time (I’m sorry).  I would suggest taking some Tylenol or something before hand.  Also, I have noticed that different kinds of wax hurt more.  My girl uses this blueish greenish wax that doesn’t hurt as much.  I have also been waxed with this honey colored wax before that kind of rolls on.  It hurts more.   

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date twin! i was wondering the same thing… but not sure if i’m willing to risk it since i have such sensitive skin. guess i need to figure it out soon!

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If you have sensitive skin go into your salon a few days before and have them test the wax on you. Most places I’ve been require this anyway to make sure you won’t have a reaction. They just put a bit of wax on the inside of your wrist and then take it off. Takes two seconds and doesn’t hurt. Then if it isn’t red or sore they’ll do the waxing a day or two later.

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Definitely try it out ahead of time and see how your skin reacts, how long it takes for the red spots to go away, how long the re-growth takes, etc. Ideally, try to have it done a couple of times if you can. I found that my skin gets less touchy over time … and I speak as a woman that looks like a plucked chicken right after. 🙂

It does depend on the person doing it and the wax used, I think. I got mine done the day before the wedding at an Aveda spa, and it was lovely the next day. Best wax I ever got … and then I had to leave town! I haven’t gotten one nearly as good, since!

As to how much it hurts … it really depends on the person. A regular bikini wax has never bothered me much. It stings, for sure, but it hurts less each time (I think the nerve endings just die or give up). I know some people take a tylenol or have a glass of wine beforehand. Can’t hurt and might help!

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I don’t know where you live, but if you have an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon near you, I would highly recommend going there!  There are basically three types of wax that salons use:  (1) soft, hot wax that they take off with strips of fabric; (2) hard, hot wax that pulls off on it’s own (not fabric strips); and (3) sugaring, a soft, hot sugar-wax product that pulls hair off on its own.  In my opinion, sugaring HURTS, especially if it is your first time, because the sugar acts more as an epilator (pulling each hair out separately) than wax (pulling a large section out at once). 

The reason I recommended Red Door is that they only have the hard wax, which I find to be the least painful.  Also, once you get more used to it, Sally Hansen makes a hard wax at-home kit that they sell at Target – this is what I use now (but it takes some guts and experience to work your way up to DIY brazillians…)

In general, hair grows in three cycles.  When you wax for the first time, you will be removing all of your hair.  When the hair grows back, it will grow in 1/3 at a time, which is why the hair that grows back is thinner and more sparse than your hair before waxing.  It may take a while for you to understand your growth patterns, but mine grows about 1/3 every 3-4 weeks, so that is my waxing schedule.

A few more tips – take 4 Advil/Tylenol about 45 minutes before, and remember to relax and take deep breaths.  If you can keep up a conversation with your waxer, that will distract you.  Also make sure she knows it is your first time.  A good waxer will immediately put pressure on the area waxed after removing the wax.  This will take some of the sting away and make it more comfortable for you.  A good waxer should also clean you up well afterward, but you can use baby oil at home to get rid of any wax that remains (I would recommend wearing loose, comfortable underwear that you don’t care too much about, though).  To keep from getting bumps or irritation, (1) exfoliate the waxed area everytime you bathe with a wash cloth or a soft loofah; and (2) after you bathe, treat the area with alcohol, witch hazel, or a wax-specific product (BikiniZone is available the drug store, but the salon where you get waxed will also be able to recommend something).  Finally, just for future reference, the week before your flow is the most painful, the week after the least.

Good luck!  It may hurt, but I think you will be really happy with the results!

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