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I would say it depends on how frequently you plan to go laundry. My shower just passed and I wasn’t planning on specifically buying hooded towels (I was just going to use our regular ones) but I got gifted some.. so here’s what I have, but I didn’t buy any of it myself.. I think all of it is plenty in my opinion.

– 6 hooded towels (I think you only really need 2-3)
– 10-12 receiving blankets (I think that’s LOTS but I will still be buying a few once I know if baby is a boy or a girl simply because after waiting 9 months, I want to swaddle my baby for the world to see it’s gender haha)
– 10-15 wash cloths (this is LOTS, we are actually returning two 12 packs because we got so many, but lots of my mommy friends kept one in the car seat, in the bouncer etc.. to wipe up quick spit ups so it can be handy to have several)
– 3 thick/fluffy blankets (these won’t be used until it’s colder, but still nice to have for carseat/stroller and going on walks if it’s chilly in the evening).
– 6 burp pads (we didn’t specifically ask for any, but got a 4 pack and a 2 pack and we’re keeping them).
– 10 pack of bibs which I think is the right amount because those can get changed 2-3x a day if baby is a puker.
– I’m planning to breastfeed so we only got a starter pack of bottles, but we’re using the platex drop ins so cleaning takes a little less time but we have 4x 4oz size and 2x 8oz size.
– I haven’t counted our pj’s but I plan to buy some more when baby arrives, gender neutral is hard to find so we’re just using what we have an we’ll do laundry more often if we have to. SIL & Brother-In-Law also have a boy and a girl, so they said when they know what we are having they will send over the appropriate boxes and I’m sure we’ll have lots more clothes then 🙂

Again, I don’t have my baby yet (5 more weeks!) but it’s the rough amounts I have and the general idea I’ve come up with, hope it helps! 

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Here’s what I have / what I’m planning to get:

Hooded towels: I have 4. I registered for 3 (which I think would have been plenty), and ended up being gifted 7! I returned 3, and decided to keep the rest. One of the ones I kept is quite a bit bigger so I figure it’ll be good once baby is older.

Washcloths: Technically I have 48, but most of those are going to be used as cloth wipes! I set aside 6 for bathtime to start, I’ll adjust as necessary.

Receiving blankets: I only have 5. This may be on the light side, but I’ve decided to hold off on buying more until after baby’s here since I don’t really have a good idea currently of how many I’ll need. Plus I suspect that we’ll get a few more baby gifts, and lots of people like to give blankets.

Burp cloths: I’ve ordered 12 flat diapers for this purpose. That’s probably overkill, but I’m planning to use them as back-up diapers if I can’t keep up with the laundry!

Bibs: I only have a few (maybe 4?). I know this probably isn’t enough, but I think I’ll wait and see if baby is a major puker/drooler before buying more. Once he’s on solid food, I’ll pick up a couple plastic ones since they’re easier to wipe clean.

Bottles: I only have one, and it was a freebie. I’m planning to breastfeed and don’t really want to pump or use bottles, so they won’t be necessary for me. If I change my mind, I can always pick these up later.

Change pads: I have one of the big contoured pads on top of the dresser and a small fold-up one that came with my diaper bag. I didn’t bother with covers for the change pad as I think they’re silly and a waste of money. I’m just planning to wipe the pad clean as necessary.

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We have:

3 hooded towels (think that this is plenty, I do laundry frequently)

8 washcloths

5 swaddle me blankets (I think this is actually too many, but I had already bought 2 that I had washed and could not return, and then Mother-In-Law gave me some as part of my shower gift and I don’t like returning gifts from close family members.)

4 receiving blankets, and 5 larger fleece type blankets.

7 burp cloths

1 diaper changing pad that came with our changing table….I need a portable one for my diaper bag.

Several bottles (20?), even though I am planning on breastfeeding….I’ll have to pump after I return to work, and a friend gave me some that she used. 

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As the mom of an almost 8 month old, I would say you can never have enough burp cloths.  We started off with probably about 12 and have built up to somewhere around 20.  My son was definitely a spitty baby, so we may have used more than normal, but even today, I always have one in my purse, just to wipe his face (drool) or in case we have a spit up on the go.  Also, while there’s some really cute burp cloths out there, I would recommend just getting the packs of flat cloth diapers at Babies R Us and using them as burp cloths.  Not as attractive but WAY more absorbent!  (FYI, I’m a working mom and can only do laundry 1-2x a week, so my number may be a bit high but even home on maternity leave, we went through burp cloths so fast!)

As for the others, in my experience:

Receiving blankets: One pack (4) of the Aden + Anais muslin blankets was plenty for us.  We transitioned to the SwaddleMe wraps very quickly.  Definitely get 1-2 very large blankets for the floor.  We use those all the time now.

Hooded towels: We got a ton as gifts, but tend to use the same 2-3 all the time with no problem.

Washcloths: A pack of 6 or 8 would be plenty.  Though we tend to use them a lot now to clean him up after mealtimes.  He’s decided he wants to feed himself, which is cute but very messy!

Bibs: We probably have 30 (tons of hand me downs), but I would think 8 would be enough.  Bibs are something you can wait and see if your baby is a spitty/drooly baby. 

PJs: He slept in the gown-type pjs for the first 2 months.  I think we had 4-5 of them.  Babies have a lot of middle of the night explosions, so it’s helpful to always have a spare clean one!!!  Now that he sleeps in regular pjs, we have about 6 pairs.  (But again, I am only able to do laundry 1x week, so that may be more than you need.)

Bottles: My son is 100% bottlefed now, so we have 8 bottles.  But if you are planning to b’feed you only need 1 or 2 in the beginning.  My husband did one pumped bottle every evening, so we got by with 1 bottle for a while.

Hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any questions.  There are definitely a few things I would have changed about my registry in hindsight.


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I’m 36.5 weeks and I have all that I plan on buying for the moment

– We have 1 burp cloth, but 14 or so receiving blankets that I plan to use as burp cloths since they are a lot bigger

– 4 swaddle-me swaddles

– I think we have 8 hooded towels, and a million face cloths all of which were gifts

– We have approximately 12 bibs

– 8 bottles, I plan to breast feed but wanted some for when I pump so Darling Husband can feed the baby too

– We have about 5 PJ’s and 10 onesies, we want to do more shopping after we know what the sex of our little one is

– 1 changing pad for our change table and one small one that came with the diaper bag


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