How Many Drinks Is Too Much?

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Three drinks at a wedding is nothing. Your mom has some serious issues.

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Helper bee
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your mother needs to calm down and mind her own damn business. she is overreacting like crazy!! 3 drinks? at a wedding nonetheless? that’s nothing! by her standards I must be a major alcoholic because I have 2 drinks after work most days. hell, i’ve killed a bottle of wine in a night before. and if i’m out somewhere, 4+ drinks! as long as he isn’t binge drinking and getting aggressive or belligerent, there’s no issue. just because that’s a lot of drinks for her doesn’t mean it is for someone else. we all have different tolerances. and for everyone saying it’s because it was in a short time frame, who cares?? I pre-game before weddings too. no big deal. your mom needs a drink 😜

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Busy bee

futureslindy :   your mom needs a drink 😜  Ahahahahaha! Hilarious! And very true!


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Busy bee

theteacherbee :  Your fiancé is a dude. Unless he’s a really little dude, three drinks over the course of a day is nothing. Your mom overreacted. 

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Bumble bee
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Hahaha 3 drinks… omg that’s a usual friday night for me with my mother in law pouring my drinks. Your mum is opinionated and needs to live a little. Are they religious by an chance? Sounds like it. My sister in law commented on my husband’s drunkness at my sister’s wedding. He wasnt that drunk but sister in law said she had never seen a drunk before.  Shes religious. I said she needs to get out more. She’s 32

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Helper bee
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I’m willing to bet my entire family had 3 drinks each before my last cousin’s wedding 😂. Sounds like she has other issues with him anyway, but another vote for it being perfectly acceptable behaviour on his part!

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Buzzing bee
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theteacherbee :  As a child of an alcoholic, that is nowhere near an alcoholic’s behavior. If he had pre-gamed beforehand and drank 5+ drinks at the wedding, then went home and drank some more….yeah, thats excessive. At my SIL’s wedding I had 4 mixed drinks, and hubby had 5. We are not alcoholics I promise! Your mom needs to back off. 


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Sugar bee
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Your mum has issues. 

She better not come to a British wedding. She’d clasping her pearls in shock …

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Helper bee
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theteacherbee :  At a wedding, most people I know consume at least 5 drinks, most more than that. Same goes for BBQs, and holiday parties. 

My Mother-In-Law is like your parents, where she thinks everyone is over-consuming even when they aren’t. She also thinks everyone is becoming an alcoholic. We don’t have a close relationship with her so we ignore her comments and her own family even knows she’s ridiculous about stuff so no one listens to her.  But if you are close with your parents and they will be around a lot, you should definitely have a conversation with them about what an alcoholic actually is (addicted to alcohol, drinks all the time, gets shakes and other withdrawl symptoms when not drinking) and what’s normal drinking. 

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Busy bee
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Twizbe :  Haha! I was thinking exactly the same thing, a standard British wedding would probably traumatise her! 

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Bee Keeper

You spent time with your Fiance and you know he was not drunk or behaving in an embarrassing fashion. Your mother is fabricating this the same way she she lied when she told people you were drunk at the tasting. Shut it down. Take a break from her if you need to. 

theteacherbee :  

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Honey bee
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You need to work on separating yourself from your mother. At least on an emotional level.

My mother is a liar. Like, crazy, insane lies. She’s actually back in the hospital after faking more seizures (new state, new doctors, new boyfriend, tons and tons of new tests that all show the seizures are not caused by her brain) aaaaah the life of someone with munchausens…

ANYWAY… EVERYTHING my mother ever tells me gets run through a filter. Everything. If it sounds even remotely plausible, I go to someone else to verify what actually happened. If it’s extreme, I don’t even bother, i don’t even consider it.

My mother is an extreme example (and extremely mentally ill) but your mother is giving you a version of events that did not happen. You KNOW it didn’t happen but your mother is making you question yourself, she’s making you question what you saw and what everyone else saw

I KNOW this confusion. I KNOW it and I know how it eats at you and makes you feel guilty. Your mother is the one causing this. She’s making you question what you know is reality. That is NOT good and it’s confusing and painful.

I’m assuming this is not the first time her version of events don’t add up to what you know to be true. Try to emotionally disengage and develop a drama filter. Her version of events is not what happened, it needs to be put through a reality filter to remove the theatrics 

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Busy Beekeeper

theteacherbee :  you saw him for yourself so you know your mom is lying. Keep shutting that shit down! Honestly if she’s like this around alcohol I’d probably say “mom, he wasn’t drunk and you are making drama where there is none. If you can’t get over the fact that he has a few drinks occasionally and behave yourself then maybe it’s best if you don’t come to our wedding.” 

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