(Closed) How many friends do you see on a regular basis?

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well i have 3 best friends and a number of close friends which we hang out with regularly. 


I am not married my self but one of my best friends is and another one is getting married soon. I`d say that we are pretty close just the same, we see each other 2-3 times a month but we talk (via email, skype etc) pretty much every day. 


as for the close friends neither of us are married so i cant really say but all of us are in  long term relationships and to be honest we are all excited to see who will be married first. 

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Beyond work colleagues and my partner, there’s noone I see on a weekly basis! My closest friends are dotted around (mostly within a 90min car journey away) we make plans to see them where possible. We see the important ones 2-4 times a year, maybe more 🙂

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Busy bee

I don’t see anyone on a weekly basis 🙁

I did move 300 miles away, though. I keep in touch with my BFF on the phone a couple of times a week!

My other friends a see a few times a year. One I hadn’t seen in 3 years, then another 18 months! But when we caught up it was like we only saw each other yesterday.

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Busy bee

I don’t really see any of my friends on a weekly basis. We are all adults with lives! I do have a regular dinner date with a friend, but again we both work and live 40 mins away so it can be difficult. 

I don’t think getting married will change anything. It’s not like we are all in high school and you see your mates all the time. 

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I see my best friend about once a month, but we email most days. 


Other friends is more like once every few months… 


And yes this is because I am in a committed relationship and we chose to buy a house further away from people. If I was single, I would be seeing friends a lot more. 

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Right now I have 3 rotations of good friends (sounds a bit rediculous) but who I hang out with depends on my location. 

I am currently living in Denmark and I have a group of 4 great girlfriends that I see on a weekly basis. 

I depart back to the states in July and will spend some time with my 5 best friends from high school. I don’t make it to my hometown too often but when I do most of my time is spent with them.

And lastly, I have only 2 very good friends where I attend college in North Dakota. Of course there are people I hang out with casually but they are the only ones I expect to hang out with on a weekly basis. This is also the location where my FI and I will be moving once he immigrates to the United States. I figure everything will be easier to manage because I have such few good friends and he will be coming in with none. I figure it will give us opportunities to meet other people together without me feeling like I won’t have time for my other friends. 

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Sugar bee
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Most all of my friends are in another state, so I’d say 1-2 times a year.  Some I haven’t seen at all since moving, which saddens me.


As for work friends, I see them a couple times a week at work and maybe once every month or so for happy hours and such.  Bar frriends (aquainatances) once in a great while.


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I have one best friend who I see maybe once a week. She recently moved 30 minutes away so it’s not as much anymore.

Unless my sister counts, who I see all the time, then that’s it. One friend.

And I’m perfectly okay with that. I don’t like girls.

And marriage didn’t change this at all. My husband would like me to have more friends.

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Not sure how many friends I have, but I see my best guy friend (who also watches our dogs when we’re at work and is one of my DH’s best buds too) maybe 3 times a week, I try to see my good girl friend/workout and shopping buddy at least once a week (she is planning her wedding right now so I’m just trying to be helpful and not take up too much of her time), usually on Saturdays we play cards with friends, and for sports events we always go out with friends or have them over.  DH and I are among the few of our group who own a home, so our house has pretty much become the “hang out spot” for everyone.


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Helper bee

I don’t have any weekly-good friends, but we have about six friends (all couples) that we see 1-3 times per month and another few we see once every month or three.

Of the three or four couples we see most regularly, two or three were my friends first (the girls in two couples and the guy in one) and one was his friend first (the girl is his colleague). They were the only friends we invited to the wedding ceremony (the rest was family).

One of those women and I hang out one-on-one semifrequently, but we both work a lot and generally want our partners around when we have free time, plus they get along. We are not very good on the phone and I see our friendship suffering when we move apart in the fall! 🙁

I also have a girlfriend I talk to weekly or every other week, and a male friend I talk to almost daily, who live far away.

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@AbeeCee123:  Not married yet, but I live with my SO. I see my best friend every couple of months (on average), and another close friend works close to me so we try to go for walks during the warmer months every week or so during our lunch hours.

I also see my sister pretty regularly, like at least weekly.

I have a pretty close work friend that I occasionally see out of work hours, but we definitely chat a fair bit and go for coffee and lunches during the work week.

I never was much of a social butterfly, but I have a couple close friendships that I hope to keep for the rest of my life, no matter where we end up living. My SO isn’t much of a social person either, he sees his friends every couple of months to go for wings or something. We don’t have a lot of mutual friends since we have quite a big age gap between us, but we do sometimes see our mutual friends together (couple of times a year).

I see acquaintances a couple of times a year… like the odd lunch to catch up etc.

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Hardly ever, but to be fair I just moved 8 hours away from where I grew up.  

Before the move I only saw friends a few times a year, since I was living at least 4 hours away from all of them, so travel made it difficult.  We still talk on the phone once in a while and facebook chat, but we are all adults with busy lives, and it works out fine for me!

Now that I live with FI, we do see his friends (our friends now?) once a week at bar trivia.   

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I grew up in the military so keeping friends was not possible as a kid. It is because of that that freindships are very important to me. I live 60mins from most of my friends but we see each other often, 3-5 days per week. It is very important to both of us to have our friends. Most of our friends are shared friends as we were friends for yrs before we started dating. We all go for cookouts,concerts, dinners and many other events. We are not married yet but I do not see that changing as we have been together nearly 8 yrs and been living together for 7…:). We will marry next year and most of our friends have a part in our wedding.

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I have about 5 people I consider close friends and 1 coworker. I see my co-worker everyday because we work together, but we do not hang out outside of work even though we sometimes text each other in the evenings or on the weekends. I count this co-worker as a friend because we take lunches together sometimes and we know whats going on in each others lives and if I quit my job tomorrow I would still keep in touch with her.

Out of the other 5 people who are my friends 2 of them are out of state, one we text each other several times on a weekly basis.  The other we communicate by e-mail, text or phone a few times every month or two depending on what we have going on. Which reminds me I sooooo need to reach out to her because it’s been awhile.

The other 3 friends I have are local and all live within 45 minutes of me and it varies on how often we are in contact. We probably text each other a few times a month and I get to see each of them about every 2-3 months.

In high school and college, I saw all my friends all the time, but things have changed drastically as an adult, I guess priorities change…and there just isn’t always a lot of time…

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