(Closed) How many jobs have you had in your life?

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Helper bee
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Are we talking like…jobs or careers?

Because I’ve worked probably 20 different jobs prior to my career positions lol

In my professional career, I’ve worked in the same field, just promoted, and at three different companies over a 5 year span 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Do you mean like a longterm career only? Or are you also counting part-time jobs a lot of people have in high school or through the summer?

In my professional career I’ve only worked one job, though I’m currently in the process of sending my resume out as I feel I’m ready to make that change (I’ve been here about 3 years). Before that I had maybe 4 or 5 part-time jobs I had while in high school and college. 

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Sugar bee
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I’m 26 and I’ve had a bunch of “jobs”. I’ve been working non-stop since I was 14 (well, I worked a year or 2 without working papers making a few bucks under the table but shhh! don’t tell!). Obviously some were part time (with school) and some full time (like during the summer). Anything from camp counselor, babysitting/nannying, daycare worker, receptionist, office manager…Basically, if I’m able to – I’m working.

My “adult” jobs are less but worked at longer. I was a waitress/hostess/bartender/anything-they-needed-at-the-time for 4 years. Once I graduated college I worked at one office for a year. It was in my field of study but was entry-level. After that I got hired at my current company which I’ve been at for 2 years with 2 promotions.

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Bee Keeper
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I’m 31 and started working when I was 13 totalling in 4 jobs and 1 career.

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Helper bee

Should we mention our age?  I’m 25, 3 jobs and 1 career 

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Buzzing bee

Gosh, I’ve had tons of jobs. at least 30 probably. I started working when I was in HS at McDonalds so that is definitely not one of my favorites but it taught me a lot. I’ve worked in my field fairly consistently and have a decent job right now. The worst would have to be managing a casual fine dining restaurant on a resort island. Just no support in anything and I couldn’t do anything to try and fix the problems that arose daily. Alcoholic boss, owners that didn’t want to invest in the business, etc. Not to mention the customers were awful. 

I don’t list all of these jobs on my resume, some were part time jobs I had while working in my field to make ends meet. I work in costuming so when I graduated college I traveled a lot and would get contract jobs so I would work one or two shows at one theater, then travel to another for one or two shows. Sometimes I’d only be employed at a place for 8weeks, then move on to the next. Some contracts were for a year. Thats just how that business goes and I have had to explain that to some employers who weren’t familiar with it. I am proud to have been consistently employed since I graduated college, no matter how many jobs I had to have or what they were. 

There is definitely a stigma to having a lot of jobs on a resume, but every industry is different so know your audience is the best bet. I have always fulfilled every contract I’ve had, and have great references so that helps. 

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Sugar bee

I have had 5 jobs in my life (not including a couple of temporary assignments) and I am 37 years old and have been working since I was about 19.

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Bee Keeper
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Credit Union Teller

Sears Cashier

Theatre Set Builder

Cold Stone Ice Cream Maker

Neuroimaging Research Assistant

Hearing Research Assistant

Lord & Taylor Sales Associate

Cancer Research Assitant

Neurobiology Research Assistant

Theatre Costume Maker

Office Assistant

Another Office Assistant

Biotech/Pharma Research Associate

Teaching Assistant/Grad Student

Postdoctoral Fellow


The job that I’m starting after graduation will be my 15th job. I had 2 jobs in high school and 11 in undergrad. I had so many jobs in undergrad because I worked multiple part-time jobs at the same time plus we had full-time co-op internships alternating with classes, so I had to switch jobs every 6 months. In grad school, teaching has been my job and we’re not allowed to have another job. 

 ETA: I’m 27. 

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Busy bee

six companies in 14 years, but two of them were really terrible and only lasted a few months. that’s counting just my career, not the low wage jobs I had before then. I’m 40. 

as for crappy jobs before that, 8-10 I think. I can’t remember all of them! they were spread out from high school to post-college. 

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marylen:  I’ve had jobs in three distinct phases in life

“Just making a few bucks” type of jobs while I was  teenager/in university – 2.  

(Paid) Internships – 2

“Real” career jobs – 3

I’ve had two jobs that were really great.  One was an internship and one was a career job.  In both the reason I enjoyed them so much was that I was learning at a rapid pace, I was given a lot of leaway to be creative/build things/get things done, and the work I was doing felt really important and consequential for the organization.

Wish I could find that all the time!  Having work that I love is a challenging, fleeting thing for me.

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Blushing bee

I’m 22, and I’ve been on payroll for 2 companies. The first was a pizza place. I was a delivery driver and sometimes shift manager. It was great for an 18 year old just out of high school, and I made decent money for the work. However, the customers were a nightmare, the manager was bipolar, and it just wasn’t a longtime-type job. I worked there 2.5 years before my current boss came in, was impressed by my customer service skills, and hired me on at my current job, as an office assistant at appliance company. I’ve been here 16 months Friday. I don’t consider this my career, as I plan to return to school and get, at the very least, an Associates Degree in business. Meanwhile, I enjoy working where I am. I have an incredible boss, and coworkers that have become like a family to me. I have learned more working here than I ever did as a pizza girl. 


Before, and during,  the payroll jobs, I’ve  had several “side jobs”. I held signs for several companies for cash, I transport cars for a local used car lot, I clean homes, garden, and pet sit as needed. I also had a VERY brief job as a shot girl at a sketchy bar, when I was 18, and the bar owner hired me anyway, saying “just tell the customers you’re 21 and they’ll buy you shots.” That lasted a whole 2 hours before I decided that wasn’t the job for me. 

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Buzzing bee
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I am 22 y/o. I’ve had 3 jobs and 1 career. 

1. Server at an ice cream shop: should’ve been fun but my boss was awful and made up horrible rumors about me.

2. Bakery worker: fun! The only bad part was I was the only one working so I missed the social aspect.

3. Waitress: I loved waiting tables. I quit once I graduated college and got a “real job” (eye roll) but I often miss it. I had a crap boss at this job too but he was much easier to ignore.

4. I work as a Marketing Coordinator for a professional services firm. It’s my first job out of college and I’m learning a ton and I love my coworkers. It’s definitely challenging and an adjustment but I really like it. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Geeze, more than I can count on my fingers and toes. Smoothie maker, computer technician, costume designer, roadie…

The worst was when a Shakespseare company in St. Louis took advantage of our contracts, they found a loophole and we worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week and earned about $1 an hour. I did quit when the designer made the “no talking, laughing or listening to music rule”. Damn Kathy Lee, I don’t wanna work in your sweatshop!


babygrandmabee:  We had the same! I was also in costuming working the same as you discribed and am asked about why I have such a high turn over rate. People outside that industry just do not understand

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