(Closed) How many kids would it take for you to stop working?

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  • poll: How many kids before you stop working?

    1 child

    2 children

    3 children

    4 children

    I would still work even if I had a bazillion kids

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    I would stop working after 4 kids. To be honest, I would not cope after that. Then I think of my own memaw that had 13 kids. She didn’t work though… My sister had three and stays at home.

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    I said 1, because we have already decided that I’ll stay home for at least a year after each kid, and realistically, probably will be home until the youngest is at least in preschool. After that, I don’t know. I can’t see myself working full time with two grammar school aged kids, but I could see making a career change to something with much more flexibility, or possibly getting a teaching degree at some point, since I love kids and would have the same holidays. 

    Even with one, I’d only be bringing home a few hundred dollars every week, and for how much I would rather be home with my babies, it isn’t worth the small amount of money I’d get. Plus, H just got a nice raise which will make my salary optional, finally ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Unless I get a break on daycare, when we have 2 kids it would probably make me look at the finances (if I’m making my current wages) and value of continuing to work. But I’d probably get a part time job teaching fitness classes, just to get out of the house.

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    I get a year of paid (55%) mat leave so after a year I will be going back to work part time. A friend of ours with children will watch baby when I’m working for a reasonable price (and give me peace of mind). We will be trying for #2 within a year of me going back and I will probably stay home with the 2 until they are school age. I may work part time down the road depending on who can watch the kidlets as I am not a fan of daycare. I guess time will tell ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Given where I am in life, one child. I am pregnant with my first, so I will be home with him, but it did end up working out that the family I used to nanny has needed someone very PT (10-15 hrs week) and are willing to allow me to bring my son once he’s born, but obviously that is an atypical situation.

    I am 22, only have an AA degree and possess experience only in childcare and customer service/retail, so given my situation it would make no sense to work at all. I would make the equivalent of what we’d have to shell out for childcare, so it would be a lose-lose situation.

    HOWEVER – like 

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    @MrsWrangler:  IF I had actually gotten a higher education degree, I would keep working. There would be no point, the way I see it, in paying for a masters/doctorate degree, potentially have 20k+ debt, then NOT working. 

    I am working to finish my Bachelors, but I got a break financially on it, so even once I have it, I won’t have student debt so I won’t feel obligated to work.

    For now we plan for me to be a Stay-At-Home Mom mom because it makes sense financially/logistically and because that’s what my husband wants for now. But once I finish my 4-yr degree, I am open to going back to work, especially once my child(ren) are in school. 

    I kind of skipped the “career” phase of my life. I graduted high school, moved to NY, got married, finished my AA THEN had a kid. I never did the tradition, school, career, marriage THEN kids haha. So I would like to try having one eventually ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I am 100% positive that whatever career moves I make, I will never make even close to what my Fiance does.

    With that in mind, ideally I’d like to stay home with our future children when they are small.  I really want to run my own event planning business (right now I event plan for a nonprofit) from my home, so once they are a little older I can start taking on clients a few at a time, and still be around for things like school runs, sports games, and recitals.

    I have a masters degree, and while I used to think it was a waste for someone to have a higher ed degree and be a Stay-At-Home Mom, I now completely understand.  Your children are only young once, but you’ll always be able to use that education.  And it enhanced you as a person, on top of training you for your job.

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    @miss-spunkin:  Yeah luckily my PhD will be fully funded, so I won’t be in debt – I just think the pure amount of time and effort I’ll have spent makes pursuing a career with my degree worth it and I don’t want to lose out on that aspect of my life just because I decide to also have children (if ever). I’ve been in school 4 years for my BS, 2 years in postbac training, then 6 years or so in PhD land, then a postdoc, and finally a professorship/lab job that I’ll hopefully have flexible hours with, and I truly get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I’m not willing to part with for kiddos. Luckily I only ever planned to have 1-2, and that’s just cause my husband wants them ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I quit working one month before our first child was born.  DH and I both agreed that my staying home would be the best thing for our child and for us, and almost five months later, we have no regrets.

    Personally, I wanted to stay home, but I would have worked if I had to.  I feel extremely fortunate that I married a man who felt the same way, and that we’re in a position financially that I can stay home to raise our daughter.

    I have a master’s degree and I loved my career.  But at age 39, my priority is my family and spending as much time with this amazing human being as I possibly can, because time really does fly by.

    I feel like I’m totally living the dream.

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    As soon as we have 1, I’m going part time (maybe a couple of days a week).  I have a good job, but it’s a job.  Once I have children, they will be my life’s work.


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    I don’t think there is a magic number.  It depends on the ages of the children and of course the money situation with your spouse.  Having three children in daycare may be too expensive to justify working.  But three school aged children and after school care may be doable.  Or three school aged children and mommy working part time while they are at school may be the best option.  

    I tried being a Stay-At-Home Mom.  I hated it!  None of my neighbors were stay at home moms and I was lonely and bored to tears, especially during the winter months when you couldn’t just go out and play, go for walks, go to the playground etc.  My kids were and are great but I wanted some adult interaction. And worst of all… I was used to making my own money.  For the first time in my adult life I had to ask for money from my then husband.  I HATED THAT!!!  Unfortunately he was not the type to just hand over money so I was going into my savings because my pride wouldn’t let me ask.  

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    @eeniebeans:  I’m in the same boat – my income is more han enough to cover daycare costs, but time and stress wise, I don’t think I could do more than 2 without some serious external suPpport. We are going to attempt it with two next year…wish me luck!

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    My husband stays at home with our 5-month old, and will probably keep doing so until all of our kids ( we are planning on 2-3) head off to school.  Since I’ve always made significantly more than him this is a no-brainier for us. I love working and my job is very flexible with hours and working from home, so it works out pretty well for now. 

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    I’m so torn on this. I used to think I’d always be a working mom no matter what (and for a while I didn’t even want to be a mom), but lately I’ve been observing the relationships my friends with kids who stay home have with them and I know that’s what I want. At the same time, I go stir crazy without something to do outside of the house so idk… Fiance actually wants to stay home, and I’m half-inclined to let him because he already does 90% of the cooking. But I’m not sure. I voted 3, but when the time comes I might even do it at 1, at least until they reach grade school age.

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    Fiance and I have been talking about this a lot lately. Our plan is for both of us to work and if we can afford it, once we have our first child, I will be a stay at home mom, which is what I’ve always wanted. He said he’ll work multiple jobs if he needs to because he wants me to be able to stay home with our kids…..I love my man.

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    2 kids and I would stop working only due to daycare costs in my area are outrageous.  I would only stop working until they were in school. 

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