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Helper bee
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I want to second Texaslawgirl in saying that you need to think longgg and hard before entering law school, unless you have time, money, and sanity to piss away. I regret it sometimes… but the loans keep me in.  It is so stressful and super time consuming. Worst of all, some of your peers can be competitive to the point that its sickening.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  I started a year and a half ago and in that time about fifteen percent of my class has quit or been kicked out (for mediocre – not horrible – grades).  They probably have between 15,000 and 50,000 dollars in loans each, depending on when they left and whether they just took tuition or if they also took living stipends. So basically, make your decision before you’ll have to pay for it… literally.

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I loved law school.  Being a lawyer…not so much.  I work for a big firm and feel like I have to stay because I have so much debt.  But my job makes me completely miserable.  The past few weeks I’ve been working 7 days a week, 14-17 hours a day.  Almost every lawyer I know is unhappy.  People tell me about their insomnia, chest pains, depression.  However, I like the work itself, which makes me think that I would enjoy being a lawyer if I worked in a more relaxed environment.  

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Busy bee
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Don’t go to law school.  There are no jobs.  I’m in the top third of my class at the University of Chicago and cannot find anything for this summer.

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Blushing bee
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I’m also in law school, graduating this year, and will take the bar in July.

The wedding plans on top of the bar app and finals are really not that fun to be doing at the same time, but I wouldn’t say I regret going to law school. Some people are definitely more intense about it than I am, but for the most part I’m really lucky to have had the opportunity.

However, I do hear bad things about the job market! I’m scared for next year!!!

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Helper bee
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Clap! Clap!  Future-lawyer in the house.  I’ve been a paralegal for almost 10 years now and am in my third year of law school.  I attend law school at night (I work full time and am the mother of three children), so I have one more year to go. 

This said, I’d never recommend law school to a friend, unless I was sure they were postive they wanted to practice law and would enjoy doing so.  Law school is expensive and greatly overrated.   I fell into law school because I felt like there was no where else for me to go.  Now… I know better, but have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars and am going to finish and take the bar.  

I don’t plan to practice law full time because I WANT A LIFE!  I want to be a mother to my children!  So, we’re planning to open our own commercial real estate company and shortly after I take the bar, I’m taking the brokers exam so we can do this.   I’ll practice family law and juvenile law part time and likely on a pro bono basis.  I actually want to HELP people with my JD and not actually make much money on it.  I know… somewhat foolish, but I know what will make me happy.  Eventually I’ll be able to dedicate full time hours to my writing.  

So, nope, wouldn’t recommend it, Mr. Bee.  Law school SUCKS!

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Helper bee
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hmm…what about recommending law school for a friend interested in patent law? I am finishing up my last year of graduate school, leaving with my PhD in organic chemistry next year.  I decided I actually HATE research and wet chemistry so I participated in a graduate student internship at a patent firm here at my university…and LOVED it!  So now I’m looking into start law school next fall!  I was glad to read that IP hasn’t had the same downhill slump as other sectors of law.  Hopefully I’ll enjoy law school more than 5 years of graduate school!

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Honestly, now that the legal market is a whole new ball game, I would absolutely NOT recommend anyone go to law school unless you can get into top, top school and get top, top grades.  There are no jobs otherwise.  It’s really bad out there, even now, and no one (except perky recruiters) is optimistic about the next 2-3 years.  I have plenty of friends who graduated from top schools who have no jobs or are working at firms that they shouldn’t have to work at.

And even if you make it and are living the dream, you really have to LOVE the law.  Otherwise, you’re going to hate your life.  I’ve been working at a top firm in NYC for six years, and I’m M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.  I’ve been engaged for two full years, and STILL can’t find the time to plan my wedding.  How can I, when working 80 hours a week is a regular, not-too-bad week?  (I start losing it when it hits 90-100.)  I’ve grown apart from my friends since I don’t have the time or energy to maintain friendships.  I’ve given up planning vacations, haven’t had one in years; I have no control over even a weekend.  If I have a half day off, I’m super excited but end up getting upset because I don’t know what to do with myself.  I have cultivated no hobbies.  I used to love reading, but now, I can’t stomach anything more than Something Borrowed, Something Blue or maybe US Weekly since my brain is fried.  I weigh 10 lbs more than in law school since I don’t have time/energy to hit the gym.  I am easily irritated and get unreasonably angry at insignificant things.  I can’t fathom having a pet, let alone a child.

And then, after all that, your partner reviewer at the end of the year may say to you, “You know, you are a superstar, but you really have to be prepared to give up your life.  We don’t feel your dedication is up to par; you understand, you have to give up your life.”


I think, with my hours (3000+ in each of the past four years), I get paid less than someone who flips burgers at Mickey Ds.

Yes, I’m bitter.  I look around me, and everyone I know is unhappy, too.  Maybe not to the same extent, but I know they are unhappy.

Sorry for ranting and raving and being a Debbie Downer in general.  I’m sure most practices aren’t like this at all, but I’m just saying, if you want to work at crazy BigLaw, think twice.  And then pass it up.

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Busy bee
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I’m a lawyer, working from home, and looking to get out.  This is all 2 years after graduating.  Sigh.  I clerked the year after law school, and really liked it, but in the process, realized that lawyering really isn’t for me.  I loved law school.  Hate practicing.  I am currently applying to PhD and Masters programs.  I hope to teach history!  And hope to find it much more satisfying!

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Sugar bee
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@golden i’m starting law school in MAY!!!!!

3 classes a week for the 1 year… on top of my 40 hour work week!? am i crazy?! i just HAVE TO DO IT. i’m nervous, but excited!!

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Busy bee
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I am totally with lucytoo.

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Buzzing bee
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LOL @ lucytoo…I hear yah. I am at a regional law firm, my billable requirement is “only” 1750, but I bill about 2 hours of marketing for every 3 to a client, so really I am in the office on a 1-1 basis for billables: I have to be here 70 hours a week to actually make hours, essentially. It is a draining, difficult career, there is little to no affirmation in your job, and it can be lonely in the first few years, sitting in your office reading and writing memos.

That said, I do know a few people who enjoy their jobs. It isn’t a cake walk for them either, but they like them. The happiest people seem to be litigators who work at small to medium firms doing smaller cases. Again, that isn’t always true, but for a young lawyer, it seems to hold.

For anyone considering law school, I would ask them if they think they could handle being moderately miserable for 10 years. Law school is pretty miserable, then you would want to work at least a few years in the field to pay off those loans. That is the risk that you have to take when you sign up for law school, that you won’t love it but will be stuck for a while. You may love the career, you may not. You may find that once you get a few years under your belt, you can find something you like, or you may quit. There is almost no way to know if you would like before hand (IMO), so you just have to look at the risk of being miserable.

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