(Closed) How many of each of these baby items do we really need?

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My daughter is almost a month old and I pretty much only put her in footed sleepers that zip. I did get a lot of cute little 3 piece outfits and she never wears them because they just don’t seem practical at this point. It is such a hassle to try and deal with the onesies and pants, and socks will not stay on her feet. Obviously, every baby is different but for mine:

Sleepers: I have about 12 size 0-3, and she can average about 3 outfit changes per day

Burp cloths: I bought a pack of 10 tri-fold cloth diapers and could use more. My baby does spit up quite a bit

Bibs: We have 5

Sheets: We have 4, but she still sleeps in a bassinette in our room

Hats: 3? These don’t stay on very long

Blankets: We have so many blankets that we got as gifts, I probably use about 2 per day.

Bottles: I hand wash after every use, but I have 8 total. I’m also Boyfriend or Best Friend, pumping and supplementing with formula, so I’m not sure how many I’ll need after I return to work. 

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So much of this is dependant on how often you want to do laundry and your child specifically. 

Some babies spit up/blow out multiple times a day and go through 3-5 outfits each day. My Dear Daughter didn’t and only went though 1, rarely 2, outfits a day. Generally, I’d say start with 6-10 of onesies, pants, sleepers and you can get more if you need them. 

Bibs, if you are breastfeeding, you won’t need these until baby is 6 months or so. I’d start with 3-4. 

Crib sheets – 3-4

receiving blankets/muslin blankets – I used these a lot. Covers for Boyfriend or Best Friend, swaddles, cover over the car seat/stroller, etc. So I had 5-6

Socks – I didn’t bother with. Dear Daughter was in footed pants or sleepers mostly. Socks are very hard to keep on. 

Hats – like 1. If you live in a cold place. Dear Daughter was born in July. She didn’t have any until it became winter. 

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As for clothes, it depends how often you want to do laundry. I think you need at least 4 of each thing in each size. That leaves 1 spare, 1 that just got spit up on, 1 on and 1 in the washer. We never used muslin blankets or pacifiers for any of my three. We did use Woombies though which is just about the best thing ever! (It’s a tight womb like sleep sack that lets them keep their hands together so they can self soothe while being swaddled. 

Don’t get too many bottles because you have no idea what kind will work for your kiddo. Some babies are very particular. I’d get 1-2 of two different kinds and then wait to try. You will need a bottle brush though. 

Crib sheets – 4, receiving blankets- I didn’t really use them, used slightly bigger ones that I could repurpose. I also never used burp cloths lol. Bibs is another thing that you need to see what works for your kiddo. 


Good luck and a smooth delivery!!

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Baby onesies in each size (minus newborn as we don’t plan to buy many newborn things)

 – TONS. My kid was a puker. I changed him constantly. I probably had like 10

Pants to mix and match with the onesies

Maybe 3-4 pairs

Burp cloths

I used receiving blankets. See puker above.

Bibs – again, tons – to try to protect the clothes from the puker. I bought a ton of cheap ones from the dollar store. I probably had about 20-25

Crib sheets – maybe 2?

Pacifiers in each size  – 2

Socks – none, too much of a pain

Hats (in each size) – maybe 1

Footed sleeper outfits in each size – he lived in these. so lots. probably 10

Receiving blankets – again, puker, probably 10-15. but you’ll get a lot as gifts more than likely

Muslin Blankets – none

Bottles (plan to breast feed, but will need to pump for when I’m at work) – I BF’d as well, I probably had 4 bottles for when I needed to pump

Good luck!!

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Baby onesies in each size: 10-15 (more when you need short and long sleeve)
Pants to mix and match with the onesies: 5-10, more for cold seasons
Burp cloths: don’t bother, get cheap cloth diapers (a lot of them, they’re good for everything)
Bibs: a million, or none, depending on how messy your kid is.  If you’re nursing, you shouldn’t need them for a while.  We have at least 40 now that he’s eating solids.  IKEA has the best, cheapest bibs.
Crib sheets: 3, plus 2 mattress pads.  Make the mattress up with mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet.  When they puke in the middle of the night you can pull off a sheet and pad and have a clean sheet ready to go. Otherwise just change the top one.
Pacifiers in each size: Just get 3-4 of the smaller ones and wait on the rest.  My son didn’t take one for long, so it would have been money wasted, some kids prefer different brands/shapes.  You’ll also be able to steal a few from the hospital and that’ll get you through for a while.
Socks: depends on time of year, kids don’t need socks in the summer, but you’ll want at lest a pair for every pair of pants when it gets cooler
Hats (in each size): just a couple for colder seasons
Footed sleeper outfits in each size: I try to have at least 7, because my goal is laundry once a week.
Receiving blankets: a couple, you’ll get them as shower gifts
Muslin Blankets: I have 8 and probably don’t need them all but they’re great for when they’re tiny.  Cover the carseat, swaddle at night, put on the floor, cover while you nurse/pump
Bottles (plan to breast feed, but will need to pump for when I’m at work): Two for every time you pump, two day’s supply, then two day’s worth of whatever you’ll feed from, too.  I have maybe 12 medela 5oz bottles to pump in/store, and 10 Dr Brown’s bottles to feed with.  But I only pump, you won’t need as many.  But this is also something you’re going to have to try out before comitting to a bunch, we have 3 different kids of bottles we went through, plus one of a couple more, finding what he likes.

Also in general I’d caution against buying too much in advance.  It’s great to have a couple outfits for when they wake up a size bigger.  But you’ll find stuff you want all the time.  And you never know how big they’ll be at birth.  We figured the same – he’ll be huge, no need for NB stuff.  He was 2.5lb, in P for almost 2 months, then NB for another 2.  Yours could be in 12mo size by 6 months and you’ll have the wrong “season.”  

And steal everything from the hospital.  You’ll pay for it, trust me.  Even ask the nurses for more of whatever you want.  We loaded up on diapers during the 5 weeks he was there, and when we were discharged they sent us with a couple packs.

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I suggest you don’t buy too much for now, and certainly not enough for the first year.

For one thing, you don’t know how you’re going to parent or what is going to be easier for you. You might buy crib sheets and onesies and then realize you want to cosleep and cloth diaper and they will be useless.

I’ve got a lot of kids, and if I were you, I would buy enough to get through the newborn phase, and then shop as you get to each clothing size for what you need. There is no need to buy an entire year’s worth of baby clothes right now.

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A lot of this will depend on your specific baby (if they spit up a lot, etc.), and the season that they’re born in, but here’s my two cents:

Baby onesies- Depends on the season. I had a November baby and had a ton of short sleeve onesies, when I would have preferred to put her in long sleeves. You may want around ten 0-3 months onesies (keep in mind that even though you’re not having a shower, you can expect to receive baby clothes 0-3 and 3-6 months as gifts, so I wouldn’t stack up too much.)

Pants-maybe 5-7- depends on the season- footed pants were great in the winter. 3 pants would have been fine in the summer.

Burp cloths- Depends on your baby- My daughter didn’t need these, and we have a friend whose kid went through a ton. You can use bibs, cloth diapers or other towels in the beginning, if needed.

Bibs- Again, depends on your baby. If you have one that spits up a lot, you could use several a day. We had about a dozen (had bib crafts at my shower), which was more than we needed. Like almostmsrj mentioned above, the IKEA bibs are great once your LO starts solids.

Crib sheets- We have 3 sheets and 2 mattress protectors.

Pacifiers in each size- Again, depends on your baby. My daughter didn’t really take to a pacifier until she was 8 weeks, and that was the Wubanub. I ended up giving a friend a dozen extras.

Socks- my daughter kept kicking them off, so we ended up with Zutanos (Scooties are also a good option.)

Hats (in each size)- Only needed when they are just newborn, and summer/winter. We were advised to stop using hats after a few days, and she’d only wear them when we were going out. We were fine with the one she received at the hospital for a while (were gifted others.) She had two summer and winter hats.

Footed sleeper outfits- I put my daughter in a new sleeper every night, so I’ve liked to have a week’s worth. But, this also depends on the seasons (cotton or fleece) and if you prefer zippers or snaps. Even after your baby’s born, it’s hard to judge how their growth patterns will be- I wouldn’t stock up much past 3-6 months.

Receiving blankets/ Muslin Blankets- I had 4 of each- never used receiving blankets, and could have gotten by with 3 muslin (used to swaddle, and for stroller and nursing covers.)

Bottles – as others mentioned, start with a few options and see what your LO takes to- at first, my daughter refused all bottles except for a freebie I got when registering. Your pump should come with bottles as well.

I understand wanting to stock up- I did, and ended up with too many clothes and things we never used. Luckily I bought a lot at consignment, but it’s easy to go overboard!

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Baby onesies in each size  – I had about 10 in the small sizes to start and then we bought more once LO arrived.
Pants to mix and match with the onesies – footed pants are the best when they are newborn, we had about 10
Burp cloths – never used them, used plain muslin’s for all spit ups and spills
Bibs – 5 as we only used them when he had a bottle (he is 95% breastfed) you’ll need the more heavy duty plastic ones once they start solids though.
Crib sheets – 4
Pacifiers in each size – had one when DS was born as not all babies will take a pacifier and there are so many types as well. DS will only use one kind.
Socks – 10 pairs, DS avtually used them a lot in the first 3 months but he 9is a January baby so needed to be warm
Hats (in each size) – 4 but found we hardly used them. Only first night at the hospital and then when going outside
Footed sleeper outfits in each size – LOADS, this is what they live in. I again had about 10 in the small sizes. Now we have maybe 7 (DH is just over 1 now)
Receiving blankets – about 5. Winter baby so was good for BFing, in the bassinet and on walks
Muslin Blankets – have about 30 of these and still use them. DS was a barfer so we always had one ready for every meal. Also handy if you get a big surprise pee on the change table as it quickly gets everywhere!
Bottles (plan to breast feed, but will need to pump for when I’m at work) – we had a set of 4 to start, 2 small and 2 bigger ones. never bought any more but as I said, 95% Boyfriend or Best Friend so didn’t really need them

I agree with a lot of the PP’s though, don’t get too much stuff now. You don’t know how quickly your child will grow, what their preferences will be and even which brand of clothes will suit their body shape best. (DS was long and narrow and some onesies are short and wide so they were baggy on him but at the same time almost gave him a wedgy lol)

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I have a 2 month old.  And I agree with PP my son lives in fleece footed onesies (I live in Ontario).  I think I have about 12 onesies since I received a lot at my baby shower.  7 onesies should be sufficient.  I would wait to purchase more clothes after you see what type of baby you have (long baby, chubby bsby, etc.) as onesies fit differently.  The 3 piece outfits are cute but are hard to put on young babies.  If you are having a baby shower you will get lots of clothes at your shower so you won’t need to purchase too much clothes.

I would purchase only 1 package of a few types of pacifiers, you never know which type your baby will like.  My son likes Nuks.

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Baby onesies in each size (minus newborn as we don’t plan to buy many newborn things)- I’d say 6 maybe.  but keep in mind the season (short vs long sleeve- you don’t necessearily know what mos your child will wear 6, 9, 12 mo clothing until after they’re born)

Pants to mix and match with the onesies- again, depends on the season.  You wouldn’t even want pants in july. I guess 6 to match onesie count?

Burp cloths  – I’d say 10.  save yourself some trouble and go get flour sack towels from walmart.  best things ever. They are burp cloths, hand rags, kitchen towels, cloth diapers, gym towels, cleaning towels all-in-one.  best things ever and like $10 for a pack.  Those decorative burp cloths SUCK.
Bibs– none.  you might not need any.  Wait until you need some.  For food- I would say 5 bibs.  And you want the washable ones with the pockets.  cloth bibs with no pockets are worthless.
Crib sheets- 2 minimum.  No more than 3 for sure.  You might need one for daycare.
Pacifiers in each size- none.  use what they have at the hospital and then reassess later. You don’t know if they’ll take a brand until you try it. Some babies don’t even use them.  NO need to stock up.  You’ll leave the house to go to Target, trust me. You are not going on a 12 month trek into the wilderness.
Socks–  6 seems safe
Hats (in each size)–  none, or 1 or 2.  No hats in the summer. Hats are usually sized like 0-6 mo and then maybe 6-24mo.
Footed sleeper outfits in each size- I would say 6 but then again, you might not want any in the summer.  Mine was born in April and she wore them in April and then didn’t wear any again until October.  It was too hot.  Plus swaddled babies in the summer can just wear a diaper or short sleeved onesie.  Overheating is NOT good.
receiving blankets– 5 to 6.  I just let my LO do tummy time on them.
Muslin Blankets – I only used 2.  One for a stroller blanket and one in my pump bag.
Bottles (plan to breast feed, but will need to pump for when I’m at work)-  6 to 12. definitely wouldn’t open them all until you’re sure your baby will take the specific brand.  I had 12 bottles and I just pumped at work.  6 in the 4oz size and 6 in the 8oz size.  Plus I had a total of like 12 little pumping bottles (medela and ameda) which I used for pumping and short term fridge storage (they’re marked as 4 or 5ozs but I filled them up more)- I didn’t feed baby from them.

Save yourself some $$ and don’t go out overbuying a bunch of stuff you don’t even know if you’ll need or use.  Plus it is not wise to buy farther out than 6mo clothing and even that is iffy IMO.

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