How many of things do I need?

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Nursing Bras- I would say at least 2 but I might just buy 1 and then make sure you like it before you buy another.  I have like 4 nursing bras and 2 sleep style ones and I really only wear one because it’s my fav.  So the other ones were kind of a waste.

Nursing Tanks- I don’t wear any as I have a long torso/tall and I find them too short on me.  I just wore maternity tanks and pulled them to the side

Reusable breast pads- zero for me

Disposable Breast Pads- zero for me.  I don’t leak that much.  So maybe buy a box and wait to see if you need more.


For baby: 

Bibs- probably zero at the beginning.  I never really wanted them until they were drooling, closer to 3mo.

Newborn sized outfits (I also have a bunch of 3 mo)- I would buy a couple and then wait and see

Swaddle blankets (i have 5 Aden & Anais blankets + 2 swaddleme velcro swaddles, is this enough?).  That’s enough IMO.  Wait and see for swaddlers, if you don’t like the swaddlemes you can try a different brand.  No more blankets.

Crib Sheets- 2 is plenty for me

Changing pad covers- I just use 1

Mittens/Socks-  baby socks work better as mittens.  Don’t buy any mittens.  Just buy a pack of baby socks, that’s enough.  


Also, should I make sure I have the various Infant Meds (colick drops, tylenol, motrin, etc.) in the house just in case

Baby can’t (or they won’t recommend it) have tylenol or motrin for a few months so you don’t need to stock up right now.  To be honest, I wouldn’t buy colic or gas drops either.  Just wait until your baby gets here.  Even babies with colic/gas it usually doesn’t show up until ~2weeks.

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i never used breast pads bc i didn’t leak or rarely.

but i had 3-4 nursing tanks and 4 nursing bras.

bibs – 1 million.  well my kid is a drooler and still is at 14m.  we go through so many bibs.  i probably should buy more.  i think i have 15ish.

newborn outfits – 10?  how often do you want to do wash?  i don’t know specifically how many we had.  we received boxes of hand me downs from friends.  we had plenty.

swaddle – i had 2 swaddle me (velcro), 1 swaddle up (this we ended up using most), 2 miracle blankets, and a bunch of swaddle blankets.  i only bought the swaddle up, everything else was given to me as handme downs.

crib sheets – i have 3.  i use our main one mostly, then put the others on when that one is in the wash.

changing pad covers – i have 2, back up when one is in the wash.  but i LOVE these and have 8 of them

mittens – never used them

socks – i had about 6 pairs. maybe. my baby was born in march, most premie and newborn clothes had feeties on them and by spring/summer he didn’t wear socks.


i didn’t buy tylenol until we needed it.  i wouldn’t use colic drop, but that is your choice.


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I have 3 nursing bras which is plenty. I’ve never used nursing tanks or any pads. 

For baby, I had a biggish baby (8 and a half lbs) and he was in newborn size for a month. We had probably 6 sleepers and 15-20 onesies, he wore almost everything at least once, but you could get by with fewer if you want to do more laundry. I have 4 swaddlemes and have had a night where I needed all 4, so I might see how baby likes them and order another pack possibly. The swaddle blankets were too easy to break out of, we never really used them. We also never used mittens and rarely use socks. 

Crib sheets – at least 2 and a liner. 

Changing table cover – we have 3 and the munchkin liners as well. We’ve had moments where we had nothing in the changing pad because everything was dirty. I think you need at least 2 and liners if not more. But my baby is especially explosive with poop and pee…

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Unfortunately, buying bras in advance is tricky and same goes for tops  – you have no idea what will fit after birth. So buy one and get some more online afterwards. In the first several weeks I couldn’t stand any bras, so I just wore the one-way breast pads – you can stick them to a loose t-shirt.

For the baby I had bought 7-8 onesis and 7-8 one-piece pyjamas sizes 1 month, 3 months and 6 months and that was perfect. You won’t need bibs until 3-4 months. If you have footsie-pyjamas, you don’t need socks, either. 2 crib sheets and two swaddle-mes are fine – baby will probably not be spending much time in its crib for the first months, anyway. We never really swaddled and my lo couldn’t stand the mittens, so never used those.

For the changing table, I always used the plastic pad without any cover – it is way easier to clean that way.

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I had 2 nursing bras and 2 nursing tanks, but I could’ve used maybe 1 more of each.  I didn’t leak, but liked the disposable breast pads in the early days when I was using lanolin because that stuff stains your clothes.  

I didn’t use or buy any bibs til 3-4 months, but had about 8-10 and I thought that was a good amount. Newborn outfits I think we had 5-6 and could’ve used a few more (was in NB for 3 weeks), but when I realized that after a week or two I decided to stick it out because I was too cheap to buy more that she’d wear 1-2 times.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Swaddle blankets we had 5 and that was enough because she didn’t really like being swaddled.  If your baby is one of those that loves to be swaddled you’ll want more.  We loved the Halo swaddle sleep sacks for night time, and had 3 in the NB size.  Crib sheets, I think we had 4-5 but really only would’ve needed about 2.  Had 2 changing pad covers and the 3-pack of liners and that was enough for us.  Didn’t use mittens or socks at all – had a late spring baby so she was barefoot til fall, then we liked using the little soft booties/crib shoes instead of socks.  Didn’t buy any socks til she was walking and in shoes!  

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