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  • poll: Do you currently work from home because of COVID-19?

    Yes - I had the option of going back, but I haven't

    No - I had the option of going back and I did

    Yes - had no choice, company policy

    No - had no choice, company policy

    Lost my job due to COVID-19

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    Before corona, I worked from home MWF and TTh at the office. Ever since March, I’m 100% WFH. My SO also has been working from home 100%. Before corona, he worked from home only on Fridays. 

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    We went back in July. It really made no sense to keep working from home here.

    The virus hasn’t been in our state since like April (174 days). THe only time we have a case is when people bring it in, and everyone is shipped to mandatory 2 week hotel quarantine anyway.

    Life is back to normal in Western Australia. All hail our lord and saviour, Mark McGowan

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    @aeroforceone:  no. It’s not hospital policy that makes WFH impossible for most of us staff. It’s just the nature of the work. It’s not as if policy can be changed to allow bedside nursing or lab draws or cleaning rooms to be done from home. Same with keeping grocery shelves stocked or driving buses. I mean, maybe that lasta one will be done remotely one day, but we’re not there yet. 

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    Working from home since March, I’m sticking in a routine – getting up, showered, dressed and having breakfast so I’m ready for the day.

    my work does slack meetings every day to check in how we are and just chat as well as four fun team meetings a week – where two folk run a quiz. They’re doing their best to keep everyone in touch and it’s keeping morale really high. I like seeing everyone every day and the fun  meetings are optional but they’re actually fun and I’m really loving them.

    we also finish early on a Friday and have “prosecco” Friday but virtually (optional) 

    they’re a small start up and they’re not in the financial position to do screens etc so we will be working at home for as long as necessary, they’re also looking into making it permanent as everyone is happy, productive and they’re saving lots of time on the commute 

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    @HisMoon:  Yeah I see what you mean I suppose I just see it as the same thing. I work in essential manufacturing and while I am working from home, production obviously is not because you know, you can’t build airplanes from home either lol. I suppose I see that as, if the company is open (or was open when everything shut down), then it was open because it was deemed essential therefore you must go to work. For my company, the policy stated that if you can work from home, do so, but if you need to be at work and are essential in the plant, you need to be at work. That is still a company policy in a way, saying we are essential and we are open and you must be here. But, it’s just semantics. 

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    I work at a law firm. I worked from home full time from March through to the beginning of August. I returned part time to the office on rotating shifts (no more than two people in the office on any given day). I returned full time at the beginning of September. I likely could have elected to keep working from home if I had asked, but when they rolled out the return to work policy I was on board.

    I feel quite comfortable going into the office – there are six workers total and we have a large office space (firm has capacity for twelve employees). Everyone has their own office. They have turned board rooms and meeting rooms into “offices” for the assistants who didn’t have an office because we are only having clients in on an emergency basis. Basically everyone has their own room no one else needs to go into. We wear masks if we leave our individual offices to walk around the larger space. There are sanitizing wipes at the main printer/photocopier. Everyone has an individual printer so unless you are doing a major print job you can normally print in your own office.

    I walk to work so don’t have to deal with public transportation.

    I was finding it very difficult to work from home, and work efficiently with my assistant. Things were getting done, it was just quite time consuming. I get paid based on production, so when they emailed everyone with the return to work policy and safety procedures I was happy to do so.

    I know they have been flexible with the employees with children. One assistant who takes public transportation changed her hours so she could travel during off-peak times.

    Our area doesn’t have a very high case load. I do know our office was taking it a lot more seriously than other firms. I was talking to some of my friends and a lot of them never shut down at all.

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    I’ve been working from home since late February; my spouse has been since early March.  We’ve both been told we’re not going back to the office until sometime next year.  Exact date TBD but we’ve been told to plan on working from home until at least May/June 2021.

    There’s aspects I really like about it.  My commute is awful and it’s been nice to not spend 2 – 2.5 hrs a day commuting.  I’m able to sleep in a bit later too, which is nice.  It makes things like grocery deliveries easier.  And the ability to do things like throw in a load of laundry during lunch.  Or start dinner in the slow cooker or the instantpot.  In many ways, I get more work done than when I’m in the office, due to fewer interruptions and more quiet.

    On the downside..  we live in an urban environment and our house isn’t huge.  We had to repurpose 2 rooms as home offices (the guest room and the craft/project/sewing room).  I really hate losing the craft room as my art/craft projects help keep me sane.  Being home all the time means the house gets messier faster, more dishes get used, and I spend more time cleaning.

    When this is over, I’m hoping I can keep working from home ~3 days a week, if not more.

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    I’ve been home since 3/12/20 and we won’t be going back until at least March 2021, but it will be small groups at a time. 

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