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@Carolyn72: I drink a lot of diet soda and have gone through phases where I quit.  One thing that has helped is drinking soda water flavored with either fresh squeezed lime juice or some pomegranate juice or something.  I get that carbonatated feeling without all the sugar/sweetener/chemicals/god knows what else. 

And congrats on quitting smoking!  I quit 5 years ago and that’s about when I started putting weight on.  It sucks that making yourself healthier can be so “bad” for you. 

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Usually, the addiction to the soda is the bubbly part. Are you able to buy bubbly water instead? 

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The crockpot is your friend.  Dump frozen chicken and a can or two or beer or cheap wine and it will make amazing, cheap and easy protein for you.

Cut out breads and grains and replace with veggies and fruits instead.  I actually did paleo, which cuts out all grains and is low carb and I finally dropped the ten pounds I have been trying to lose and feel SO much better when it comes to concentration.  I don’t get the food highs and lows anymore.  My skin problems also cleared up, and I am much happier eating a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. 

Otherwise, use calorie count to become more conscious of what you are eating.  I actually did that first.

Think about it as a diet for your wallet–eating out is bad for you and expensive.  Instead of counting calories, you can also count how much mula you have saved! 

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Sometimes just keeping a food journal is very helpful. Even if you’re not “dieting” or thinking exactly about what you are eating. Seeing what you are eating, or having to write down something before you eat it may make you think twice!

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Every Sunday morning my husband and I make a really detailed grocery list and plan our meals for the week and then go to the store and do all of our grocery shopping.  It really stops us from eating out because we’ve already paid for the food to cook so we can’t let it go to waste.  And it can be hard to think of quick and HEALTHY meals on the go so planning it out in advance can really help.

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Oh my god I hear this! I have the hardest time stopping pop too because Fiance loves it too, and my work supplies free beverages- most of which are pop. I’m dying for them to bring in water bottles- DYING!

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I agree with the keeping your money in the trunk! Works wonders!

And if you really feel you have to have some fast food look up online what their calorie content is. For example, even though they aren’t healthy Jack in the Box tacos really aren’t too bad calorie-wise and they’re cheap too!

A big thing for me was learning the difference between boredom and hunger. I had a list of things to do when I thought I was hungry. From painting my nails, to listening/dancing to a fun song, playing an instrument, writing an email to a friend, writing a list of things I need to get done tomorrow, organizing a folder in my computer, doing a mint face mask, clipping coupons. Tons of things that would distract me and give me something to do that could also be fun and remind me that I wasn’t actually hungry.

When you are actually hungry then it becomes a competition. I don’t know about you but I’m a competitive person so I made stupid little things into competitions. How much water could I drink in a day? Can I do 20 jumping jacks in these shoes? lol Can I eat fewer calories for dinner today than I did yesterday?

And remember, you should always have something that you actually want to eat at home. That’s the biggest temptation of fast food for me–when I knew I had nothing yummy at home. Find foods that are low cal and yummy and keep them stocked–Lean Cuisine, grapes, whatever connects with you.

(And so you know this isn’t coming out of the blue, I lost about 75 pounds 2 years ago)

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also if you do cave – and you will at times, even after all these great advices – just comeback on track. it’s not the end of the world.

I quit smoking 3.5 years ago cold turkey as well. food isn’t the same: you can’t just quit eating.

You have to learn how to find a balance. Be good 9 times out of 10. 

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You’re doing well already!  You recognize your health is in jeopardy and what some of the causes are.  Change won’t be easy, so make it gradual.  Allow yourself 1 Pepsi a day for a wekk or so, then replace them with water, tea or some water based drink.  That’s what I did.  I feel better, have more energy and need less caffiene.

Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry, sometimes you’re actually thirsty when you feel hungry.

Replace one snack a day with something healthy.  I use an apple or banana for breakfast.  

Don’t wait until you’re famished to eat.

Keep granola bars in your purse for when you get really hungry and can’t eat for a while.

Eat a handful of almonds as a snack.  I buy some cinnamon covered ones and they also take care of my junk food fix.  

Practice only eating until that twinge of full.  Like, you’re 80% full.  You think you need to eat more, but you really don’t.

That’s a lot, so I’ll stop for now.  🙂

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@Carolyn72:   Yup!! 

Other Bees have referenced http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/.

Normal levels don’t mean that you’re not still having symptoms. There are two different types of thyroid hormone, and Levothyroxine is a synthetic of one of those types.  It’s supposed to convert into the other type, but sometimes it doesn’t. Most doctors just run one type of test, the TSH test. But you need several others as well. If you’re still having symptoms, you’re not properly medicated! 


Good luck!! 

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