(Closed) How many bf/gf have you had?

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    Well, what do you consider “dated”? I seriously dated 3 people before my husband. But, I probably went on something like 75 first dates with people I met online (but never saw again….so hit and miss!)

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    Before my Fiance I dated 4 people seriously.

    I went on a few “dates” with other guys in college. But I was in 4 relationships that were “long term” (i.e. more than 6 months).

    First guy I dated for almost a year when I was a freshman – sophomore in high school. Mainly dated him because he showed interest in me and I found that attractive. When I realized I was only dating him because he was the first guy  who wanted to date me, we broke up.

    Then I had a LD relationship of almost a year. But we only saw each other 3 times. He and I still keep in touch.

    Third guy I started dating 2nd semester of senior year of HS. He was my 1st love. We started kind of as a “end of HS fling” because I was going across the country for college. We tried long distance, and it didn’t work.  We wouldn’t have worked long term because our goals were very different. But he still has a special place in my heart.

    Fourth guy I met freshman year of college. We dated for almost a year. Didn’t work out because he wasn’t willing to put any effort into the relationship. (i.e. if I wanted to see him, it was on his schedule, he couldn’t make time for me.)

    Then, 2nd semester sophomore year of college, I met my Fiance. We dated for 6 1/2 years prior to getting engaged, and will have been together 7 1/2 years at the time of our wedding.  It took me a little time to find him, but he is wonderful and I am so excited to be his wife.

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    Well, I seriously dated 3 people before I met my husband, but, like crayfish, I had a number of other dates and also dated some other guys for 3-6 months (which I don’t consider serious, I guess).

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    I’m with crayfish…. I had what I would consider 3 significant relationships before Fiance, but I went on dates with LOTS of other people before Fiance… some were just first dates, a few were 2-3 week flings freshman year that quickly went sour, and there was even one guy who I “dated” for about 4 months but didn’t really consider significant. 

    Fiance is by far my longest relationship, and the only one to make it past a year, let alone 4 years! 

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    Hmm good question. I easily have been out on 75-100 first dates. Not sure what “bf/gf” means though.. I had one serious bf before Fiance (we dated for two years) and multiple 3-6 month relationships in between.

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    I wish you had “0” as a choice, so I wouldn’t feel so alone haha. Embarassed  My Fiance is the only boyfriend I have ever had–I didn’t date in high school and I met my Fiance in the beginning of college and we have been together ever since! 

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    I only had one serious boyfriend before Fiance and I dated him for about a year and a half. I started dating when I was 17 then met Fiance when I was 19 (I’m almost 25 now). I’ve technically dated 3 other guys in my lifetime but I don’t really consider a 3-4 month fling a “relationship”. Not to mention they were all tools that I would prefer to forget about! =)

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    I know everyone’s definition of “dating” is different…..I would say only one of my relationships was truly “serious” before my husband, but I dated several others (like, dating for months-year or so, going on vacation with, etc.), and went out on dates with plenty of others.

    My first real boyfriend was a tool/abusive/manipulative, and I dated the guy after him for over a year. I don’t think it was ever really serious to me, because I really only dated him because he was so nice to me – swept me off my feet. We didn’t really have much in common and there was no chemistry there (there was for him, which I felt badly about, but none for me). When I “grew up”, I ended things.

    The only realtionship I consider serious is the guy I lived with for a while, and who I said “I love you” to. He and my husband are the only men I’ve said “I love you” to. Both times, we had been together for over a year before the “I love you’s” came out.

    In between the two serious relationships were plenty of other dates, and some relationships, but I don’t consider any of them serious dating. They just were…what they were. Hope this makes sense.

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    @SweetRose2011: No worries! I’m such a dork! I think my Fiance counts as the one Boyfriend or Best Friend, since you didn’t say “other”. Oops!

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    Boyfriend or Best Friend is my first SERIOUS relationship. We made it past the 6 month mark, one year mark and the one and half year mark!!! Working towards forever. lol

    But I’ve had 5 other BF’s. All of these relationships ended by the 6 month mark, never made it to 7 months.


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    Two. My first boyfriend I dated for 3 1/2 years. My fiance and I have been together for two years now. I really only needed one boyfriend to figure out what I needed in a partner/husband. 🙂

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    I had 4 “boyfirends” before my hubby. But 3 of them were in high school, so I don’t know how much they count.

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