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  • Wedding: November 2008

Shooting 200 photos on a day out with the kids is nothing like shooing 200 wedding shots. The quality from your camera is unlikely to be anything like this same – unless you have a DSLR?

Even if the photographers spend 12 hours at your wedding, they will spend longer sifting the photos and removing any that are OOF or where the expression isn’t right, or the bride looks gormless or unattractive. Sometimes there’s a focus miss and nothing can be done.

Once these bad photos are weeded out the photographer needs to colour correct the shot, after calibrating their monitor, and then if doing the basics that’s:

– Spot removal

– teeth whitening

– tone and exposure

– maybe some air-brushing

– reframing & straightening the shot

the above can take anything from a 30 seconds or so to an hour for EVERY photo. So when your photographer gives you 400 photos, they should be good shots for the most part, 95% plus. Maybe some moments or shots that are a little more questionable but capture something, so are in there.

I imagine the average per photos is about 6 minutes. It doesnt sound a lot but that’s 2400 minutes also known as 40 hours. More than the 12 x 2 for a two-shooter team for the day. Also note that at say 60 hours of shooting and editing, works out at about £16/hour. That isn’t count if any included prints or albums which can be expensive for us to buy.

for the above reasons you’re very lucky if you’re getting 400 or more shots. This is why photographers preview with their clients who then choose say 160 for full editing. Some photographers will spend hours on each photo too.

You should not expect quantity of shots But quality. Each shot should be good to excellent. You want to capture the day but you should not expect very shot taken – this is someone’s work and while every photo however grainy, OOF or awful it is, might be acceptable to you, your photographer is displaying their work every time you show off your album. Your friends won’t like all of these photos and your photographer doesn’t want the bad ones out there, especially the unedited ones.

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  • Wedding: September 2017

Mrs. Labrador :  Well, I don’t think quantity means anything in this case.  On average 50-100 great quality photos an hour is average in the photography business.   Any more and you’re just getting duplicates of every pose and shot.  I think depending on the crowd (if it’s a small, dull wedding- no party no dancing) then expect low photos.   High energy large wedding who likes to dance and have fun?  you’ll get way more!  


No one is trying to screw anyone, me thinks.

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As a photographer, who went a 4 year program for this art, I am appalled at these comments. I understand it is your big day but you have to understand that a photographer is using more than a simple camera phone, and is shooting in manual, constantly adjusting to the various venues (ie, getting ready at home, the ceremony, the reception in doors, the dancing). I have shot dozens of weddings and many have ranged between 6-12 hour sessions that result in a final 500 (average) finished product. In the 1970’s-90’s, wedding photographers often only gave less than 100 and were very appreciated and it was the norm! It is your special day but to expect one person to document literally every second that occurs seems selfish and honestly, underappreciated. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

Mrs. Labrador  All of the photographers I’ve been researching have guaranteed a minimum of 100 edited photos per hour. 

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Blushing bee

Can’t understand why anyone would want 1000 photos. We are looking at going with a photographer who gives 150 and I think that’s more than enough, in years to come are you really going to look at or print and frame 500+ photos? I’d rather have a smaller amount of good quality ones I could actually manage to look through 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

We got about 700 photos from 6 hours of coverage from just the one photographer. But then several shots we have as black and white and colour. We did a first look + couple portraits and family/bridal party photos before the ceremony and had her stay until the first dance. We absolutely love the photos we got back!

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I am a photographer so I came to respond to this thread as I was doing a search of my own when it comes to what I feel is a happy medium in shooting alone for 6-12 hours and what I would provide based on client agreement. I shot about 1850 pictures or more by myself and video in between during a span of 10 hours and provided my client with a 6 minute recap video (as a gift, I was only agreeing to photos but I did sneak in the special moments and gift a video-teh client was a friend of my friend). After combing through the images and narrowing down removing any where any unexpected errors occur like someone closing their eyes or looking away etc, I shaved down to maybe 1200-1400 (i am still editing as we speak). During this process I keep my client updated. I load all pictures that are “clean” or lightly edited to a digital platform, and once all of them are there I alert the client that they may make additional editing requests shoud they have any, and then I send all final edits on a USB by mail. (CDs are done in 2017 it’s rare now). I believe amount of good images for take home depends on both the photographer and the clients group. there is nothing we can do to get everyone on same page in every single snap at times. For example my clients were a young couple with young bridal party etc and kids who belong to all running around teh entire time so I had to deal with shots where a parent might be distracted a second while reprimanding a child as there were no additional people there for child care in the second location. Or no one able to control a child that was onlooking awaiting their shot. For example Out of the 1850+ pics I have already edited about 600, 100 of which I removed photobombers (kids running into pic where it was supposed to be just the parents or something), graffitti off the monumental location they chose, etc. Some editing is not just about lighting, but about precision edits. I also removed eczema from brides arms and hand in hundreds of shots at her request. I say all this to say: Not every client is the same. As a photographer I will have a consult with client before and after shooting and be clear about what they should expect and what has an additional charge. I shot this wedding and included the USB upon completion and a bonus video for $850 as a discount for my friend who hired me for her best friend (the bride) as a gift. I worked at 3 locations. The amount of guests totaled a couple hundred. Any other time a photog would charge about $1500 min and up to $4000 for a 10+ hour day with 3 locations and hundreds of edits. They would probably give all the proofs and say “I will edit 5-600” or charge an add on. which I think is fair. I am years late on this post, but just wanted to share this info to help anyone else who comes across this thread. I think all these things should be clear for a client with their quote prior to shooting and during the event, so everyone is on same page. I doubt she is hiding pictures from you, but I would have expressed that for whatever price you expected more and also would have done a feedback review if nothing was resolved. That photog may or may not have had more shots, but who knows what the real reason was for that amount! Cheers and hopefully in future whomever you hire makes your special event a great one! 



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Just thought I’d add in my data:

We paid about $12k (which includes an album) for 2 shooters for 12 hours of total coverage (8am – 8pm). These are Connecticut prices for high quality (although certainly not the highest quality) photographers yell. The photographers each were there for 8 hours, and overlapped in the middle a bit. 

We received back ~2,000 photos. I see some references to extensive retouching in the comments, and that is not what our photographer did to these 2,000 photos – they are all exposure corrected and color corrected and look like nice professional photos, but there is no retouching of each individual photo (i.e. eye and teeth whitening). He only extensively retouches the 100 or so pictures that we select for the album. That said, I already printed a bunch of the photos for myself and they look great and super professional, so I don’t think they need retouching except for some photos where I have flyaway hairs.

I definitely don’t love all 2,000 photos – not even close. I’d say I’m in love with about 200 of them, and like another 300 or so. The rest are all fine, but I just don’t like the angle or they aren’t something I care to have photographed (i.e. the food) or I dislike the lighting.

For me, it was important to receive a large number of photos back so I had a large selection to chose from so I could ensure I had many photos that I liked. For example, for a given pose, we have it shot a couple of times from slightly different angles, so I can pick the one I like best. We also just have a large quantity so I was certain I would find some (or many) photos I loved. I was concerned from talking with friends who received say 300 photos back and only had a few of the bride and groom that they liked (we have maybe 500 photos of just the bride and groom, so I had a LOT to chose from). 

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Hi there I am a photographer, and we are always 2 photographers on the day, you can work on a total of 100 photos per each hour of good images so I. E. if you had 2 photographers for 8 hours you should receive about 800 photos in total.  Please keep in mind that you might have less photos if anything runs late or doesn’t happen as planned. We take as many shots as possible, but there are lots of factors that we can’t control. For instance we did a 12 hour wedding, the bridal room was a complete disaster area, and we took some photos of the bride getting ready after we pleaded that the bridesmaids remove all their bags, dirty glasses ets so we could get some nice shots since we couldn’t move the bride to any other location. Then the bride and  groom did not smile once during the ceremony and looked tike two stone statues through the whole thing. They had two videographers as well so we tried to stay out of their shots as much as possible as well… Since you can’t crop someone out of video. Then after the ceremony the clouds rolled in and it started to drip. The videographers had to get their shot and we had to get ours all I  about 15-20 minutes when it really started pouring. So is you the we had only about 10 minutes to get Groom shots bride shots and the two of them together.  We took a crap load of photos at the reception but still we couldn’t get more shots of them due to the location they got married at.  At the end of the day we gave her every single photo.. Unedited…. 4600 photos and then she phoned me and asked me where is the rest of the photos. After editing the was only about 300 photos that was really show worthy from the bride getting ready to after the bride and groom pics and about 900 from the reception and she blew a fuse and said we said we will edit every photo.  We went through 4500 photos an through out everything where the brides eyes where closed, blurs and doubles and through out all the photos where it looked like she was ready to kill someone… Since she didn’t smile a lot on her big day, and she was not happy.  Please keep in mind d we are only photographers not magicians we can not  go back in time and change your face from frowning to smiling and happy.  We can not change the weather, and can not magically make up for photos lost due to you running late and telling g us to stay on schedule.  People ci veniantly forget things like this and then it’s all the photographers fault.  We did another wedding two weeks later at the same venue, weather was also bad, we worked the same amount of hours gave the bride 2500 unedited photos and her reply was…. Stunning love love my photos you don’t even need to edit anything….. So now I ask you what should we do if we have no cooperation from our subjects on the dY of the shoot, with limited amount of time and the we get a bad Nam because we should have made them smile more. We are not psychologists, we are not gods, we are not magicians we are people who also have limitations O  what we can do to get all those special moments???? 


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