(Closed) How many pictures are too many?!

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  • poll: How many pictures per day?



    As many as you want!

    Twice a week!

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    If you don’t like what people are posting on any type of social media it’s really easy to unfollow their posts or take them off your friends lists. I say put up whatever you want and let people decide how much/what they want to see

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    I know a few people who have posted 1000 pics of their kid before the kid could even walk so…there is definitely such a thing as too many pics 

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    I think you should take as many photos as you want.

    I also think that you should limit social media posting to one or two a week.

    Over the last couple years I have unfollowed several people on facebook due to the overwhelming posts/photos/videos of their children. 

    My overall feeling is that people really overshare….. overshare everything.  What ever happened to a good old fashioned telephone call or email to share information……..

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    @eecuadrado:  If they’re uploaded in one go to an album I don’t see an issue; I just don’t click on the album. It’s when people post like 20 separate photos a day and it clogs up your newsfeed that it gets annoying.

    Way worse than photos IMO are the Too Much Information posts; like ones about vomit and poo. I just really don’t want to read that, and don’t get why people think it’s a good idea to share it.

    Or, even worse, actual photos of said vomit and poop: I mean really?! WTF?!

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    I love babies. I post a picture of my daughter every few days. It’s never anything gross, and I only really post if she’s exceptionally cute or does something awesome (she sat up by herself for the first time this past week!) I love my friends, and am genuinely interested in their lives and passions(including their kids). If they post pictures every few days of those things, I’m totally OK with it. I can see how it can be too much, though. If I am ever annoyed by someone’s posts or pictures, they are either unfriended or posts are hidden. Easy fix 🙂

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    Taking photos isn’t the problem, it’s posting one every single day or every single hour.  Once a week or so is appropriate for posting baby pics.  More than that and you are getting into the annoying category.  But you can always make yourself private albums or albums limited to the grandmas, aunts, counsins, etc… who express that they would love to see every single picture ever taken of their grandchild.

    I have a few friends that had babies over the last year.  One posted almost every day while she was on maternity leave and I was honestly glad when she finally went back to work and posts cut down to less than once a week.  The other only posts about once a month and I really get to appreciate seeing her child grow since each photo is taken a number of days apart and I can actually see the baby growing rather than daily changes (which only a mommy can see).

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    I don’t have kids, and don’t really care about other people’s kids, but I don’t care if my facebook friends post a lot of pictures. I mean, when I’m a mom I might want to- who knows. 

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    Once or twice a week is fine. Multiple times per day and I will block you, lol.

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    I’ve unfriended and hidden several friends for their posting of way too many baby pics. Which is a shame, because if there was just one photo every week or two then I’d be very happy to watch the kid grow up! But if every time I log on and your kid is at the top of my page AGAIN? It’s way too much and I get annoyed and start disliking you and your kid.

    Feel free to TAKE as many picturs as you want to keep for yourself, but keep the posting of individual photos to a low trickle. Or one large album blast-post so it only takes up one line in your friends’ newsfeeds 🙂

    Edit: I also feel compelled to mention the friend I hid because she would not stop posting about her breast milk status, photos of it, breast-is-best rants, [FACEBOOK BANNED THIS BEAUTIFUL IMAGE, SHARE IF YOU ARE PROUD TO BREASTFEED] images, etc. I know breastfeeding is a wonderful thing but it’s still a bodily fluid and not what I want to read about on facebook. It was just constant.

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    Had a FB acquaintance who would post with what frequency. Three or four pictures before noon, and all of the kid JUST SLEEPING. Drove me ’round the bin.

    Babies don’t DO anything. They just lie there. Plus, with very minor variations, they all look the same. After one or two a day AT MOST, no one cares. Wait until he is about 4 and breaking the legs off the Elf on the Shelf, or she’s 6 and dressed the dog up like Tinkerbell. That stuff I enjoy seeing. Kids and toddlers are funny. Infants are painfully boring.

    Don’t get me wrong, moms have a right to post as many as they want. But people are also allowed to block who they want, and if you notice your FB getting strangely quiet, perhaps you’re going overboard.

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    @eecuadrado:  I know people love to hate on baby pics on social media, but I love babies!! I know personally I wouldn’t post tons but I don’t post tons of photos anyway on FB. I would def post some though! I think however many you want is ok. If someone is bothering me on FB I can always hide them…

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    If someone posts too many baby pics just block them or unfriend them.  It’s honestly the most ridiculous thing to get all upset about….. i mean come on if a friend posting too many baby pics is your biggest problem then, well, yeah get over yourself.  I personally love to see baby pics.  I love my friends and I love their babies… I actually enjoy when my news feed is “clogged” up with baby pictures.. is that wrong?  Am I missing out on some stupendous post from another non parent? Probably not…..  🙂

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    I’ve blocked quite a few people for the oversharing of babies – photos, Too Much Information posts, etc. a picture a day is fine. An album specificially dedicated to your kid is fine (it only takes up one space on my newsfeed). Individually uploading 20 pictures a day is NOT ok.

    One of my friends did a brilliant thing – she has an iPhone as do all of her family/friends. So she set up a shared photo stream and added the people who would want pictures all the time – grandparents, aunts and uncles, close friends, etc. Then she just uploads all the pictures to that. The people who care get all the pics they want while facebook is saved only for the cutest of the cute pictures.  

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