(Closed) How many pictures of you must we endure? (kidding…sort of)

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be prepared for pregnant belly picssurprised

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Lol this is hilarious to me. And you can bet baby announcements coming next.

I couldn’t even bring myself to put our e-pics on the Save The Dates (or invites) because I felt weird about it.  It’s like assuming that people want a picture of us. Let be real, most people don’t. They see enough of us on social media. Our parents and grandparents got prints of our e-pics and they are up in our home and FSIL’s home but that’s about it. We have just been using our faves as profile pics on FB.  

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my sister has done something similar, but maybe not as many listed above. But because its my sister and i love her i dont ever mind receiving them. I wish me and Darling Husband would have done an annual photo christmas card, but we are not photogenic people, like my sister and her husband. Their cards always come out extremely nice. 

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jmasp :  I did read through the thread. That’s why I felt the need to say something defending her. Honestly, this thread is quite mean spirited for being about someone you profess to love. If it were my engagement announcement and you were on the internet anonymously calling narcisstic for it, I assure you, you wouldn’t be bothered my any of my good news ever again. That’s one person’s opinion out here on the internet. 

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scissorgirl :  we waited, but that was because we wanted to enclose photos of the guests, not of us, lol. 

jmasp :  there are worse possibilities than an ultrasound pic… You might get a picture postcard of the pregnancy test, or the maternity shoot, hell, maybe they’ll throw in some birth pics! Lol

I honestly think that socialise media is partly to blame, people are so used to sharing everything on there that the lines becoming blurred. 

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you’ll most definitely get a birth announcement


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jmasp :  I’m all for hearing others’ happy news- to a point. I’m happy to hear someone’s gotten engaged/ job promotion/ new house/ baby on the way/ new puppy yada yada yada. I feel there’s enough negativity/ sad news in the world, that happy news is a welcome respite. BUT- & I think this is what you’re feeling- when someone absolutely inundates you with their we invented love, look how in love we are, look how photogenically in love we are!!! the ick-factor starts to kick in, it’s all a bit too shmoopy.

And it’s somewhat insensitive too, because in their smugly-in-love-look-at-our-wonderful-relationship, there is a lack of thought as to how these endless ‘perfect life updates’ might make others feel. Or, worse -and I’m not saying this applies to your family member, many just do this thoughtlessly not maliciously- but there’s a small number of these people who do consider how it may make others feel sad or envious or left out, but they actually like the idea of being envied, even if it feeds their own egos at someone else’s expense. 

And I do think the number of photos is a new thing, with all the social media options and increasing use of professional photo shoots- but the smugness isn’t new. I’m an older Bee too and I remember (even older than me, my mom’s generation) with the ‘Family Christmas letters’ (aka let me brag &/ or exaggerate about our wonderful family updates that are hopefully better than your mediocre can’t-compete-with-ours family updates)

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look at it (or not), then toss it in the recyle bin. 

it’s their money and this is how they chose to spend it.


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I get how overly excessive photos can get annoying..!! But jeez, for the crazy amount of money spent on wedding photos isn’t this maybe why some people love sharing them? For things like your thank you’s and your first Christmas card I don’t see anything wrong with using a wedding photo. 

meggyo :  What’s wrong with a birth announcement? 

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jmasp :  This phenomenon is referred to as “Packet A” in our household, from the most expensive school picture package you could buy in Elementary School which included a shit ton of photos for you to hand out to your friends in case you went missing or they forgot what you looked like in front of a forest backdrop…NOW all you get from the couple in question is an endless stream of pictures of them in various states of love, engagement, commiting marriage, honeymooning, buying gluten free pasta and rescuing a Norwegian Yogurt Hound…

It gets tedious so Mr. 99 and I will look at it and then throw it away because who cares?  They’re the ones that went to all that trouble to print it, mail it and start working on the next mailer which should come with coupon for wine or something if they actually want me to do something other than toss it…

I think its pretty harmless but I do wonder what they’re getting out of it?


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Oh gosh. One of my best single friends got so fed up with all the holiday/STD/wedding/thank you/pregnancy/baby picture cards that she got Christmas cards printed of her and her two cats and sent them out with funny messages.

It was epic.

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I am going to take the off side here because I see sour grapes.  I find this post to be unkind.  

Excessive – maybe, but maybe she has never been this happy before and cares for the people she is sharing her life with.  Have you ever been so happy you wanted to shout it from the rooftops?

I pray she never sees what is written here because she would be so hurt & humiliated…and if her world did ever come crashing down (as life has a way of doing one way or another) whose arms would she find comfort?… someone who made fun of her happy days?

..as for how much money she has spent.. unless she owes you money, it really is none of your business how they choose to divvy up their funds.  I used to have my daughters pictures professionally taken once a month for the first 12 months of their lives and I cherish those photos now..some 30 years later.  I am sure that would seem very excessive to most. 

Just saying to do a heart check here.  She is probably young and still swooning over all the wonderful things gong on in her life… Just my opinion…

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