(Closed) How many SERIOUS relationships have you been in?

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    llevinso :  my husband. Met when I was 19. I had “boyfriends” but none I would say we’re serious

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    I would say 3 including my Fiance, I was engaged once before, my Fiance now and my bf when I was 19, we were very serious. OK, 1 more but that was abusive/manipulative, I dont think of that time often

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    llevinso :  One: my Fiance. I have like 2 previously in high school but we were just kids and playing around lol (longest relationship was 3 months btw) so I don’t count that. 

    Later, I grew up and know what I wanted. So I didn’t settle for less. Finally, walked into love together with my best friend (FI and I were friends for a while before dating) 

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    I answered 2 but some people might say 4. 2 of my 4 relationships have been serious but I knew they wouldn’t last for various reasons. I’ve had another serious relationship apart from my husband. Everyone thought we would get married even though it was dysfunctional so I counted that 

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    Number I considered serious? 3.

    Number they considered serious? 6.

    You’ll never guess why three of those dudes and I broke up 😛

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    Ex-boyfriend and first love (4 years), ex-H (5 years) and Fiance (3 years). Lived with all of them. I’ve never had a ‘non serious’ relationship unless you count the boyfriends you have at age 14 – either serious relationships or casual flings.

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    My Darling Husband is my fourth.

    My first serious relationship was my high school sweetheart. We started dating when I was in grade 11 (after me doing LOADS of casual ‘dating’ in grades 8,9,10) and stayed together until a few weeks after I started college. We broke up for a tiny bit in the middle (when he started university; he was a year older than me), so collectively we were together for over a year and a half).

    My second serious relationship was when I was 19. I had dropped out of college and was temporarily back in the home of my abusive Mom. This guy was a ‘knight in shining armor’ and wanted to take me away from her and my crappy small town. We only dated for eight months, but it was VERY heavy and serious….almost TOO serious, and I am glad I got out of it! What ended us was I had re-enrolled in college, and he wasn’t happy for me. His jealous and controlling side came to a head, and it scared me. I’m glad I saw it then, before maybe marrying the guy (like he was subtly pushing for)!

    My third serious relationship was when I was 21. I had gone back to college, and met this guy in my second year. I did a lot of casual dating first year, but this guy was my official college sweetheart. We moved in together during college, and got an apartment in the big city after graduation. That”s when the relationship fell apart. We agreed that while we were two awesome people, we just weren’t awesome together. The stresses of ‘real life’ were too much of a strain on us, and it became clear (outside of the safety of college) that we wanted different things. We also theorized if we had met eachother maybe 10 years later (when we had our sh*t together) we could have been ‘the one’ for eachother. We lasted for about a year and a half, and split on very good terms.

    This was a good thing…because the very next relationship I had turned out to be my husband!

    We met when I was 22 and he was 24 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was my first real social outing since my breakup with ‘serious guy #3’ about two months prior. This friend was a work-friend of mine, and my Darling Husband was a high school friend of hers. After a false start early on in the evening, we hit it off at the party, and went on our first date a few days later. We moved in together after dating for a little over a year. He proposed on our three years dating aniversary. We were engaged for 1 1/2 years before tying the knot 10 months ago. 

    That’s my story 🙂

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    I consider “serious” as 1+ year of being exclusive.

    1. College boyfriend, dated from age 19-23, nice guy but I never felt like we would get married, and wasn’t too upset when we broke up about a year after college.

    2. Ex-fiance, age 24-shortly after my 26th bday, I obviously felt very strongly for him but it turned out we were very incompatible for a lifetime together. Called it off and stayed single for about a year, but did date around.

    3. Fiance, met when we were 27, will be married a week shy of 29.  We haven’t been together a year yet, but we are engaged….so it’s serious 🙂 

    There were plenty of short-term flings and dates, but those are my committed, serious relationships.

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    My current boyfriend is my only serious relationship. We’ve been together for over 2 years but we knew we were each other’s “one” at around 3 months 🙂 

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    My Fiance is my only serious relationship. My only actual relationship ever, really, even though we started dating when I was 25.

    I went on one actual date before him but the guy was a pompous jerk so that didn’t work out. I was casually “hanging out” with one guy a couple years before I met my now Fiance but I don’t even consider us having ever gone on dates because we never had any intention of having any sort of relationship beyond…well…you know. Beyond that, nothing. I think it was a combination of me being shy, not getting out into the world more and meeting other people (as soon as I did that I met my now FI), and just not “clicking” with anyone that I did meet.

    I am also my FI’s first relationship, although he was 28 when we first started dating. He has always been very shy about that sort of thing, so although there were several girls he liked, he never told them he liked them or asked them out so nothing ever happened. But then I came along and I was the one to tell HIM that I liked him, so there you go. (As a side note I hate when people say things like, “If a guy likes you he will ask you out,” or “Who would want a guy who doesn’t go after what he wants?” Just…no! Not all guys are like that and why should it be all on them to make all the moves?? Grr)

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    4 relationships, two of which were in high school and don’t qualify as “serious”  Of the other two, one lasted maybe 5 months.  I freaked out when he said he loved me and I’d just been thinking about everything wrong with us that I never really mentioned – clearly not a winner there.  The other I married.

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    Two. First one was when I was in college – never should have lasted almost 5 years. He wasn’t a bad guy, but once I graduated and was living in “the real world”, I quickly realized we were completely incompatible. Second relationship is now my husband. We’ve known each other for 11 years, been in a serious relationship for 8 years. lived together for 7 years, and are approaching 2 years of marriage. I briefly dated a few guys in between but I wouldn’t have called any of them my boyfriend.   

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    Serious for me means someone I can see myself marrying so I would say my first love and my fiance. Everyone else was just placeholders

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    janeblack :  Hahahahahaaaa, savage.

    I’ve only been in a handful of relationships, period, and only two serious ones. First I met when I was 18. We were together for three years, lived together, and got “engaged” (he bought me a ring at Wal-Mart and told everyone he was going to marry me, though he wasn’t all that interested in my opinion on the subject). He ended up being an abusive cheater. Being 18 is hard, man.

    Second was my husband, who I met when I was 21. Never needed anyone else and never ever will. 🙂

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