(Closed) How many sick days is too many? (Kind of a vent.)

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I think 4 sick days is a fine ammount. We have a policy at work where you earn 1 sick day a month and it seems like some people go waaay over that, I generally end up using 3 or 4 a year and cashing the rest out, so I don’t think you are too far off. Also it sounds like you are in a fairly small company so it would be easy to use one of the highest numbers of sick days when there are only a half dozen people. 

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Maybe you should talk to your boss? It doesn’t sound like they’re telling you that you’re taking too much time off. Maybe you just feel that way because everyone else is overly healthy. Honesltly I wouldn’t want you at work if you’re my coworker and are throwing up… I don’t want to get sick too!

I just checked. In 2011 I used 27 hours of sick leave and I know that two of those days were “mental health” days. lol.

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If you’re sick, you’re sick. With a policy like that I’d avoid using them for mental health days but no one wants a coworker puking on them. 

For me personally, I think I took 2 sick days last year (not entirely sure bc we dont keep track). The year before that I probably didn’t take any. But, I wasn’t sick. If I’m legitimately too sick to work, I don’t work. I’m an adult and I don’t think I need to feel badly about resting up when I’m ill.

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Sorry I don’t think a boss can tell you that you can’t go home sick. Does your Dad tell everyone else that when they are sick? Make it through the meeting and then go home before everyone else gets sick too and make a formal request to have the time off policy clarified. Most places have a policy on when you have to notify staff that you aren’t coming in, but they can’t tell you you have to come in.

ETA: I have a sick maybe  1-2 times a year. There have been several years where I haven’t had any.

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@MissBoPeep: Yes, 4 sick days is too many. Usually, my staff and I may only take 1 or 2 sick days a year. Anything more than that was documented by a doctor and required because you were contagious. I feel if you are sick enough to take off work then you should be at the doctor.

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When I had a full time job I was entitled to 6 or 7 sick days per year (don’t remember). I took them all, I took them when I was sick and for mental health days, otherwise I wouldn’t be paid out. I realize this is different though!

Also, your boss is your dad?? Maybe this has to do with him trying to not look like he’s favouring you? Does he get like that with anyone else or is it just you? 


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@Soladylike: I disagree. If I know it’s a cold, and I know I’m contagious and not functioning at full capacity, I’m not going to come to work, but I’m definitely not going to go sit in a clinic and take up space in an already crowded and understaffed environment when I KNOW the doctor is just going to tell me to get rest, drink fluids, take some advil. I’m smart enough to do that on my own.

I’m pretty lucky where I work in that if I am legitimately sick, I can take as many days as needed until I’m well enough to come to work. I know that isn’t the norm everywhere and I’m grateful for that. However, I think as responsible adults, we should be able to take off the amount of time we need to rest up and be at our best when we’re working. Making people work through a flu or cold is ridiculous. I have to be at this job every day for 7.5 hours a day and if I can’t be comfortable while I’m here that isn’t healthy in itself. Not everyone is a workaholic and wants to push through a cold when 4 days could make a WORLD of difference.

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I too work in a small department where the boss can determine sick days (although she never has denied anyone sick days) and we are all on salary. I almost made it through 2011 without any sick days but then I needed 4 in 1 week. Once you are out 3 days you need a note from the Dr. We are also allowed to leave early or come in late for Doctors appointments regardless of what kind. Being on salary though we do not have set working hours and are generally responsible for making sure things get done on time. Clearly rescheduling a meeting because of a Dr. appointment is not okay but scheduling a Dr. appointment at 4pm and leaving 20 minutes before is fine and requires no sick time. What I really wanted to say though is that your 4 days do not seem abnormal at all. If I were vomiting all night and even mentioned it to my boss, I would be sent home post haste unless there is a super important meeting that can’t be scheduled or done without me. I don’t think you should feel bad for the time you have stayed home sick, especially sicne you seem to have gotten better and two of your 4 days were half days. What if you talk to your boss/dad and ask if it is posisble to work from home the next time you are feeling ill? This way you won’t feel bad calling in sick and you can still get some stuff done while resting and avoiding contact with colleagues.

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I feel the same way. With my company we get one ‘flex’ day a quarter (so 4 a year). This day has to be taken off during the quarter, otherwise it is expired. My boss tells us that this day is to be used as a mental health day. But in reality, I use it as sick days. One time last year I used my flex day when Future Sister-In-Law had her baby. Next month I was throwing up like no other but HAD to go to work since I didn’t have days. It’s complete BS.

At DH’s work it’s more of an honesty system. They don’t really have a certain amount. If you’re sick, you’re sick

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